YRKKH Abhinav loses Akshara Upsetting track

YRKKH Abhinav loses Akshara Upsetting track

YRKKH Abhinav loses Akshara Upsetting track Akshara and Abhinav stay worried for their son Abhir, who shows symptoms of a heart disease that goes unnoticed. Abhinav is very attached to Abhir. He tells that Abhir is his world, and he can’t live without his son. He is much worried even when Abhir acts fit and fine. Abhinav checks him, again and again, to know if he is really okay. Abhinav gets panicking about Abhir. Akshara pacifies Abhinav. She knows that Abhinav is the world’s best father and Abhir is lucky to get Abhinav as his father. Abhinav asks Abhir to tell them if he feels sick. He can’t control his feelings. He hugs Abhir with love. He tells Akshara that he will never let anything happen to Abhir.

He feels emotionally weak from the increasing worry making a place in his mind. Abhinav and Akshara receive a huge shock when Abhir collapses on the football ground after winning the match for his school team. They regret taking his symptoms lightly. Abhinav asks Abhir to promise that he will never leave him and go anywhere. Abhir promises to always stay with Abhinav. Abhinav can’t tolerate losing Abhir. Abhir’s heart disease gets disclosed by the doctor. Akshara is shattered to know about Abhir’s medical condition that needs immediate attention. She tells Abhinav that only Abhimanyu can save Abhir’s life.


Abhinav fears losing Akshara to Abhimanyu if she returns back to Udaipur. Abhinav hugs Abhir and cries. He decides to let go of Akshara and Abhir for the sake of Abhir’s life. He misses their happy family moments. Abhinav values Abhir’s life more than anything else. He asks Akshara to contact Abhimanyu and inform him about Abhir. Abhimanyu learns about Abhir’s medical condition through Muskaan. He decides to meet Abhir. Do you like the upcoming upsetting track that breaks Abhinav’s heart? Keep reading for more news, updates, and spoilers on your favorite show. Share the post once if you liked it.

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Dhara gets a call from the hospital. She learns that the kidney donor they had found before isn’t able to donate the kidney to Natasha due to some medical condition. The doctor tells Dhara that they have to find a new donor for Natasha soon because the latter’s life is in danger. Rishita and Dev also receive a call from the hospital. They are informed that a new donor is found for Natasha’s operation. The doctor asks them to come to the hospital and get details.

They cancel their plan of going to Ahmedabad and rush to Somnath hospital to meet the doctor. Rishita asks the doctor about the donor who had come into her life as an angel. She wants to know the name of the donor. The donor turns out to be Dhara. Flashback shows Dhara getting good news from the doctor that her reports have matched and she can donate a kidney to Natasha. Dhara is thankful to receive a new chance to reunite the family.

She is ready to donate her kidney to Natasha if she can save the girl’s life and also stop Dev and Rishita from going away. Dhara shares the good news with Suman, Krish, Prerna, and Gautam. She tells them that she will give her kidney to save Natasha’s life. Suman blesses Dhara. Gautam tells that he was depressed over Dev’s leaving and started drinking again, but now he won’t drink and wait for Dev to come back home. He happily hugs Dhara. Dhara is going to make a big sacrifice to win Rishita’s heart. Will she succeed? Stay tuned.


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