Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s reply

Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir's reply

Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s reply Akshay tells Ranbir that they can get married on the same day in the same mandap. He asks Ranbir to marry his special love, Rhea. He tells that he will marry his love, Prachi. He adds that he will make Prachi of him. Ranbir asks what he means to say. He tells that Prachi didn’t say yes to his marriage proposal till now. He gets negative and ruins Akshay’s hopes. Akshay asks him why is he being so negative when he was positive and supportive till now. Ranbir has no answer to his question.

Akshay finds a drastic change in Ranbir’s behavior. Ranbir controls his temper and asks Akshay to not jump to any conclusions too soon. He tells that Prachi didn’t give her a reply till now, and Akshay should wait for her reply, rather than planning his marriage. He tells that if Prachi rejects Akshay’s proposal, then the latter will be heartbroken. Akshay fears Prachi’s rejection after listening to Ranbir. On the other hand, Ranbir is worried that Dida has announced Rhea and his marriage, without asking him once if he is in a mind frame to move on in his life. He is too hurt and doesn’t know what to do.


He lets things go on their own. He looks at Prachi’s response to his marriage announcement. He wants to know what Prachi feels for him. He tries to get clear of his feelings for Prachi. He realizes that he loves Prachi and can never love anyone else. He badly wants Prachi back into his life. What will Ranbir do to get Prachi’s love? Will Akshay learn Prachi and Ranbir’s past or not? Keep reading.

Jasmin deliberately plans to stop Ekam and Nehmat’s wedding. She drugs Ekam to induce a heart attack so that she can explain to Nehmat that the latter is unlucky for Ekam. She wants Nehmat to step back from the marriage if she wants to see Ekam alive. Nehmat saves Ekam’s life through many difficulties. She risks her life to save him and proves her love once again. Nehmat is in a dilemma after Jasmin fuels her mind. She shares her fears with Ekam, who tells her that he will be alive until she is there with him.

He tells her that he is her soul and he needs her to survive. He ends her doubts and makes her ready for the Haldi ceremony. He tells her that very soon he will marry her. Ekam and Nehmat celebrate their pre-wedding functions, while Jasmin contacts Advait and Shamsher to seek their help in stopping the wedding. She wants to bring a twist that Nehmat gets out of Ekam’s life and Harleen steps in. She plans Ekam and Harleen’s marriage.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s reply:

Dida’s announcement shocks Ranbir and Prachi, and anger Pallavi. Akshay tells Ranbir that he is very happy for him. He congratulates Ranbir. Badi Dadi asks Ranbir to stand with Rhea. Dida asks Prachi did she hear what she announced. She asks why is she appearing worried. Prachi tells that she doesn’t have any tension. Dida asks her to congratulate Rhea and show some happiness for her sister’s new start. Prachi congratulates Rhea and tells her that she is happy for her. Ranbir is disheartened to see Prachi happy with the news.

Akshay tells Ranbir that he is happy to become Ranbir’s real partner now, they both got their love on the same day and they can get married on the same day in the same mandap to save money. He tells that he won’t spoil Ranbir’s special day. He adds that he doesn’t want anyone to spoil his special day when he makes Prachi of him. Ranbir asks what he means, Prachi didn’t say yes to his proposal till now. Akshay asks him what is he saying. He asks Vikram to congratulate Ranbir. Vikram congratulates Ranbir and Rhea. Badi Dadi asks Pallavi to congratulate Rhea. Pallavi tells that Dida and Badi Dadi didn’t do the right thing. Akshay tells Ashok that he has proposed to Prachi. He asks Ashok to come to the party. Prachi hears this and worries.

Aryan asks Ranbir if he knew this is going to happen. Ranbir tells that he was totally ignorant, he didn’t know Dida will announce his marriage to Rhea and Akshay will propose to Prachi. Priya tells that she knew it already. He asks her what she knows. Prachi goes to the washroom and sheds tears. She remorses the proposal and also Dida’s announcement. She washes her face and does the makeup all over again to appear normal. Sahana calls her. Priya tells that she knew Akshay is going to propose to Prachi. Ranbir asks why didn’t she tell him before. She tells that she thought Akshay told him the truth.

