Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2023 Written Update Sacrifice

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2023 Written Update Sacrifice

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2023 Written Update Sacrifice Lakshmi decides to let Rishi go to Malishka. Dadi argues with the family to defend Lakshmi. She tells that it’s about Lakshmi’s entire life, and if Malishka has got the best husband, then she won’t let Lakshmi go with any ordinary random guy. Malishka tells that Lakshmi will get whatever is written in her fate. She adds that Rishi is written in her fate, and she is lucky. She boasts of her relationship with Rishi. Dadi gives her a befitting reply.

She tells that Malishka is marrying Rishi, but that’s only because of Lakshmi, who stepped back and sacrificed her marriage. She asks Malishka to never forget this. Rishi reaches them to tell them something important. He tells that they should know what he is feeling. Malishka asks him to say. Rishi tells that it’s about Lakshmi and him. Lakshmi runs out of her room to reach Rishi and stop him. Rishi tells that he loves Lakshmi. Malishka and the family members are shocked at this revelation. They don’t want Rishi to fall into Lakshmi’s trap.



Sarkar tells Yashoda that he doesn’t care for her. He asks Meet if she is giving importance to Yashoda. He tells that the maids will do the work which Yashoda used to do. He shows off his power. He tells that his power isn’t influenced by his wife’s presence. He adds that he doesn’t want to see Yashoda around. He asks the maids to get to work. Manmeet hugs Yashoda and consoles her. Yashoda feels disgusted to see Sarkar and Jalebi’s marriage function. Meet feels sorry for Yashoda. She is determined to stop the marriage somehow. He asks the family women to leave and cry in their rooms. He tells that the haldi function will take place, and then the marriage will commence. He challenges Meet that she can’t stop the marriage. Meet takes his challenge. She tells that she will get justice for Yashoda.

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2023 Written Update Sacrifice:

Lakshmi doesn’t want to stop Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. She follows her heart. She decides to stay happy and smile under any circumstances. She promises herself. Pandit doesn’t want to listen to Ayush. He thinks Guru ji will learn the matter. He doesn’t want to lose his reputation. Malishka asks Neelam to call Guru ji. Rishi thinks to tell her the truth. Malishka tells that pandit is finding the mahurat for their marriage, but he is taking much time. Rishi tells that he wants to talk to them, it’s important that they know it and understand. He stops Pandit from finding a date.

Lakshmi doesn’t find him in his room and rushes to stop him from telling his feelings to anyone. She gets hurt. Rishi tells that it’s something really important. He tells Malishka that he loves Lakshmi. He shocks the family. Malishka asks him to say it again. He tells her that she already heard it right, he loves Lakshmi. She yells at him. She tells that he just loves Malishka and will always love her. Karishma asks did he go mad or fall under Lakshmi’s spell.

Neelam slaps him and asks him to see the pandit getting the marriage date. She asks why did he show his wedding dreams to Malishka and take the relationship ahead. She tells that she will not permit him to cheat on Malishka. She threatens of throwing him out of the house. Dadi tells Rishi that he should have understood this before. Rishi freezes. Lakshmi comes to him and stops him from revealing anything. She holds his hand and takes him. Malishka asks how dare Lakshmi take him. Kiran asks her to relax, and not spoil her mood. Malishka gets insecure and argues with them. Neelam calls it enough.

Lakshmi takes Rishi to her room. She asks him was he going to tell everyone that he loves her. He says yes. She asks him to tell himself first, who he loves and who he doesn’t love. She tells that he doesn’t love her. He tells that he loves her. She doesn’t believe it. She tells that he loves Malishka. She asks him not to confuse himself and her. She tells that he is just confused about his feelings. She asks him if he is angry with Malishka that she couldn’t save his life, but she had tried her best. He tells that Lakshmi saved his life. She tells that it was written in their fate.

She asks him not to punish Malishka for one thing. She tells that he is really nice and clean-hearted, innocent like a child, and true. She asks him to know that he will go back to Malishka when his anger calms down. He tells that he has understood everything, he just loves her and he is sure of his feelings. He asks her how can she say that he loves Malishka. She tells that she understands him well. He tells her that he truly loves her. He explains that he can’t love two girls at the same time, he loves Lakshmi, not Malishka, and his feelings for Malishka were an illusion. She tells that it was true. He asks why is she forcing him to marry Malishka. She tells that he loves Malishka.

She asks him to move on in his life. He tells that he will break his marriage with Malishka. He is ready to do anything for her. She asks him to value Malishka’s feelings of love and dreams. She asks him to think of Malishka, who would break down if he removes her from his life. She tells that she can’t forgive herself if Malishka’s life gets spoiled. She asks him to think of his family members who will get too hurt and won’t forgive him. She tells that even he can’t forgive himself. She doesn’t want him to lose his family. She asks him not to take such a big risk. She tells that love matters, he loves Malishka and he won’t tell anyone what he told her today. She asks him to make a promise.

He refuses to promise. She threatens of not to speak to him again, and he will lose their friendship. Rishi gets compelled to promise her. The matchmaker comes there and asks Lakshmi to talk to the guy’s mother. Lakshmi leaves. Pandit tells the family that he found a mahurat. Rishi comes back and asks about the mahurat. Malishka asks why did Lakshmi take him. Rishi tells that Lakshmi was setting her life. He lies that he was planning a destination wedding for them. He tells that he is ready to marry anytime for the sake of their happiness.

He adds that Lakshmi taught him to think of the family’s happiness before their own. She asks is he agrees to marriage on Lakshmi’s saying. He tells that he got convinced because of Malishka. She tells that she loves him a lot and hugs him. Pandit gives an early mahurat. Neelam thanks him happily. Rishi asks Neelam is she happy. She tells that she is very happy, and she will be happier when she sees Malishka coming home as her Bahu. He tells that he will fulfill his wish. Lakshmi speaks to the guy’s mother over a phone call. She stays sad. Rishi tells that he doesn’t deserve Lakshmi, who is true and kind.

He wants Lakshmi to get the best person in her life. Lakshmi wishes Rishi had realized his love before. Neelam and Kiran give the shagun to pandit and thank him. Malishka thanks, Neelam. Neelam wants a grand marriage. Malishka tells that they will plan a destination wedding as Rishi wants. Karishma and Kiran tell that Malishka loves Rishi a lot. Neelam is glad that their problems will end. Kiran tells that she never had any complaints, but it was her concern for her daughter’s future. She apologizes. Neelam tells that Malishka is her daughter too. Karishma asks them to congratulate each other.

Neelam and Kiran hug and wish each other. Neelam plans a grand Holi festive. She asks Malishka to attend Holika Dahan with Rishi. Ayush is upset with the pandit. Pandit tells that the family was going to talk to Guru ji, but he couldn’t risk his reputation. He adds that he didn’t take Ayush’s name. He blesses Ayush and leaves. Ayush tells that he doesn’t want Lakshmi and Rishi to get separated. Karishma tells that Lakshmi will leave Rishi’s life soon. Matchmaker gives them the good news that the guy’s mother has liked Lakshmi, and the alliance will get fixed soon. Ayush grows worried.


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