Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth

Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2023 Written Update Rajveer's truth

Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth Shrishti feels bad seeing Rajveer cry for Preeta. She knows he is distraught because his heart knows his real relationship with Preeta. Rajveer tells that he can’t see Preeta in pain, she is his Maasi and just like his mother. He loves her a lot. He suggests that he can sense her pain. He feels hurt in his heart to see her in so much pain. He feels whoever has hurt Preeta is stone-hearted. He says that he will not spare those who had hurt Preeta. She lectures him against going on the wrong path, even if he wants to seek justice.

She asks him to stay righteous and not insult their values. Rajveer doesn’t understand why he can’t see Preeta in pain. He expresses his feelings, and Preeta’s pain shakes him up. He asks if it’s natural to feel so. Shrishti wants to tell him that he is Preeta’s son. She always wished to raise one of Preeta’s sons but didn’t know that fate will really put Preeta’s son in her lap. Shrishti goes to see Preeta. Preeta is still unconscious.


Shrishti tells her that she doesn’t think she should hide the truth from Rajveer for long. She asks Preeta if she should tell the truth to Rajveer that Preeta is his mother, not his Maasi. Shrishti holds Preeta’s hand and weeps, saying she doesn’t want to keep Rajveer away from the truth. Rajveer is standing behind Shrishti and hears everything. He appears shocked.

On the other hand, Nidhi and Karan’s relationship irks Rakhi. Rakhi doesn’t find Nidhi fitting well in the family as a good Bahu and a good wife. She doesn’t want Nidhi in Karan’s life and wishes that Preeta was alive to make their house a happy home again. Rakhi prays for her family’s happiness, which was lost after Preeta’s leaving. Will Rajveer learn the truth that Preeta is his mother? Will Shrishti tell him the past related to Luthras? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth:

Preeta gets treated. The doctor checks the wounds. She tells that Preeta got internal injuries and much blood loss. She asks how can people hurt a woman in such a brutal way. She calls those people heartless. She goes to ask Savita about the blood units. Savita tells that the blood units of Preeta’s blood group aren’t available. Rajveer asks the doctor to take his blood. The doctor asks if his blood group will match. Shrishti asks whose blood group will match if his blood group doesn’t.

She tells that he is Preeta’s nephew. Rajveer asks the doctor to save Preeta at any cost. He tells that Preeta is their life and they live seeing her happy. He goes to donate blood to Preeta. Rajveer saves Preeta’s life. Doctor tells that Preeta is ready to get such a son who got ready to donate blood in time. Shrishti gets emotional seeing them. She remembers the past moments. She breaks down. She prays that Preeta recovers soon. She feels sorry to keep a mother and son away.

She tells that even when Preeta has lost her memory, fate always reminds her connection with Rajveer. She wonders what to do. Rajveer asks her why is she crying. He asks if Preeta is okay. He calls Preeta his mum. Shrishti cries and hugs him. She goes to meet Preeta. Savita apologizes to Rajveer. Rajveer tells that her sorry won’t help. Savita tells that she didn’t understand how to handle the situation. He doesn’t accept her apology. He tells that Shrishti and Preeta live in his heart, they both are his mothers. She tells that Rajveer appears like he is Preeta’s son, their blood matches and their features also match, and their love, care, and affection describe them as mother and son.

He tells that Maasi is like his mother. She tells that Shrishti reacted like she had blurted a secret. Rajveer recalls Preeta calling him her son. Shrishti tells that Preeta is spoiling her son a lot. Rajveer gets confused for a second. Shrishti tells that Preeta is his Maasi Maa. Rajveer fills out the form and mentions that he is Preeta’s son. Shrishti meets Preeta and holds her hand, weeping and mentioning their lovely bond. She praises Preeta.

She tells that she loves Preeta and Rajveer a lot. Rajveer gets occupied with thoughts. He thinks of Savita’s words. He goes to Shrishti. Shrishti tells that Rajveer loves Preeta a lot, after all, he is her son, and their relationship is of blood. She tells that Rajveer is Preeta’s son. She adds that she had tried to tell the truth to Rajveer, but she couldn’t gather the courage. She feels he has realized the truth because she had seen a question in his eyes, he wants to know if Preeta is his mother. Rajveer thinks Preeta is his mother. Shrishti tells that she can’t see Rajveer worried.

She adds that a child has a right to know about his mother and get her love. She tells that everyone thinks Preeta is Rajveer’s mother, and they are learning the truth. Rajveer hears her. He doesn’t understand what she means and leaves from there. He is sure that Shrishti is his mother, but he feels like Preeta is his mother. He tells that a blood match doesn’t confirm a relation. He doesn’t want to ask Shrishti and insult her. He tells that Shrishti will get angry and beat him if he asks her. Shrishti tells that if he asks her about Preeta, then she doesn’t know how to answer her.

She asks Preeta if she should tell Rajveer that he has Preeta’s blood in his veins, that he has Preeta’s heart beating inside him, and that Preeta is his real mother. Rajveer comes back and overhears the truth. Shrishti tells that she can’t lie to him further. She wants to tell him that his Maasi is his mother. Rajveer is shaken. Shrishti tells that she had hidden the truth for years and wants to tell him everything. She weeps. Rajveer sees Preeta and turns emotional.


  1. every time someone get injured in india tv show they say he lost much blood or he need surgery or condition is very critical. but he get consciencous and come back home very quickly🤣. they hit her but she lost much blood and need transfusion


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