Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update Prachi’s answer

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update Prachi's answer

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update Prachi’s answer Ranbir is deeply shocked when he finds Akshay proposing to Prachi. He was getting Priya in the picture. Priya is also clueless about Ranbir’s move. Ranbir tells that he can’t tell her anything now. He recollects the moment when Akshay showed him the love of his life. He had seen Priya with Prachi and thought Akshay is talking about Priya. He didn’t realize that Akshay is talking about Prachi. He knew their bonding and still never realizes that Akshay likes Prachi. Akshay’s romantic proposal plays on the screen. Ranbir and Prachi are still connected to each other from their hearts and souls.

They see each other when Akshay comes in between them with his sweet marriage proposal. Akshay is thankful to Ranbir when he gets hope that Prachi might agree this time. He tells that Ranbir has given him his life. Ranbir is stunned to see Akshay and Prachi holding hands. He wonders if Prachi will accept Akshay’s proposal. Prachi wants to reject Akshay’s proposal. She asks him to come along with her so that she can explain to him. Akshay sweetly asks her to take as much time as she wants and he will wait for her reply. He tells that he can even wait for one year because his heart just loves her and wants to hear one word ‘yes’ from her. He cracks jokes and cheers her up.


Moreover, Kohlis and Rhea are happy to see the romantic proposal. They are happy for Prachi but also worried for Ranbir. They can see Ranbir getting hurt. Ranbir gets filled with anger and annoyance. He isn’t angry with Akshay, but at himself that he couldn’t realize Akshay’s liking for Prachi. He thinks how foolish he is that he has helped Akshay in wooing Prachi. He wonders what Prachi will think when Akshay tells her that Ranbir has helped him in making a proposal. Akshay asks Prachi to reply. Ranbir also wants to know her reply. Badi Dadi and Dida don’t let Prachi go away by any excuse. They want Prachi to take a decision right in front of Ranbir and them, and move on with Akshay. What will be Prachi’s answer to Akshay’s proposal? Keep reading for the quick written update Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2023. It will be posted once the episode airs on Zee5.

Pandya Store Spoiler:

Gautam drinks alcohol when he comes home and learns that Dev left the house. He tells that he can’t tolerate that Dev leaving him once again. He increases Dhara’s tensions. She tries to stop him from drinking. Gautam pushes her away. Dhara gets hurt. Krish and Prerna run to help Dhara. Gautam creates a big drama in his drunken state. Dhara asks Krish to stop Gautam from drinking.

Krish also fails in stopping him. Suman explains to Gautam that Dev will soon come back. Gautam doesn’t understand why Dev and Rishita leave when they were putting efforts into uniting the family. Dhara gets the good news that her kidney matched Natasha and she can now become a donor. Suman asks Gautam to leave the alcohol and come to celebrate the good news with them. Dhara supports Gautam. She tells that she can even give her life to save Natasha. Suman asks her not to say that. They emotionally cry. Suman hugs Dhara.

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2023 Full Written Update Prachi’s answer:

Prachi asks Akshay to come with her. The DJ plays a romantic song. Akshay tells that the DJ has good timing. He asks Prachi for a dance. Prachi and Akshay dance to the romantic song. Ranbir is disturbed. He can’t tolerate the sight that his love is in someone else’s arms. He feels befooled to help Akshay. Dida asks Ranbir what happened to him. He tells that he is also thinking, how did this happen when Akshay loved someone else? Ranbir sees Prachi and wishes she refuses Akshay. Akshay hugs Prachi with love. Rhea asks Ranbir to dance with her. Dida takes Pallavi for a talk.

Rhea tells that she knew Ranbir is romantic, but she didn’t know he is so romantic. She gives him the credit for uniting Akshay and Prachi. She tells that they will never forget Ranbir for setting the romantic proposal, and Prachi will always remember it because it was his poetry that won Prachi’s heart. Ranbir regrets uniting them. Prachi feels helpless. Ranbir’s heart gets wounded. He walks away. Aryan knows his pain and goes after him. Rhea hugs Prachi and congratulates her. She tells that Prachi deserves the world’s happiness. Akshay gets Ashok’s call and tells him that he did it.

