Bhagya Lakshmi 31st March 2023 Written Update Rishi confession

Bhagya Lakshmi 31st March 2023 Written Update Rishi confession

Bhagya Lakshmi 31st March 2023 Written Update Rishi’s confession. Shalu tells Ayush that if they do their work right now, then Rishi will confess his feelings. Malishka tells Sonal that Lakshmi is alone and it’s the perfect time to feed her the spiked laddoo. She tells that they will feed the laddoo to Lakshmi and the powder will bring out Lakshmi’s real side. Ayush tells Shalu that a person speaks his heart out, a person doesn’t have any control over himself in an intoxicated state and expresses his feelings. He asks her to be positive. He tells that the feelings come out on their own. He adds that he loves Shalu. He says I love you Shalu and stuns her. He feeds the spiked thandai to Rishi.

He tells Shalu that Rishi will confess everything to Lakshmi now. He asks Shalu to wait and watch what happens next. Rishi goes to Lakshmi and tells her that she is looking at everyone and he is just looking at her. He tells that he wants to tell her something. Ayush asks him to say I love you to Lakshmi. Rishi says that he loves Lakshmi. He makes a public confession. Lakshmi is stunned, just like the entire Oberoi family. Malishka grows furious, while Ayush and Shalu rejoice in their plan’s success. Keep reading for a quick written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 31st March 2023.



Ayaan tricks Faltu into making her confess love to him. He fakes suicide and triggers her suppressed emotions of love. Faltu gets compelled to burst out her emotions that she had held for so long for the sake of Ayaan and Tanisha’s marriage and happiness. She doesn’t want to hurt him again. She confesses her love to him and is much happy to see him okay. She tells him that she will never hurt him again. Faltu and Ayaan have a reunion. She tells that she doesn’t want to meet Tanisha, after breaking the latter’s marriage. Ayaan asks her to get guilt-free and not worry because Tanisha has accepted the truth. He says that he doesn’t love Tanisha, but Faltu. Ayaan takes her home to speak to his family about his marriage. Faltu gets scared to walk inside his house. She dreams of Charan’s visit to the Mittals’ house. She doesn’t want to face Charan’s wrath. Ayaan encourages her to be strong and stand by him when he fights the world for their love.

Bhagya Lakshmi 31st March 2023 Written Update Rishi confession:

Rano goes to apply colors to Karishma. Karishma doesn’t see her. She wonders who was there. Lakshmi feels cold. Rishi cares for her. Ayush and Shalu get the special thandai for Rishi. She asks him to acquire good talent. He tells that he doesn’t know if Rishi will have the thandai or not. He wants to still try. Ayush and Shalu taste the thandai and like it. Ayush tells that they have to take the thandai for Rishi and convince him to have it. They see Rishi cares for Lakshmi. They get happy seeing Rishmi’s moment. She tells that if they do their work right away, then Rishi will confess his feelings to Lakshmi.

She gets the bhaang tablets and passes them to him. She tells that one tablet is enough, and it’s strong. He asks if it will get mixed or not. She tells that it will show the effect once consumed by someone. He tells that she got talented through his company. She tells that she doesn’t live with him. He tells that such a time will also come. He jokes that she will get mad at him and can’t live without him. She tells that she will never look for him. He asks her to say it. She asks him to focus on their task. They have a moment of love. Lakshmi shivers in cold. Bani asks her if is she feeling cold.

Lakshmi tells that she is okay. Bani asks her to go home. Sonal and Malishka ask Bani what happened to her. They don’t want Lakshmi to go anywhere. Bani tells that Lakshmi is feeling cold. Ayush asks Rishi to have the thandai, it’s special because he has stood in the queue and got it. Rishi asks him to have it. Ayush asks Rishi to drink the thandai. The other guy takes the thandai. Shalu worries that the guy will get intoxicated and their plan will get ruined. Ayush is also worried. Malishka thinks her plan will fail if Lakshmi goes home. Lakshmi doesn’t want to go, because Rishi will accompany her and Malishka’s mood will spoil. She tells that she is okay and she will be with the family. Malishka asks her to sit under the sun for some time. Karishma gets angry when Rano laughs at her.

Rano and Karishma get into an argument. Shalu makes the man drop the thandai glass and apologizes. Ayush tells that Shalu saved them from trouble. He asks the man to go to the thandai counter and drink as much as he wants. Rishi asks him to calm down. Virender tells his friends that people should behave decently and celebrate the festivities. Malishka tells Sonal that they will add the powder to the laddoo, when Lakshmi eats that laddoo, then her truth will come out. Sonal agrees. Rishi goes to Lakshmi. Malishka thinks he isn’t losing his focus. Lakshmi also thinks of Rishi. Rishi doesn’t see Malishka there.

Sonal tells that she has to spike the laddoo and feed it to Lakshmi. She sends the servant to get chilled water for her. She adds the powder to the laddoo. She thinks to send it to Lakshmi by someone. She asks a girl to give the Lakshmi to laddoos and feed it to her. The girl agrees. Sonal asks Malishka to see that girl, she is going to feed the laddoo to Lakshmi and now their work will be done. Malishka thanks her. They keep an eye on the girl. The girl doesn’t let anyone take the laddoos and gives them to Lakshmi. She tells that Lakshmi’s sister has sent it for her. Kiran comes in between.

Sonal and Malishka fail to see if Lakshmi is eating the laddoo or not. Kiran tells that she is happy, Malishka’s marriage is fixed and it’s a big relief. Malishka stops Sonal from telling anything to Kiran. They see the empty plate and get happy that Lakshmi had the laddoos. Sonal tells that the powder will affect Lakshmi soon. Malishka tells that it will be fun. Dadi asks Rishi to go and ask Lakshmi why is she sitting alone. She tells that it’s Holi, a festive of Radha and Krishna.

She tells him that Rishi and Lakshmi are like Radha-Krishna to her. She adds that Lakshmi will be leaving the house forever when she gets married, so it’s her last holi. Shalu asks Ayush to think how will they feed the bhaang to Rishi. She wants Rishi to confess his feelings. She asks if Rishi doesn’t tell his feelings then what will they do? He asks her to be positive. He says I love you Shalu and then changes his words. Rishi imagines Lakshmi and himself as Radha-Krishna and a sweet romance follows.


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