YRKKH 27th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav loves Akshara

YRKKH 27th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav loves Akshara

YRKKH 27th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav loves Akshara Abhinav makes Akshara enjoy the swing and achieves real happiness of a real relationship forming between them. She slips from the swing and lands in his arms. They share a romantic moment. Abhinav can’t believe that he is getting love in his life. He finds Akshara counting on him with faith. He wants to keep her faith and love her immensely. Their moment breaks suddenly when they find Abhir falling unconscious. They rush to Abhir and worry for him. She cries and asks what happened to him. Abhinav hugs Abhir and panics. He breaks down in tension. Abhir opens his eyes.

They both sign relief and take him inside. Neela pacifies Abhinav and Akshara. She tells that Abhir has fallen weak, Muskaan used to also fall weak in her childhood, and Abhir will be okay. Abhinav asks Abhir not to scare him. Akshara tells that they will take him to the hospital tomorrow. Abhir relieves their tension. Akshara asks him not to play football so much that his energy gets drained. Abhinav showers love for Abhir. He tells that their lives are incomplete without Abhir. Abhir tells that he has his superhero and nothing can happen to him. Akshara tells that she will refuse the match participation.


Abhir tells that he loves football and it’s his first big match. He promises he will take a rest. She asks him to play if he feels fine in the morning. Abhinav asks Abhir to tell them if anything happens to him. Abhir cheers up Abhinav. Abhinav wants to be sure that Abhir is okay. He gets nervous. Akshara asks him not to worry. He doesn’t want anything to happen to Abhir. He tells that they have to be very careful during the match. They miss out on their golden moments because of Abhir. On the other hand, Parth meets Shefali. He accepts his mistakes and apologizes to her. He requests her to forgive everything and move on.

She tells that it’s tough for her to forget and forgive. He asks her to think of Shivansh. He tells that he is ready to change himself for Shivansh’s sake. He asks her to give him another chance. Aarohi and Abhimanyu find Parth manipulating Shefali by taking Shivansh’s name. Abhimanyu tells that Shefali knows to raise her voice and now she doesn’t need any help. Shefali asks Parth not to touch her. She doesn’t melt her heart for him. Akshara calls up Suwarna to know a kada recipe. Surekha takes the call.

Akshara asks for Suwarna. Surekha tells that Suwarna is in the puja, she is thankful that Aarohi and Abhimanyu’s engagement happened well, and they were happy. Akshara tells that she is very happy to get this news. She wishes they stay happy always. Manish is upset hearing Surekha. He asks for the phone. Surekha turns tense and walks away. Manish feels bad to hide about the engagement. He tells Akshara that Aarohi got engaged. She tells that she is happy for Aarohi. He tells that it’s time for his retirement because his children have become much more sensible. She tells that she will never lose in finding happiness and holding into her life.

Parth asks Shefali how can she behave rudely. She tells that he is her husband but he has to listen to her. She threatens of making a police complaint against him if he tries to manipulate her. Parth gets revengeful against Abhimanyu. He decides to unmask Abhimanyu and expose his reality to the family. Abhimanyu waits for Abhir’s message. He gets Abhir’s message about the football match. He is thankful that Abhir is okay. He doesn’t know his connection with Abhir. He prays for Abhir’s victory. Abhinav and Akshara praise Abhir’s sports look. They ask Abhir is he okay. Abhir tells that he is okay. Abhinav tells that they will call a doctor.

Abhir stops him. Abhinav insists that they shall call a doctor. Akshara tells that they will go tomorrow. Abhir feels dizzy. Abhinav says they will go to the hospital first. Abhir tells that he was fooling him. Abhinav asks him not to pretend sick again. Abhir asks them to get ready to watch the football match. Abhinav and Akshara tell him that they will cheer for him. Abhir wears the shoes given by Abhimanyu. Muskaan strikes up a conversation with Kairav. She tells him about Neela’s importance in her life. She thanks him for finding the scarf and bringing it to her. She apologizes for scolding him. He asks her to leave if she is done.

Surekha asks Muskaan what is going on between Kairav and her. She advises Muskaan to go for her training. She suspects Kairav and Muskaan’s love story forming. Abhinav and Akshara cheer for Abhir. They give him tips. Abhir tells that he is okay. They hug Abhir. Abhimanyu grows worried for Abhir when the latter feels unwell.

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