Aryan tells that it’s a big mess. Ranbir tells that he was confused, he thought Akshay loves Priya and wants to propose to her. She tells that she already has a boyfriend. Ranbir asks why didn’t she tell him before. Vikram asks what would he do if she told him about her boyfriend. Ranbir tells that he would have stopped Akshay. Vikram asks him to come with him. Rhea gets sweets and tells them that she is double happy. Ranbir doesn’t eat sweets and makes a leave. Vikram covers up for his move. Akshay tells that his dad is coming and he is really happy. He hugs Vikram and eats sweets.

Dida asks Pallavi how did she behave with the guests, who were congratulating her on her son’s marriage announcement. She asks why she behaves like she is regretful. Pallavi tells that she is really upset with the announcement. She doesn’t want to talk to Dida. She tells that she doesn’t want to hurt her by speaking any harsh words. She asks Dida to leave her alone because she is upset. She tells Dida that she did such a thing without her consent. Dida tells that Pallavi should have ensured happiness and peace in the family, it’s her responsibility as Ranbir’s mother to look after his happiness, but she missed to fulfill her responsibility.

She tells that since Pallavi refused her, she had to take this step, being an elder and responsible for Ranbir’s happiness. Pallavi tells that she has made a big mistake and she would realize this very soon. Ranbir and Prachi are lost and unhappy. They both come face to face. They try to talk. Prachi tries to walk away. Ranbir calls her out and stops her. She asks him what he wants to say. He tells that he wants to congratulate her on her nice love story with Akshay. He taunts her for having a relationship with Akshay. Prachi gets angered and silent.

He asks her to say something about Akshay’s proposal. He wants to know her answer. She asks him what about the announcement made by Dida. He asks what about Akshay’s proposal. He wants to know if she will accept Akshay’s proposal. She tells that she had no idea about Akshay’s proposal. He asks her didn’t she know what Akshay feels for her. He tells that Akshay loves her, and she might have seen how he looks at her with love. Prachi tells that she knew Akshay likes him, what he feels for her, and what he thinks about their future. He asks what didn’t she know, that he is going to propose to her in front of everyone. He turns upset.

She tells that she didn’t know about his marriage announcement, that he is going to marry Rhea. She asks why didn’t he tell her about his relationship building up with Rhea. She regrets the news. It gets evident from her eyes that get tears even when she tries to hide her feelings from Ranbir. He asks her how can she hide her love story with Akshay. She feels Ranbir is misunderstanding her again. She doesn’t answer him and leaves. Ashok reaches the party and asks Akshay to share the good news. He tells that he was waiting for this day for many years. Akshay tells that he has proposed to Prachi.

Ashok asks what happened next, did she say yes? Akshay tells that she didn’t say no, which means she will say yes. He adds that the proposal was the best and she was left stunned, she didn’t reject his proposal and danced with him romantically. He is very happy. Ashok wishes he was here to witness the proposal. Akshay tells that he missed him a lot. Ashok asks what did she say when she accepted the proposal. Akshay tells that she might have got angry, and it was shocking for her. Ashok tells that it might be a surprise. He adds that he will handle things from here and make Prachi say yes.

He is proud of Akshay that he won Prachi’s heart. He congratulates Akshay. Dida asks what mistake did she do. Pallavi tells that Dida won’t understand it. Dida asks is it wrong to think of Ranbir’s happiness. Pallavi tells that Ranbir is her son and she knows he isn’t happy with Rhea, they should ask him if he is happy or not, they can’t decide for his life, it’s his life and he will decide for himself. She asks why she complicated things by rushing with the marriage announcement.

She tells that Dida didn’t give her a chance to speak to Ranbir first. She tells that Ranbir was happy, and he was in shock after this announcement was made. Badi Dadi and Dida tell that Rhea was much happy and Pallavi has to keep her promise to Rhea. Pallavi tells that she didn’t promise Rhea, she made Ranbir promise that he would marry Rhea and the situation was different that time, since Prachi was missing in his life.


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