Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update Preeta’s secret

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update Preeta's life Preeta cleans Rajveer’s clothes. She tells Shrishti that he is naughty and makes stories like Krishna. She calls him her Krishna. Shaurya complains about not findin

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update Preeta’s life Preeta cleans Rajveer’s clothes. She tells Shrishti that he is naughty and makes stories like Krishna. She calls him her Krishna. Shaurya complains about not finding his favorite shoes. Rakhi overhears Nidhi and Shaurya. She tells Shaurya that he has an entire cupboard filled with shoes, it’s a showroom and he is saying he doesn’t find his favorite shoes. She asks him to feel lucky that he is born into a good family and a rich household. Shaurya cares a damn about Rakhi’s lecture. Rajveer checks his shoes and asks how did it get torn.

Preeta says that she will get it repaired well and that he will not know if it was torn. She asks him not to worry. Rajveer thanks her. He counts on her for everything. Preeta, Shrishti, and Rajveer are seen living a life filled with struggles, but on their terms with esteem. Shrishti keeps Preeta’s secret from Rajveer and doesn’t reveal it for the sake of Preeta’s well-being. Rajveer’s entry is more dramatic than Shaurya’s. Rajveer loves his mother, but Shrishti is seen as his mother. He doesn’t know that he is Preeta’s son. Even Preeta doesn’t know that Rajveer is her son. He is very helpful.


Preeta and Shrishti have raised him together and made him the perfect guy. Rajveer is very happy in his life. He doesn’t have any trouble that his family isn’t along. Rajveer and Shaurya will be seen having a big clash. He is fun-loving and satisfied with his fate. Shaurya isn’t thankful for what fate has given him. They will bond because of their blood ties, irrespective of their poor and rich family backgrounds. Rajveer and Shaurya are poles apart and will be getting against each other in the coming track. Palki’s entry into their lives will bring more drama. Keep reading for a quick written update on Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 only on Tellyreiews.


Manmeet makes a plan and tries to convey it to Meet. He had blamed her for Yashoda’s tears and sorrow. He doesn’t want Yashoda to suffer, because he can’t tolerate it. He punishes Meet and later forgives her. He finds Meet caring for Yashoda. He tells Meet that they can join hands. He tells that his ego will be hurt if she refuses. Meet tells that guys understand girls late. They join hands to stop Sarkar’s marriage. Yashoda feels nauseous. Manmeet sees this and thinks she is pregnant. The news spreads in the entire house and reaches Sarkar also. Sarkar is shocked by this pregnancy news, which came unexpectedly and can stop his marriage with Jalebi. Meet and Manmeet make this plan to stop Sarkar’s message.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Mohini has framed Aparajita to make him fall in Akshay’s sight. Dadi learns Mohini’s truth. She wants to expose her truth and show her evil face to everyone, but Mohini attacks her. Disha doesn’t see Mohini. Aparajita learns that Dadi isn’t well. She grows worried. Aparajita goes to speak to Nia. She asks Nia if she doesn’t trust her mother. She tells that if she had seen Nia in the fire, then she would have never left her there to die. Mohini intervenes and asks Aparajita how can she brainwash her daughter. She stops Aparajita from convincing Nia. She forces her to leave.

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update Preeta’s secret:

Preeta and Shrishti go home with Rajveer. Preeta tells that he sweetly talks to them and ends their anger. Shrishti asks him to remove his shirt, or else the holi color will fall inside the house. Preeta cleans him up and calls him naughty like Krishna. She tells him that she will make a dry fruit milkshake for him. She asks him to prepare for his interview. He tells that Preeta remembers all the important dates, she has a good memory, and she is the best because she never scolds him as Shrishti does. He loves Preeta a lot. Shrishti is happy. She wants to tell him that Preeta is his smother.

