Anupama 24th March 2023 Written Update Anuj quits

Anupama 24th March 2023 Written Update Anuj quits

Anupama 24th March 2023 Written Update Anuj quits Anuj tells that he is leaving the house. Anupama wants to accompany him. Devika stops her from going after Anuj. Anupama tells that she can’t leave Anuj alone. Devika cries for Anupama’s sorrow. Dheeraj tells that their love is so strong that they will overcome this pain. Anupama goes to Anuj. She stops him. Hasmukh is restless. He cries and prays for Anupama. Vanraj and Kavya pacify Hasmukh. Devika asks Barkha why didn’t she explain to Anuj. Barkha tells that she can’t explain anything, because it’s Anupama’s mistake. She adds that she had alerted Anupama of Maya many times, but Anupama didn’t listen to her. Devika blames her for brainwashing Anuj.

Ankush asks her not to blame his wife. Barkha tells that Anupama ruined her life with her own hands. She adds that Anupama took Anuj’s warnings lightly. Devika asks her not to judge Anupama. She calls her heartless. Dheeraj asks her to calm down. She tells that Anuj must calm down. He feels things will get fine. Anuj packs his clothes. He doesn’t want to listen to Anupama. Pakhi tells that Anuj is broken and turned away from Anupama when he was the best husband before. Adhik defends Anuj. He is sure that Anuj will soon rectify his mistake.


He tells that they will try to help Anuj and Anupama. Anupama doesn’t let Anuj leave. She tells them that Anuj won’t leave, or else she will accompany him. She breaks down. Devika tells Dheeraj that Anupama doesn’t deserve this. Ankush asks Barkha what is she thinking. Barkha is afraid that Anuj will leave forever. Ankush asks her not to think negatively. She tells that Ankush and Adhik have to handle the business. He calls her impossible to be so practical and insensitive. Devika is afraid that Anuj will walk out and leave Anupama shattered.

Anupama struggles to make Anuj feel better. She asks him if their happiness will just stay in pictures. She requests him to not leave her. She apologizes to him that she didn’t pay attention to her family. She tells that he already knew her responsibilities, and accepted her with the issues attached. She asks him why is he changing now when he knew she can never cut off her relations with the Shah family. She asks Anuj to talk to her. She tells that he can take a break from their relationship, but he can’t end it. She adds that she will die without him. She asks him why he loved her and married her when he had to leave her one day.

She shows sweet memories of their love. She tries hard to make him realize their strong relationship. She tells him that they can never get separated. She asks him to talk to her once. Anuj turns deaf ears. He doesn’t even see her face. He tells that their relationship is broken and it can never get fine. He leaves the house. Anupama faints down when she isn’t able to tolerate the shock. The family worries for Anupama. They inform the Shah family that Anuj has ended ties with Anupama and left the house. Vanraj feels happy about it, while Shahs sink in sorrow.

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