Prachi doesn’t know what to tell Rhea. Rhea tells her a secret that Ranbir helped Akshay propose to her. Prachi is shocked to know this. She gets confused thinking how can Ranbir do this. She tries to get away. Dida and Badi Dadi ask Pallavi didn’t she understand anything. Pallavi asks about the matter. Dida tells that Ranbir felt bad and he is in pain, he was heartbroken seeing the proposal. Pallavi tells that Ranbir already knew about Akshay and Prachi.

Badi Dadi says that Pallavi should understand her son, Ranbir didn’t forget the past and move on, he is still standing at the same point. Pallavi tells that Ranbir was helping Akshay. Badi Dadi tells that maybe he helped Akshay, but he had a misunderstanding about the girl. Pallavi asks how this can happen. Badi Dadi tells that Ranbir might have been in darkness. Dida is also sure that Ranbir had no idea about Prachi. Pallavi understands they are right. She asks what they want her to do. She tells that she can’t do anything when Akshay proposed to Prachi, it’s her choice and her decision. Dida tells that it’s not about Prachi, but Ranbir.

She feels sorry that Ranbir had turned pale when he saw Akshay proposing to Prachi. She asks Pallavi to stop Ranbir from running after Prachi. She tells that she should allow Ranbir to meet Prachi, they should remember Rhea’s favors on them and unite Rhea and Ranbir. She asks Pallavi to announce Ranbir and Rhea’s engagement by taking an advantage of the situation. Pallavi apologizes and refuses her. She tells that she wants Ranbir’s happiness. She adds that it’s Ranbir’s decision who he will marry. She tells that Rhea and Prachi are okay for the family, but she won’t decide without asking Ranbir.

She explains that Prachi has come back, and she can’t stick to her promise to Rhea. Ranbir goes to have a drink. Aryan stops him. He asks did he help Akshay in proposing to Prachi. He wants to know the truth. Ranbir tells that he helped Akshay in proposing to Priya, not Prachi. He was mistaken about Akshay. Aryan asks did Akshay lie. Ranbir tells that Akshay didn’t lie, it was his mistake, his foolishness to get mistaken. He never imagined that Akshay will feel love for Prachi. He finds it shocking. Aryan asks why is he getting affected and feeling something, does he still love Prachi?

He knows Ranbir’s condition after losing Prachi. He has seen what Ranbir has felt after Prachi returned to his life. He wants to know from Ranbir if he still loves Prachi and wants her back. He asks Ranbir not to lie to him. Ranbir sees Prachi. He goes to talk to her. He gets emotional. She stumbles and falls into his arms. A film moment begins with a romantic song playing in the background. They emote by their eyes. Dida sees them together sharing an eye lock. She acts heartless and breaks their moment. Ranbir tells that Prachi slipped, so he just held her. She asks him to come with her for an important talk. She wants Prachi to come along and witness the big moment. Ranbir asks Dida why did she get him.

She tells that she will get Pallavi and tell him. Ranbir and Prachi see each other. Dida asks Pallavi to declare Ranbir and Rhea’s relationship. Pallavi asks her why is she doing this. Dida asks Pallavi to just look at Prachi, she is after Ranbir again, the matter will go out of their hands and it’s important to remind Ranbir of his promise. Pallavi tells that she will first talk to Ranbir and know his feelings. She asks Dida not to do anything. Badi Dadi says that Pallavi isn’t the same. She asks Dida to make an announcement on time, or else they will regret it a lot later. She feels it will be an injustice to Rhea if Ranbir loves Prachi again. She asks Dida to hold happiness in her household by getting Rhea. Dida doesn’t listen to Pallavi and goes to make an announcement. She wishes Ranbir.

She tells that Akshay has proposed his love to Prachi today. Ranbir is much upset. Pallavi and Vikram can see Ranbir’s pain. Dida tells that she is very sure Akshay will take care of Prachi. Akshay promises her. Dida adds that she will make the day more memorable by making a special announcement. She tells that she wishes Rhea to become her Bahu and Ranbir’s wife. Dida’s shocking announcement hits Ranbir, Vikram, Aryan, and Pallavi. Even Prachi doesn’t seem happy. Dida tells that Rhea is going to become her Bahu very soon. Aryan asks Vikram about the announcement. Pallavi finds Ranbir and Prachi tense and feels bad for them. Badi Dadi hugs Rhea and congratulates her.

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