She regrets that Preeta doesn’t remember anything after the trauma she had undergone. She tells that her memory is left, but the connection of heart isn’t broken, Preeta loves him as her son. Rajveer meets his friends. He gets the money he earned from Dahi handi. He puts the money in the savings box. Shrishti asks him to buy a new shirt for his friend’s marriage. He tells that he will not waste money on clothes. She asks him why he put the money in the savings box. He tells that the savings box is in the temple, and he will get savings and blessings also. He wants to save money. He tells that he has many shirts, a new shirt isn’t necessary for his friend’s wedding, clothes don’t matter and it’s wrong to waste money.

She asks him to buy something for himself. He knows how she has got him educated. He tells that he will only spend money on his mother. She feels lucky to get him. He tells that he is getting late for the interview. Preeta tells that she got the dry fruits and quickly make the milkshake. She makes it and takes the glass for him. He asks her to select his clothes for the interview. He looks for his shoes. She helps him. He finds his shoes. He tells that the shoe is torn. He worries that he is already running late.

Preeta tells that she will fix the shoes and he will find them exactly like new pair of shoes. He loves her. Shaurya takes a bath and goes to dress up. He gets confused by the numerous options. He gets ready. Nidhi meets him and asks is he okay. He tells that he is getting bored at home. He looks for his favorite shoes. He tells that a dance festival is going to start, and he is excited to attend the entertaining event. He looks for white sneakers.

She tells that he already has many pairs of shoes. He discards the shoes. Rakhi comes there. She finds him complaining about the shoes. She asks him why he shops so many pairs when one of them is his favorite. She gives the prasad to him. She stops him from having it with dirty hands and in the wrong way. She asks him to join both hands and receive the prasad/sweets. She blesses Shaurya. Shaurya doesn’t eat it and keeps it away.

He tells that he isn’t finding his white shoes. She tells that he is saying a lot about a pair of shoes, many people just have one pair of shoes, and they clean the same shoes every day and it looks new, Shaurya has many pairs of shoes, and he is lucky to get born in a rich family, he should spend money wisely and he should shop as much as he needs. Shaurya asks her to stop scolding because her generation is passe now. He tells that everyone has many pairs of shoes these days. He boasts of his richness. He tells that Rakhi will not understand him. He asks her to leave him alone.

Rakhi tells that Karan and Rishabh never spoke to her in this manner, but Shaurya doesn’t know to pay respect. Shaurya asks Nidhi to take Rakhi outside his room. Nidhi asks Rakhi to check the puris made in the kitchen. She tells that they shall give some space to Shaurya. Rakhi tells that kids learn what elders teach them. She feels Shaurya is just like Nidhi. She taunts Nidhi about her bad upbringing. She expresses her displeasure. Nidhi doesn’t care. Rakhi leaves. Nidhi asks Shaurya to buy the shoes from the store instead of looking for the lost pair. He asks her to call the store. She calls the store to solve his problem.

Meanwhile, Preeta gets the shoes fixed and gets them to Rajveer. He tells that she has done it so well. He calls her the best. She tells that she loves him a lot. He gets ready to leave for the interview. Shrishti wishes he gets good news when he returns. Preeta blesses him for getting success. Rajveer makes a leave. Preeta tells that Rajveer is adorable. Shrishti can’t tell her that Rajveer is Preeta’s son. She can’t tell Rajveer that Preeta is his mother. She keeps this big secret and feels she is giving a difficult test in life. She doesn’t want Rajveer to meet the Luthras.

She decides to keep him away from Luthras. She tells that Rajveer should stay in Preeta and her world. She remembers how the Luthras had ousted Preeta. She wishes Luthras never know about Rajveer. She gets angry that Luthras had hurt Preeta so much that she lost her memory. She doesn’t want the past to come back. She swears to not let Rajveer know anything about Luthras. She tells that Rajveer should never meet Karan and Rakhi. Karan goes to meet her son Karan. He is seen as busy in a meeting. Rakhi finds Karan much changed after the accident. She regrets that her son has lost everything in his life. Kareena shoulders Rakhi in sorrow. Both of them regret Karan’s pain. They also shed tears for losing Rudraksh.

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