Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Update Bela accuses Ranav

    Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Update Bela accuses Ranav

    Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Update Bela accuses Ranav Ranav and Bela meet at the party. Bela saves a little boy from getting electrocuted. Pratham’s soul is in Ranav’s body. He protects the boy and also Bela who falls towards the live wire. Bela realizes that Ranav is a nice man. Mallika gets smitten by Ranav’s charm. Bela takes care of Mallika. The mayor announces the diamond exhibition. Ranav, Bela, and Yamini gather at the exhibition event. Yamini eyes the diamond which is showcased in the exhibition. Ranav flirts with Mallika. Bela asks Mallika to stay away from Ranav. She doesn’t think Ranav can be trusted. Mallika gets happy when Ranav charms her. Bela doesn’t want Mallika to come to his words. Ranav asks Bela what is her problem, and why she always comes between Mallika and him.

    Yamini wants to steal the diamond. Adi and Ranav get into an argument. Ranav punches him and hurts him. He apologizes that he has got strong after bearing so many tortures. The power outage occurs. The diamond gets stolen. Later, Bela misunderstands Ranav and blames him for the disappearance of her friend. She tells that she knows his truth. She calls him a liar and a fraud. He tells her that she is misunderstanding him. She replies that she knows his truth and she will not believe him.


    She adds that her misunderstanding got cleared. She refuses to listen to him. Ranav angrily comes to his real form of a devil. What will happen when Ranav’s true face comes in front of Bela? Ranav and Bela’s love story will begin. Rajpari is born on earth as Bela, while Ranav has Pratham’s revived soul. How will Rajpari and Pratham realize each other? Where did Ashwat disappear? Will Pratham find out Yamini’s truth? Keep reading for more news.


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