Kundali Bhagya Top Spoilers Preeta Rajveer twist

Kundali Bhagya Top Spoilers Preeta Rajveer twist

Kundali Bhagya Top Spoilers Preeta Rajveer revelation Upcoming in the show tonight. Shrishti gets emotional after seeing her sister unconscious. She asks if she should tell Rajveer that Preeta’s blood is running in his veins. Rajveer hears this and stands still to learn the matter. Shrishti asks if she should tell him that Preeta is his mother. Rajveer is shaken on hearing the complete truth. He gets crying. He can’t believe that he is Preeta’s son.



Meet is trying to make Sarkar and Yashoda’s relationship better. She is attached to Yashoda. She feels guilty that she is the reason for Yashoda’s sorrow. She is accepting the family and expects them to accept her. She knows that Yashoda has lost her husband and her relationship because of her. She asks Yashoda to respect her, then others will respect her. She explains to her to raise a voice against the wrong. Yashoda asks her not to win more hatred. Meet tells that she will try to end the hatred with love. Yashoda tells that she can’t go against Sarkar.

She asks to Meet why is she risking everything when it’s not her family. Meet gets emotional. She tells that she has always won the world with love. She adds that nobody needed her when she came into the world, Dadi used to hate her because she wanted a grandson, but she then won the heart of her Dadi by love. She adds that she has won society through her hard work. When she got married to the Ahlawat family, nobody liked her but she won their hearts.

Teri Meri Doriyaan:

Angad expresses his love for Sahiba. She is surprised. She asks him why is the family blaming her for the lie. She calls them liars, who are framing her and trying to oust her from the family. She argues with them that their actions will get them insulted. She wants to tell the world that the Brar family is putting up a drama and fooling everyone.

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal:
A big truth about Isha comes out. Her family’s truth gets revealed. Nandini loved Amar. She trusted Amar, but he cheats on her. He gets Nandini caught. Nandini comes back to take revenge on Isha. How is Amar related to Isha? Will Nandini target Isha and punish her?

Pandya Store:
Shesh meets with an accident. The family members learn this big shocking news and rush to see him. Rishita and Dev break down and worry for their son. Dhara is tense that Shweta will snatch her Chiku. She tells that Shweta had manipulated the kids and made them against their mothers. Gautam pacifies Dhara. He assures them that nobody can make Chiku away from her. Dhara and Rishita bring Shesh home.


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