Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya meets Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya meets Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya meets Preeta Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2023 Written Update Preeta Shaurya connect Shaurya hates Karan and Preeta. He just listens to Nidhi. Rakhi is upset with Nidhi. She compares Nidhi and Preeta. She wishes Preeta returns by some miracle. Nidhi tells that Preeta has given birth to Shaurya, but she has raised him. She gets into an argument with Rakhi when the latter gets angry with her. Shaurya reaches the Dhaba, where he comes across Preeta. He collides with Preeta. His phone falls. He picks up his phone. She thinks she is bending down to touch her feet and take her blessings.

She happily blesses him. He asks her what is she doing, and she loses her mind. He gets angry and argues with her. Rakhi fights with Nidhi and blames her for spoiling Shaurya. Nidhi scolds Rakhi as a reply to her blame. Nidhi tells that she has given her 20 years to Shaurya and the Luthra family. She counts her favors on the family. She turns Rakhi speechless. After an argument with Preeta, Shaurya leaves in his jeep. He drives recklessly to trouble others. The bus meets with an accident because of Shaurya. Keep reading for a quick update coming on Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2023.



Manmeet and Meet attend Sarkar and Yashoda’s marriage. Shagun defames Meet in the marriage function by playing a video of Meet and SP Bhatt. She tells that Meet has an affair with the SP. She asks Manmeet to show this video in court, and he will get divorced from his characterless wife. Meet cries. Shagun asks Meet to clarify if she has anything to say. Meet is shocked to know that Meet had recorded that video. Sarkar tells that he has accepted Yashoda because of Manmeet’s promise. He doesn’t think his son has done wrong by defaming Meet. He tells her that she won’t have an answer when Manmeet questions her character in the court. Later, Meet lectures Manmeet for stooping low and breaking her trust. She calls him the worst man in Sarkar’s family. Manmeet is compelled by Sarkar. He asks Meet to leave. She asks him why he blames her for wrong. She hates him. He tells that they don’t have love between them.

Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya meets Preeta:

Rajveer and Preeta get down at a Dhaba when the bus halts there for some hour. Rajveer asks Preeta to go inside, he will go to the washroom and come. Sandy drives Shaurya to the same Dhaba. Shaurya tells that the Dhaba isn’t his type. He doesn’t think he should go inside. He tells that he is good to sit back in the jeep. He asks Sandy to go and get the beer. Rakhi tells Nidhi that she heard everything that Nidhi and Shaurya were talking about. Nidhi tells that she is aware of this. Rakhi asks her if she is happy that Shaurya loves her more than Preeta.

She tells that Nidhi should have told Shaurya that Preeta is also important, she had a reason and she was helpless to leave her alone, she isn’t alive and that’s the reason she isn’t with Shaurya. She cries for Preeta. She asks Nidhi why didn’t she teach Shaurya to love his mother. She knows Nidhi has raised Shaurya with much love. She tells that Shaurya listens to Nidhi so she should explain to him. She tells Nidhi that it’s her duty. Nidhi tells that she will talk to her clearly. She asks what problem Rakhi has with her, and why is Rakhi jealous when Shaurya loves her and calls her Maa.

She asks why can’t she see Shaurya listening to her. Rakhi tells that Shaurya loves her only because she agrees with him in all matters. She adds that Nidhi supports him in wrong things, but the family doesn’t support him when he does wrong. She feels Nidhi loves him so much to avoid being called a stepmother. She asks her to balance things, love Shaurya, and teach him discipline. Nidhi calls her sentimental. She tells that Preeta gave birth to Shaurya, and she is thankful to Preeta, but Shaurya is her son now, she has raised him and spoilt him too.

She adds that she loves him a lot, he is her son and he loves her the most in the entire family. She asks Rakhi to stop interfering in Shaurya and her relationship. She tells that she knows how to handle her son. Rakhi breaks down after Nidhi lectures her. She wishes she could tell the truth to Karan. She doesn’t want Karan to feel she is against his wife. She wants Shaurya to reform. She tells that if Karan doesn’t handle Shaurya, then the latter will be ruined.

Karan thinks of Preeta. He doesn’t know why he is suddenly missing Preeta. He takes Preeta’s name in front of the manager and then changes his words. He yells at the manager. He then accepts his mistake and apologizes to him. He asks him not to tell Rishabh anything. He feels disturbed. The manager tells that Karan loves his wife and is angry because he is missing her. Preeta is happy to see Rajveer. She finds him missing in the next instant. She goes to look for him. Shaurya feels bored.

He tells that there is no fun. He wants something to happen. He looks for Sandy. He collides with Preeta and drops his phone. Before he could yell at her, she smiles sweetly and he gets silent. He picks up his phone and his hand touches her foot. She blesses him happily, keeping her hand on his head. Shaurya wonders who is she and how is she related to him. He feels a connection with her. He finds her familiar. Rajveer looks for Preeta. He gets to see her with someone. He doesn’t see Shaurya’s face. Sandy gets the beer. He asks Shaurya to come. Preeta asks Shaurya to take care of his favorite things because lost and broken things don’t get fixed. Shaurya leaves before Rajveer could identify him.

Rajveer asks where did she go and why. She tells that she met a guy, who felt like family. She shares her joy over her meeting with Shaurya. Shaurya feels attached to Preeta. He leaves the dhaba. Preeta tells that if she had a son, then he would be like Shaurya. She asks Rajveer to see the guy leaving in the jeep. Rajveer misses seeing Shaurya. The bus conductor asks them to board the bus. Rajveer feels upset that she isn’t recognizing him. He asks her to go, he will get tea and come. He thinks Preeta has another son and maybe she is missing him. He tells that Shaurya isn’t around. Shaurya drives to the farmhouse.

He tells that he will reach the farmhouse in under 30 minutes. The bus conductor tells that they had to change the bus and they shifted the luggage also. Preeta feels nauseous when she looks at the edgy cliff area. Rajveer asks her to take medicines. He takes care of her. She tells that he is so obedient like he has gone on her, he didn’t keep Shrishti’s qualities and he is much like her. Shaurya tries to get ahead of the bus. The driver calls him a spoilt brat. He doesn’t give him a side to overtake. Shaurya overtakes the bus. He doesn’t let the bus driver get aside. He troubles the bus driver by driving the jeep in front of the jeep.

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