YRKKH 30th March 2023 Written Update Bad News

YRKKH 30th March 2023 Written Update Bad News

YRKKH 30th March 2023 Written Update Bad News Abhir finds his studies tough. He calls Abhimanyu to take help. Akshara stops him. Abhir tells that Abhimanyu isn’t a stranger, and he wanted to talk to him. Abhinav and Akshara ask him the truth. Abhir tells them that he had called Abhimanyu and shared about his breathing problem because he didn’t wish to give tension to his parents. She tells that he should have told them before. They explain to Abhir to not worry for them, they are elders and will handle every problem. Abhir understands. Akshara tells that his reports will come and everything will be good.

On the other hand, Manjiri asks Abhimanyu and Aarohi about the marriage date. They both agree to marry on any date she wants. Manjiri fixes the date after a month. She tells that she will inform Suwarna about the date. Akshara wishes the reports to come well. Abhinav worries for Abhir. They recall the first moments of Abhir. They try to shed their tensions away. He asks her not to worry about anything, they will get Abhir treated if there is any health issue. He drops the tea cup by mistake. Akshara shares the tea with him. They both stay worried for Abhir. The Birlas worry for Shefali and think to postpone the marriage.


Shefali doesn’t want to fall weak. She asks them not to worry a lot about her. She tells that she doesn’t want to become a tragedy queen. She wants to enjoy Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s marriage. Anand tells that he will get the cards printed. He asks them to prepare the guest list. Ruhi tells that she will invite her friends and teachers. She mentions that Akshara and her family will also come. Manjiri tells that Abhir can’t get an off from school, so he can’t come. Ruhi tells that she will call Akshara and ask her to get Abhir.

She adds that Abhir ran away from the house to meet Abhimanyu when the latter was admitted to the hospital, some bad people troubled Abhir on the way but he reached Abhimanyu and prayed for him. Abhimanyu wonders why did Abhir do so much for him. He questions their relationship. Abhinav meets the doctor. He grows anxious to know the reports. The doctor carefully checks the reports and gets upset. Abhinav asks him if there is anything serious. The doctor tells him that the matter is very serious. Abhinav asks what happened to Abhir. The doctor reveals Abhir’s condition to him. Abhinav falls devastated and recalls Abhir’s birth. He doesn’t know how he will tell this shocking news to Akshara. She calls him and asks about the reports.

He tells that they will get the reports tomorrow. She asks him to come home. He asks him about Abhir. She tells that Abhir fell asleep, he just wants his dad by his side. Abhinav cries profusely. Abhimanyu discusses a child’s case with Rohan. Rohan tells that they can’t get emotional when treating a kid. Abhimanyu tells that kids don’t look good in the hospital. Rohan tells that Abhimanyu is saying as if the kid belongs to him. He wishes Ruhi never faces such a situation. Abhimanyu prays for his child to stay safe.

Abhinav hides the truth from Akshara. He goes to see Abhir and cries hugging him. He tells Akshara that he has to go to pick up a client. Akshara finds the report in the car and learns Abhir’s condition. Akshara and Abhinav meet many specialists in Kasauli but fail to get help for Abhir. They learn that only Dr. Abhimanyu Birla can handle Abhir’s case, assuring a success rate. They get compelled to contact Abhimanyu to save their Abhir.


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