1 twist in YRKKH that Akshara returns to Abhi

1 twist in YRKKH that Akshara returns to Abhi

1 twist in YRKKH that Akshara returns to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu patches up with Mahima by speaking his heart out. Aarohi is proud of him and also sure of her decision to marry him. Akshara and Abhinav don’t learn anything about Abhir’s condition. They want a brief idea about his condition, but the doctor asks them not to assume things. Doctor tells that they can discuss the case once the reports come. He asks them to take Abhir home and not let any exertion occur. Akshara is relieved that her son is okay. Abhimanyu doesn’t learn about Abhir’s condition either. He is misled by Aarohi. He shares his feelings with Rohan. He tells that he doesn’t like to see any child in the hospital. He discusses Abhir’s case with him.

Rohan jokes on him that he is saying it as if Abhir is his son. The doctor reveals the sad news to Abhinav that Abhir is at a critical stage and his life is threatened because of the heart illness. Abhinav breaks down upon knowing the shocking news. He goes home and doesn’t tell anything to Akshara. He gets engaged in his work while sobbing over the harsh truth. Akshara finds the reports and screams in pain, learning about her son’s critical illness. Abhinav shoulders her in sorrow. Akshara decides to contact Abhimanyu who is the country’s best heart surgeon to give him Abhir’s case.


She knows Abhimanyu will cure Abhir by putting in his best efforts. She doesn’t care if Abhir and Abhimanyu’s blood connection truth comes out during the course. Akshara returns to Udaipur with Abhinav’s consent. Akshara and Abhinav want Abhir’s treatment to happen in time. What will happen next? How will Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s lives handle this new storm? Keep reading.


Ayaan makes a shocking move to make Faltu confess her feelings. He tells that he isn’t a fool to misunderstand her friendship as love. He adds that he has seen love in her eyes, she loves him but didn’t accept it. He asks if he made a mistake by telling her the truth that she loves him. She can’t break Tanisha and Ayaan’s marriage. He asks her to answer him if she loves him or not. He doesn’t want her to think of Tanisha, who has stepped back and accepted the truth. He fakes suicide to make Faltu admit her love. Faltu blurts the truth that she loves Ayaan.

Later, Tanisha signs the divorce papers when Ayaan reveals that Faltu has accepted his love. She asks Ayaan to head to Faltu’s village and meet her dad to talk about Faltu and his marriage. She asks him to go and live his life. She tells that she has freed him from their marriage. She adds that everyone knows about his love for Faltu in their family, but Faltu’s family has no idea about it. She advises them to marry soon and wishes them all the best. Kanika burns Faltu’s picture and gets angry that Faltu had ruined Tanisha’s marriage. She doesn’t want Faltu to settle with Ayaan. She tells that Tanisha didn’t get happiness, and Faltu won’t get it either. She adds that she will make sure Faltu cries as Tanisha is crying now. She tells that Ayaan and Faltu will head to the village together, but Ayaan will come back alone. What will Kanika plan against Faltu?


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