Udaariyaan Junooniyat 22nd March 2023 Nehmat Ilahi in danger

Udaariyaan Junooniyat 22nd March 2023 Nehmat Ilahi in danger

Udaariyaan Junooniyat 22nd March 2023 Nehmat Ilahi in danger Maha Episode Spoiler Update Upcoming today. Nehmat and Ekam prepare to get married. Nehmat is excited about the marriage. She sees her mehendi and tells that she will become Ekam’s bride. She feels her prayers got answered. She is very happy and looks forward to meeting Ekam in the mandap. Ranjeet makes an evil plan to kill Nehmat. He tells Jasmin that he will burn the mandap and kill Nehmat. He wants to marry Ilahi. Ilahi tells that she doesn’t want to marry Ranjeet. Ranjeet pours the kerosene and ignites the fire.

Unfortunately, Ilahi also gets trapped in the fire when she runs to the mandap to save Nehmat. Nehmat and Ilahi shout for help and ask someone to save them. Jahaan and Jordan rush to save Ilahi, while Ekam runs for his Nehmat. Udaariyaan and Junooniyat’s merger episode will bring the marriage drama. Will Nehmat get her Ekam? Can Ilahi save herself from Ranjeet’s evil? Watch the promo below.


Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Nayantara gets kidnapped by Mansi’s goons. The goons put her in a chamber and fill rice in it. They try to suffocate Nayantara and kill her. Mansi wants to remove Nayantara from Samrat’s life. She doesn’t want Nayantara to expose her fake pregnancy truth to Samrat. She decides to kill Nayantara to hide her secret forever. Samrat tries to find Nayantara. The police reach the godown. Mansi learns that the police reached the place. She scolds the goons. She asks them if Nayantara is dead.

The goon tells that Nayantara is still inside the chamber, and police can find her anytime. Mansi tells that Samrat can find her and then she will tell the truth. She asks the goon to go back and kill Nayantara. Alia argues with Mansi when she learns that Samrat has reached Nayantara’s location and also taken the police. Mansi tells that she will not spare Nayantara. Alia is scared that she will also get caught if Mansi is caught.


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