5 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Meet Radha Mohan Maitree

5 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Meet Radha Mohan Maitree

5 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Meet Radha Mohan Maitree Rakhi asks Karan to stop Shaurya from walking on the wrong path. She blames Nidhi for it. Karan turns deaf ears. He doesn’t want to help Rakhi, because he has no interest in household matters. He wants to stay away from family politics. He asks Rakhi to handle Nidhi. Nidhi cares a damn when Shaurya informs her about the accident. He shares everything with her, knowing she will never judge him or call him wrong. He tells that an accident happened on the way. She asks him to be careful, or else anything can happen to him. He tells that he didn’t tell her and she understood him. He asks her how is she so smart. She tells that she is smart since always. He tells that she is smart and made him turn smart too. She agrees with his wordings. She feels Shaurya is just like her. Preeta wants Mumbai to return all her relationships. She makes a wish to regain everything she lost.



Papa ji meets with an accident. Manmeet passes by and sees the people taking the injured man to the ambulance. He is shocked to see Papa ji. He rushes to him and worries. He accompanies him in the ambulance. Meet feels restless at home and tells that her heart is sinking as something bad has occurred. She gets worried for Papa ji when his picture falls and breaks. She makes a prayer for his long life. She is taken aback when the diya is put off by the wind. Papa ji asks Manmeet to promise him, he won’t tell Meet about his leaving until she finds someone who supports her and becomes her life partner. Manmeet promises him. Papa ji breathes his last. Manmeet cries for him.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Kalpana tells Akshay that she wants to keep a Shanti puja at home. He agrees to keep the puja and tells him that he will make the arrangements. She tells that she doesn’t want peace breakers to attend the puja. Aparajita reaches there and hears Kalpana telling Akshay that she doesn’t want Disha to come to the puja. Aparajita tells that even she won’t come to the puja if Disha doesn’t attend it. Kalpana dislikes Aparajita and wants to throw her out of the house. She blindly follows Mohini, since she doesn’t know the latter’s evil side.

Ashish decides to open Maitree’s office in Trivedi Sadan. He informs Sona Tai ji about his decision. Sona gets angered and throws away the office nameplate. She tells that she is against Maitree’s decision. She tells that she had supported Maitree a lot. She keeps a condition in front of Maitree if she wants to open her office at home. Maitree asks about the condition. Tai ji asks her to name the company to the Tiwari family. Maitree is stunned. Will she accept Sona’s unfair demand?

Radha Mohan:

Radha bashes Bhushan and exposes him in front of everyone. She tells that Bhushan is a molester. Kadambari stops Radha from beating him. Bhushan calls her a liar. He defends himself and blames Radha for coming close to him. He calls her characterless. Mohan takes a stand for Radha. He tells that Radha can be a liar, but she can never be characterless. He respects Radha for her morals and good character. He believes her, knowing the values she gives to Gungun. He catches hold of Bhushan and asks him how dare he touch Radha evilly. He beats up Bhushan further. He breaks Bhushan’s hand and punishes him for touching Radha.


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