1 terrific twist in Kundali Bhagya lined up next week

1 terrific twist in Kundali Bhagya lined up next week

1 terrific twist in Kundali Bhagya is lined up next week The clash of the Luthra brothers will be seen with an intense fight sequence between Shaurya and Rajveer in the pub. Rajveer follows Shaurya to the pub, where the latter is seen enjoying himself with his friends. Shaurya takes the drinks and dances wild, enjoying the most. He doesn’t even think one of the people who met with an accident and could have lost their lives because of him. Rajveer wants Shaurya to realize his mistake. He doesn’t know that Shaurya is the guy he had seen on the way, the one he chased but couldn’t catch.

Rajveer drops Preeta home and rushes back to the pub to catch the jeep owner who is responsible for the bus accident. Rajveer is hugely shocked to see Shaurya. He identifies Shaurya as Karan Luthra’s son. His anger breaks all the boundaries when he recalls the injustice done to Preeta. Rajveer vents his anger and frustration on Shaurya. He gets hell-bent to get Shaurya punished. Rajveer calls the police at the pub and files a complaint against Shaurya. He asks the inspector to arrest Shaurya. Shaurya in a drunken state fights back. He takes a glass bottle and breaks it over Rajveer’s head.


Rajveer doesn’t get quiet. He does the same thing to hurt Shaurya. Inspector tries to stop Rajveer. Rajveer too breaks a bottle by hitting it on Shaurya’s head. Their fight gets intense when the brothers start bashing each other. Inspector stops their fight, and arrests Shaurya. Rajveer tells that Shaurya needs punishment for he deserves it. Shaurya gets revengeful against Rajveer. The big clash of the Luthras brothers would be coming up in the next episode. Keep reading for more news, spoilers, and the quickest written updates on your favorite show Kundali Bhagya only on Tellyreviews.


Yashoda prays that Meet finds someone suitable for her, who loves her and takes good care of her. Meet takes her blessings. Manmeet doesn’t want Meet to go anywhere. He doesn’t know what will he answer Meet. He gets disheartened. He is much affected by Rajvardhan’s death. Meet leaves the house after meeting the family for the final time. Meet gets the news of the loss of her dear ones. Meet waits for Manmeet’s arrival. She sits there till the morning. Manmeet comes home and finds Meet sitting outside the house. She asks him why didn’t he tell her the truth. He tells that he was helpless to hide the truth because of Rajvardhan’s words. Meet threatens him and drinks poison to end her life.

Manmeet screams and comes out of his imagination. Shagun meets him and hugs him, giving the good news that Meet has left the house. Manmeet is shocked to know that Meet left. He runs to find Meet. Manmeet finds Meet going in a taxi and stops her. She tells that she couldn’t wait for him for long. He finds her suffering from a fever. She tells that she will get okay. Manmeet asks her not to go anywhere. He asks her to get well first and then go home. Meet faints in his arms.

Shagun gets excited about her wedding. She is happy that Meet left. Sarkar asks Yashoda why is she crying for Meet. He feels Manmeet and Yashoda can cheat him anytime because they both have joined hands with Meet. Shagun expects Manmeet to get the pandit home for their marriage. She dances happily. She goes to welcome Manmeet with the garlands. Manmeet brings Meet home. Shagun’s dream breaks when she sees Manmeet bringing Meet inside the house. She questions Manmeet. He tells that Meet fainted on the way and he couldn’t leave her alone. Yashoda gets a good sign when the garlands fall on Meet and Manmeet’s necks.


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