Pandya Store Upcoming Dhara exposes Shivank

Pandya Store Upcoming Dhara exposes Shivank

Pandya Store Upcoming Dhara exposes Shivank Shivank tells Dhara that his name is also mentioned in the store papers, and if she doesn’t give his share, then he will file a court case and get the store shut. Dhara gets tricked by him. He tells that he will file a police complaint against Pandyas. He demands 21 lakhs and Dhara gets compelled to give him. Gautam learns that Dhara has withdrawn a big amount from the account. He confronts Dhara about the money and asks her when did she withdraw it and why. He further asks her why didn’t she tell him about the withdrawal. Suman asks Dhara to answer them.

She tells that they badly need the money right now. Dhara cries and tells him about Shivank, who is a devil in disguise. She tells that Shivansh had blackmailed her and forced her to give her the money. Gautam and Dev are shocked to know Shivank’s fraud. Suman asks Dhara why did she not tell her about it. Dhara regrets her mistake of hiding the matter. Suman tells that Shivank is just like Prafulla. Gautam tells that they need money for Chutki’s operation. Dhara cries over her mistake.


Gautam tells Dev that they will confront Shivank. On the other hand, Rishita takes care of Chutki and showers love to her. She wants Chutki to accept her as her mother. Natasha tells that she will not call Rishita her mother. Rishita is worried. She wants to find some way to get Chutki’s love. Dev, Shiva, and Gautam try to find Shivank. They learn that Shivank had blackmailed Dhara and taken the money from her. They want money for Chutki’s operation. Shiva and Dev find Shivank and run after him. Shivank tries to escape from their clutches. Keep reading for more news and updates.


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