Anupama 30th March 2023 Written Update Maya wins Anuj

Anupama 30th March 2023 Written Update Maya wins Anuj

Anupama 30th March 2023 Written Update Maya wins Anuj Maya finds Anupama on the road. She gets worried for him. She brings him home. Anupama gets help from her mother, who takes her home. She is still affected by Anuj’s leaving. Anuj is happy to meet Anu after a long time. Anu asks him about Anupama. Her question makes him realize his fault. On the other hand, Leela returns home and asks the family why are they appearing upset. She suspects that something has happened between Anuj and Anupama. Kavya tells her that Anuj left the house, and Anupama is missing.

Leela worries for them. Vanraj tells that nobody knows about them. Anupama punishes herself for Anuj’s leaving. Kanta feels Anupama’s values have gone against her this time. She asks her not to feel alone. She supports her daughter. She tells that she will talk to Anuj and confront him. She loves Anupama and wants Anuj to pay for his mistakes. Maya realizes that Anuj’s love for Anupama fell short in front of Anu’s love. She doesn’t want Anuj to go back to Anupama when fate has brought him to her. She decides to win Anuj’s heart by using Anu. Anupama misses Anuj and cries for him.


Maya looks after Anuj. Anuj tells that Anu didn’t have her breakfast. Maya asks him to look at his condition. She wants him to have some food. She tells that he isn’t able to stand on his feet. She doesn’t let him go anywhere. She adds that she won’t let him go in this condition. Anu learns that he isn’t well. She asks him to take a rest because she is there to take care of him. She asks him to have food and take a rest. Anu takes care of Anuj and puts him to sleep. Pakhi tells the family about Barkha’s evil move. She adds that she argued with Barkha. Kavya calls Barkha selfish and insensitive. Vanraj tells that Barkha and Ankush are doing this to get the company.

Pakhi complains about Adhik who is also holding the same motive. Adhik asks her not to hype the matter unnecessarily. He tells the family that Pakhi is misunderstanding him. He wants to help Ankush in handling the business. He tells that if they shut the company, then many employees will suffer. He calls Pakhi immature. Pakhi tells that what he is doing isn’t cool. He asks her not to shout. He wants to explain her mistake. He feels it’s pointless to talk to her. She asks him to get out and stay with his family. Leela tells that Anupama should have come with Vanraj when he offered her help. Kanta meets the Shahs and tells them that Anupama is with her at her place. This news brings relief to Hasmukh.

Maya stays by Anuj’s side and gets hopeful that she will win his love soon. She tells that Anuj will gradually forget Anupama and accept her/Maya. She wants Anuj to never return to Anupama. She feels Anuj has got much distant from Anupama by his will. She tells that she didn’t play any game, she had left him and got away, but her love was so strong that he came to her on his own. She tells that she didn’t come between Anuj and Anupama, he has left Anupama and come himself, so she doesn’t have any guilt. She tells him that she will never let him go back and he will become of her soon. Anupama cries for Anuj.

Leela asks Kanta why didn’t she get Anupama to them. Kanta tells that Anupama will stay with her. She asks them to not even think of bringing Anupama to their house. Leela tells that they worry for Anupama. Kanta tells that they just need Anupama and don’t worry about her. Leela asks her not to vent her anger on them. Kanta blames Leela for breaking Anupama’s family. Leela asks why is she blaming her. Kanta tells that Leela can’t do anything on her own, she needs Anupama for everything and this has caused a rift between Anuj and Anupama. She blames the Shah family for disturbing Anupama’s family.

Pakhi tells that they are also worried about Anupama. Kanta asks why didn’t they let Anupama live her life. She insults Vanraj. She asks Hasmukh how he let this happen. She tells that his thinking is great, but his actions are null. She is glad that Samar has always supported Anupama. She accuses Leela of manipulating Anupama so much. She lectures Leela and asks her how can she curse Anupama. She gets angry with Leela. Vanraj asks her not to misbehave with his mother. Kanta asks him not to talk in between.

Kanta tells them that some elders don’t deserve respect. She wishes Anupama was wise and had shut the door in Leela’s face then her marriage would have been fine today. Leela tells that Anupama didn’t do any favor to them. Leela and Kanta’s argument goes to its peak. Kanta tells that Leela had called Anupama all the time without thinking of the latter’s world. Kanta’s shocking outburst shocks the Shah family. She feels guilty that they have done wrong and broken Anupama’s dreams. She asks them to know how they are responsible for Anupama’s sorrow. She tells that Anupama’s family is breaking once again and this time they are the reason. Paritosh accepts his mistake.

He tells that Vanraj went to get Anupama, but she refused. Anupama tells that she won’t come to them when they broke her family. She asks them to not bother Anupama from now. She takes a stand for her daughter. She doesn’t want her daughter to get burdened by their family issues. She asks them to get habitual to living without Anupama. Anuj wakes up and imagines Anupama coming. He rests in her lap and asks her to never go away from him. He misses her. Anu meets Anuj and asks him is he feeling better. Anuj says yes. She asks him to take her home to meet Anupama. Anuj promises her. Maya grows worried when he tells Anupama, Anu and he will stay happy together. Kanta meets Maya and finds Anuj at her place. She confronts Anuj about leaving Anupama. Anuj apologizes to Kanta and calls Anupama and his relationship over.


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