YRKKH 21st March 2023 Written Update Akshara wins

YRKKH 21st March 2023 Written Update Akshara wins

YRKKH 21st March 2023 Written Update Akshara wins Abhimanyu admits his mistakes and tells that he dares to say he did wrong. He asks Parth to admit his mistake. Anand doesn’t believe it. Abhimanyu tells that Shefali deserves respect. Parth asks if he has paid respect to Akshara. Mahima tells that Shefali told them the truth, Parth didn’t slap her and things are okay. Manjiri doesn’t believe Parth. She tells that she knows when a woman lies and why. Mahima asks Abhimanyu not to blame Parth for the domestic violence. He tells that he is saying the truth. Anand asks why isn’t Shefali saying the truth. Abhimanyu tells that they should be ashamed because they failed as a family.

Mahima asks him to stop it. Abhimanyu defends Shefali. He tells that they should have understood Shefali. He adds that the family has done wrong with all the bahus. He regrets that even Akshara has faced much injustice in the house. Abhir learns that Abhinav got arrested. Akshara pacifies a tense Abhir. She tells that they will save Abhinav. Abhir wishes that Abhinav gets freed from jail soon. He falls sick in tension. Abhimanyu tells Parth that he didn’t understand Akshara, he didn’t listen to her and divorced her, he had thrown her out of the house, and he fought her without seeing her pain. He tells Manjiri that it was their mistake. He adds that they can’t change the past, but they can admit their mistakes at least.


He tells that they didn’t respect Akshara, but they betrayed her. He feels sorry that he has done wrong to Akshara. He adds that he won’t stay silent this time, and he will support Shefali. He promises Shefali. Muskaan learns the news of Abhinav’s arrest. She weeps. Kairav finds her crying and grows worried for Akshara. He asks her about the matter. Muskaan tells about her brother’s arrest. She adds how Abhinav got framed in a drug case. She tells that Akshara is handling things alone. Abhimanyu asks Shefali to take her time and tell the truth to the family. He encourages her to speak the truth.

He tells that Shivansh will also learn to tolerate injustice and torture, rather than raising his voice against the wrong. He expects Shefali to tell the truth to the family for the sake of her son. Akshara struggles to save Abhinav from the police. She asks the inspector to investigate the case. She tells that Abhinav’s innocence will be soon proved. He refuses to send the investigating team. He asks her to come tomorrow. Abhinav asks her to go home. She argues with the police officer. She threatens him about filing a complaint against him and getting him suspended from his job. He asks her to stop threatening and go home.

Abhinav asks Inspector to talk to Akshara with respect. Constable asks him to apologize to the inspector. Abhinav refuses. He asks the inspector to apologize to Akshara. Constable pushes him onto the ground. Abhinav gets hurt. Akshara tells the law of custodial torture. She asks the inspector to know the rules and do his duty. She lectures the inspector and shows her angry side.

Aarohi tells Abhimanyu that they can help Shefali if she can help herself. She adds that Shefali shouldn’t stay as a helpless woman. He tells that it needs much courage for a wife to raise her voice against her husband. Nishta overhears them. Mahima asks Shefali not to let Abhimanyu take an advantage of the matter. She assures that she will talk to Parth. Inspector asks Akshara not to file any complaint against her. She asks him to release her husband and investigate the matter. He agrees to release Abhinav on bail.

Manjiri tells Shefali that she is with her if wrong has happened to her. She wants Shefali to respect herself, or else nobody will respect her. Abhinav feels proud of Akshara. He gets confused about her decision. The family worries when they don’t get Shefali’s answer. Manjiri asks how did they do wrong with Akshara. She realizes that she lost Neil, but Akshara also lost her babies. She doesn’t believe Abhimanyu. Parth is tense that Shefali can come up with the truth. Abhimanyu waits for Shefali.

Akshara signs the bail papers and frees Abhinav. She tells that she wants the constable to apologize to Abhinav. Shefali comes to Abhimanyu and tells that she will tell her marriage truth to everyone and make a new start. Abhimanyu calls the family there and tells them that Shefali is here to tell them the truth. Shefali makes up her mind to expose Parth’s evil side. Constable apologizes to Abhinav and frees him from the lockup. Abhinav feels glad and lucky to have Akshara in his life.


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