1 new twist in Anupama marks return of old Vanraj

1 new twist in Anupama marks return of old Vanraj

1 new twist in Anupama marks the return of old Vanraj. In a very expected scene, Vanraj tracks Anupama at a temple when she is seen praying for Anuj’s safety and well-being. They both don’t notice Anuj there. Anuj leaves the temple. Kavya doesn’t know what to tell Leela. Kinjal speaks to Leela and lies to her about the situation. Kavya is sure that the private investigators and police will find Anuj and Anupama. Strangely, Vanraj gets speedy than the police and reaches Anupama. He doesn’t inform his worried family about Anupama. He decides to choose the other way. He hurts Anupama with his bitter words. He says that Anuj and Anupama were destined to separate.

He adds that he asked her not to trust Anuj, but she blindly worshipped him. He asks why she regards him as a devil and Anuj as an angel. He tells that when Anupama was like a moon in the sky for Anuj, the latter did poetry and loved her, but when he achieved her by marrying her, his false pretense ended and Anuj got unmasked. He fills her ears against Anuj. He says that he didn’t value her and that it was his mistake, but she punished him by ending their marriage. He asks what will she do now when Anuj did the same mistake. He knew that Anuj won’t be able to keep the marriage with his fake love forever. He tells her that he expected this day to come, but not so soon. Anupama feels hurt when he speaks against Anuj.


She tells that Anuj is in pain because of Anu’s leaving. Vanraj tries to manipulate her against Anuj. He wants to leave Kavya and get Anupama back in his life. He defines all men as the same as him, who always desire what they can’t achieve. On the other hand, Anuj lately realizes his mistake. He feels he has blamed Anupama for venting his own frustration that he couldn’t stop Anu from leaving. He wants to punish himself by staying alone. Vanraj tells Anupama that he has come to take her home. Anupama rejects his help, knowing how opportunistic he is. She refuses to go home with him and asks him to remember his limits. Old Vanraj is back and determined to get Anupama. Will Anuj realize his mistake and come back home? Keep reading.


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