Bhagya Lakshmi 5th April 2023 Written Update Malishka confesses

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th April 2023 Written Update Malishka confesses

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th April 2023 Written Update Malishka confesses her conspiracy. Lakshmi challenges Malishka to a dance competition. Both of them are drunk. They give a rocking performance. The family witnesses their dance competition. Malishka tells that she wants to prove that she is the best. She doesn’t want the family to compare her with Lakshmi all the time. Malishka falls into the water tub. She loses her balance and also the competition. Sonal rushes to help Malishka. Shalu gets upset that Ayush isn’t with her to accomplish their secret plan against Malishka. Bani encourages Shalu that they both are enough to carry ahead the plan.

They go to Malishka and try to trap her in their words. Malishka isn’t in her senses to understand their plan. Sonal finds Malishka making a fool of herself. She fears that Malishka will expose her affair. She decides to leave Malishka alone. She secures herself. Malishka gets targeted by Lakshmi and her sisters. Malishka tells Shalu that Lakshmi and she aren’t enemies. Shalu provokes Malishka to make her admit the truth. She tells that everyone is aware of it, Malishka regards Lakshmi as a big enemy of her and she can do anything for Rishi. Lakshmi tells that Malishka can trap Rishi as well.


Bani and Shalu ask Malishka to tell them the truth about that day. Malishka tells that she can do anything for Rishi. She accepts that nothing happened that day. Neelam and Rishi look at Malishka. Rishi asks Malishka what is she saying. Sonal worries that Malishka has told the entire secret and ruined her life. Dadi finds Neelam angry with Lakshmi. She tells that Neelam won’t be punishing Lakshmi. Neelam asks what will happen if she doesn’t agree. Dadi hopes that Neelam agrees and commands her. Keep reading for a quick update on Bhagya Lakshmi 5th April 2023.

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th April 2023 Written Update Malishka confesses:

Malishka and Lakshmi dance to a song and compete. Rano comes there and finds them dancing happily like two best friends. She thinks are they drunk to dance together as besties. She calls it free circus entertainment. Kiran tells Sonal that she is scared like something bad is going to happen. She fears that Malishka can anger Neelam. She asks Sonal to do something and stop Malishka from making any big mistakes. Sonal goes to stop Malishka. She drops Malishka into the pool of water to get her back to her senses. Malishka doesn’t come to sense. Sonia tells Karishma that Lakshmi is getting embarrassment for them. Shalu tells that Malishka will be out of her intoxication now and their plan will flop.

Malishka is still intoxicated. She pulls Sonal into the pool and plays with her. She asks Lakshmi to join them. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t her enemy. Shalu scolds her and tells her that Malishka always regards Lakshmi as her enemy because she can do anything for Rishi. Malishka tells that she can do anything for him. Bani asks her if she can do right and wrong for him. Shalu tells that Malishka can give her life, conspire and trap someone too. Lakshmi tells that she can trap Rishi too. She feels nothing happened that day because Rishi is very decent and he can’t cross his limits. Rishi asks what is she saying. Lakshmi tells that Malishka had framed Rishi. Shalu asks Malishka to tell them what can she do for Rishi.

Malishka tells that she can give her life for Rishi, she wanted to save Rishi’s life from fire but she couldn’t, but Lakshmi saved him. She apologizes to Neelam and Rishi. She tells that she can give her life for his sake. Shalu tells that Malishka has shown the wrong truth to Rishi and Lakshmi that day and made them believe her. Malishka asks what are they talking about. She tells that they are saying the truth, nothing happened that day and that’s right. Sonal worries that Malishka told the truth and destroyed herself. She thinks Neelam will slap Malishka and Rishi will not see her face again.

Malishka tells that nothing happened to Rishi that day because Lakshmi saved him from the fire. She thanks Lakshmi for saving Rishi’s life and also her life. She hugs Lakshmi. She changes her words and doesn’t tell the truth about that night. Sonal is relieved. Shalu and Bani get worried that Malishka didn’t accept the truth. Malishka thinks she had come out of an intoxicated state when she stepped out of the pool, she knew Shalu and Bani’s motives and played a game with them. She teaches them a lesson through her superb drama. Neelam cares for Malishka. She asks Rishi to take Malishka inside. She tells that Malishka loves Rishi a lot and she is still guilty that she couldn’t save him. She scolds Lakshmi for embarrassing them with her drunken drama. Malishka is glad to hear this.

Lakshmi tells that she will become a helicopter and take Malishka. Rishi tells that it’s not Lakshmi’s mistake, she is high because of someone’s mischief. He asks Neelam not to scold Lakshmi. He takes Malishka with him. Shalu and Bani try to calm down Lakshmi. Kiran scolds them for trying to frame Malishka and provoking her. She asks why would Malishka ruin her respect. Shalu tells that Malishka can lie to them, and maybe Kiran is also involved in the lie.

She shows her faith in Rishi. She tells that she wanted to know the truth. Neelam asks Shalu if she had spiked the thandai. Shalu tells that she had tried but she failed. Neelam rebukes them. Virender tells that it’s not their mistake, and they wanted to secure their sister. Neelam asks him to ask Lakshmi the truth. An argument is raised because of Shalu and Bani. Neelam warns them and asks them to shut up. Rano steps in to defend her nieces. She tells that Shalu and Bani can do anything to save their sister’s life.

Rano asks Shalu and Bani to come with her. Shalu worries for Lakshmi. Neelam takes Lakshmi with her. Dadi asks Shalu and Bani not to worry, she will handle everything. She asks them to go with Rano. Ayush is still fallen somewhere. Rishi apologizes to Malishka. He tells that he didn’t know she is still feeling guilty for failing to save his life. Malishka gets happy that her Holi has become special. He takes care of her. Neelam asks Lakshmi to sit in the room and not come out. Lakshmi tells that her mother used to do the same thing. Neelam tells that she isn’t her mother and can never become one.

Lakshmi falls asleep. Neelam tells Rishi that she has dropped Lakshmi in her room. She asks him not to meet Lakshmi until she comes to her senses. He agrees. Karishma, Kiran, and Sonal get angry with Lakshmi and her sisters for trapping Malishka in their evil plan. Dadi tells that Lakshmi was intoxicated, she told the truth and didn’t insult anyone. She doesn’t think Karishma can understand Lakshmi. Neelam asks what is she saying, is Lakshmi good even when she insulted her? Dadi tells that Lakshmi is good, irrespective of the situation. She commands Neelam to not punish Lakshmi.

Rishi feels a yearning for Lakshmi. He wants to see once if she is okay. He sees the Holi colors on his face and recalls his moments with Lakshmi. He tells that he isn’t able to think of anyone else than Lakshmi. Lakshmi is in his heart. He tells that love has the deepest color, and it never fades away. He recalls her words that she doesn’t love him. He doesn’t want to deny the truth that he loves Lakshmi a lot. He keeps his hand on his heart and says I love Lakshmi. He feels love and smiles happily.

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  1. These headings!!!. So misleading. Malishka does not confess! She is saved again, as always, thanks to the grace of the creative team or content writer. She is the heroine, not sinned-against Lakshmi. Wonder how long this crap is going to go on.


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