Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2023 Written Update Holi twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2023 Written Update Holi twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2023 Written Update Holi twist Ayush calls Shalu and tells her about Rishi’s confession. He is very sure that both Rishi and Lakshmi are in love but denies it only because of Malishka’s future. He makes a plan to unite Rishi and Lakshmi. Shalu asks what will they do. He tells that they have to expose Malishka’s truth in front of the entire family, only then Rishi will be proven innocent. He wants Rishi to come back from the guilt trip, that is ruining his life. He tells Shalu that it’s Holi tomorrow, and they will take an advantage of the festival of colors, everyone will play Holi and they will play their game. Malishka tells Sonal that she will be alert this time, and do everything as per the plan.

She makes a plan against Lakshmi so that the entire family hates her. Sonal asks her to be careful and not hit the axe on her leg. On another side, Ahana finds Sonia misbehaving with Lakshmi. She stops Sonia and rebukes her for testing Lakshmi’s patience. She adds that if Lakshmi back answers Sonia, then the latter will lose her pride. She tells that Lakshmi can ruin the entire family’s respect, but she is always tolerant. Sonia asks her not to say nonsense. Ahana limits her. Lakshmi doesn’t want them to fight for her.


Sonia tells that she got enough of Lakshmi’s drama. Shalu and Bani tell Ayush that they will do anything to unite the two lovers. Meanwhile, Rishi feels guilty for lying to Neelam and Virender. He says that he is sorry to lie, but the truth is he loves Lakshmi. He finds it hard to suppress his feelings for her. Ayush tells Shalu that when everyone applies colors to each other’s faces tomorrow, they will remove the fake color from Malishka’s face and show her truth to them. Shalu tells that everyone will see Malishka’s true colors.

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2023 Written Update Holi twist:

Shalu and Bani check their clothes. Shalu decides to wear an old dress on Holi. Rano tells that Shalu can wear the dress for more years, it’s in good condition, and shouldn’t get spoiled by the Holi colors. Shalu and Bani don’t listen to Rano. Rano asks them not to behave like rich girls. Shalu tells that they will wear any dress, but if they go to Oberoi’s house, then Rano will lose her name. Rano tells that people wear clothes according to their status. They ask Neha to wear old clothes. Neha asks them to mind their own business. Shalu tells that they will cancel their plan to celebrate Holi with Oberois.

Neha tells that they are her entry tickets. She asks Rano to think of their respect. Rano asks her not to get fooled by them. She asks Shalu and Bani to wear any dress they want. They thank Rano. Neha asks them to accompany her to Oberoi’s house and then come back home if they want. Shalu tells Bani that they can wear anything they want. She gets happy when Ayush calls her. Bani tells that Ayush misses Shalu a lot. On the other side, Sonal asks Malishka if is she going to do anything. Malishka tells that she will play her game at the Holi party. Sonal asks her to be careful, or else the plan can backfire.

Malishka tells that she has decided what to do, and this time the plan will work. Sonia feeds the sweets to Lakshmi. She insults Lakshmi. Ahana reaches there to defend Lakshmi. She answers Sonia. They end up arguing. Lakshmi worries about seeing them fight. Ahana tells that if Rishi marries Malishka, then it will be the family’s loss because Malishka can never become Lakshmi. Sonia tells that Lakshmi can never take Malishka’s place. Lakshmi asks them not to fight because of her. Sonia is glad that Lakshmi is leaving. Ahana tells that their peace and happiness will go with Lakshmi’s exit. Lakshmi asks Sonia to leave. She apologizes to Sonia. She asks Ahana to end the matter and go. Sonia throws the sweets box down and leaves. Lakshmi picks the sweets.

Ayush calls Shalu and tells her that he called to talk about something important. She asks why is he sounding so serious. He tells that nothing is fine, Rishi and Malishka’s marriage date is fixed, and Lakshmi’s marriage is also getting finalized. She asks why didn’t he do anything. He tells that there is a way to fix all the problems. He adds that Lakshmi had seen Rishi and Malishka together, and they have to bring out the truth of that incident, Rishi didn’t make any mistake, and when the truth comes out, Lakshmi will agree and Rishi’s guilt will get less.

She understands that this is the only way. Bani asks how can Malishka lie about such a thing. She asks him what he plans. Ayush tells that it’s Holi tomorrow, everyone will play Holi and they will try to unite Rishi and Lakshmi. He adds that they will expose Malishka’s true face. Virender calls Rishi and asks him to come and talk to Dadi. Dadi wants to know what’s in Rishi’s heart. Rishi tells that Dadi suspects him, and she would like to find out what he wanted to say. He tells that he promised Lakshmi and can’t tell anyone. He doesn’t know if he will be able to hide his true feelings from them.

He goes to meet Virender and Dadi. Dadi scolds Rishi and calls him a big problem for her. Rishi asks her what the matter is that she is pulling his ears. She calls him kiddish. She asks what was he going to tell them and then changed the topic. He tells that he was planning a destination wedding. Dadi doesn’t believe it. Virender steps ahead to pull his ear. He asks Rishi not to lie. Rishi tells that it’s not a lie. Dadi asks why did Lakshmi stop him from telling the matter. Virender tells that the matter is related to both Rishi and Lakshmi. He knows the truth. He tells that Rishi got to know he loves Lakshmi. Rishi is stunned that Virender has sensed his feelings.

Moreover, Sonal tells Malishka that she will do anything for her friend. She worries that anything can go wrong. Malishka asks her not to panic and just do what is told to her. Rishi asks Virender not to repeat the same thing. He adds that he doesn’t love Lakshmi and that they are just good friends. Dadi asks him who he loves. Rishi tells that he loves Malishka, and Lakshmi is just a friend. He states that Lakshmi isn’t his type, their level isn’t the same, she is a nice and supportive girl, she married him and saved his life, he respects her, he can’t pay back her favors, but he doesn’t love her.

He adds that Lakshmi doesn’t love him. Dadi tells that it’s too late if Rishi is in love with Lakshmi now. Rishi tells that his relationship with Malishka has reached a point where he can’t leave her, so he can’t love Lakshmi. He wants to stay happy with Lakshmi. He clears that he wants Lakshmi’s happiness, but he doesn’t love her. Rishi gets away and cries feeling guilty for lying to Virender and Dadi. He feels unfortunate that he couldn’t understand his love for Lakshmi in time. Virender tells that it’s too late even if Rishi has fallen in love with Lakshmi. He regrets that Rishi and Malishka committed a mistake. He tells that Rishi and Lakshmi lost their love.

He can’t believe that Rishi can commit such a big mistake. Malishka arrives in a traditional saree and stuns the Oberois. Karishma and Neelam compliment Malishka and bless her. Lakshmi stays away from them. Rishi meets Malishka. Karishma calls them a perfect pairing. She asks them to perform the Holika puja as husband and wife. Rishi finds Lakshmi around. He asks her to come along for the puja. Karishma asks him to just go with Malishka. He tells that he was asking her to burn the problems and sorrows in the Holika. Neelam asks why didn’t he ask her to perform the rituals. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go with Malishka. Karishma sends them. Lakshmi gets sad and reminisces about Rishi and her holi moments.


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