Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2023 Written Update Malishka’s answer

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2023 Written Update Malishka's answer

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2023 Written Update Malishka’s answer Neelam calls the matchmaker and asks her about the proposal. Alka tells that the family is interested in meeting Lakshmi and they want to visit the Oberois tomorrow. Neelam asks her to get them home, and she will make arrangements for their meeting. She just wishes that the family likes Lakshmi and fixes the marriage soon. She tells that she wants to get rid of unlucky Lakshmi as soon as possible, and this marriage is the only solution. She tells that the alliance should get fixed tomorrow and then she will schedule the marriage date. Rishi confronts Malishka in anger. He asks her to tell the truth about that night.

He says that he wants to know the truth because he is sure that nothing happened between them as she narrated it to him. He asks her to just speak the truth. He asks Malishka to swear on him and say, if they really got intimate or if was it all a lie. Malishka says that whatever Lakshmi told him is true. Rishi is in shock. On the other hand, Lakshmi learns from Ahana whatever she has done in an intoxicated state. She feels ashamed of her actions. She tells that she can’t face Neelam. Lakshmi cries and gets upset. Ayush asks her not to feel guilty because it wasn’t her mistake. What story will Malishka weave to fool Rishi? Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2023.


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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2023 Written Update Malishka’s answer:

Ayush wakes up and struggles with a hangover. He recalls his craziness. He tells that Rishi didn’t say anything, he is really a hopeless man and it was no use feeding him the Bhaang. Rishi checks on Lakshmi. He says that she is still sleeping, and maybe it’s the effect of Bhaang. He doesn’t want to disturb her. He hears Lakshmi murmuring in sleep. Lakshmi asks Rishi to marry Malishka, who loves him a lot. Rishi remembers Lakshmi and Shalu’s words against Malishka. He wonders if nothing happened between Malishka and him that day. He wants to know the truth if Malishka is lying. Neelam speaks to the matchmaker.

She tells that the Holi event went well. She asks about the proposal. The matchmaker tells that the family wants to meet Lakshmi tomorrow and talk about the alliance. Neelam welcomes them. She tells that she will make arrangements. She wishes to get rid of Lakshmi soon. Malishka meets Neelam and apologizes to her. She tells that she doesn’t know who spiked her thandai. She is sure that she might have told something wrong and created a scene. Neelam asks her not to worry. She tells that Malishka didn’t say anything, but Lakshmi told the wrong things. She wishes Lakshmi leaves their house soon.

She tells that the groom’s family is coming to see Lakshmi. Malishka tells that Sonal told her about Lakshmi’s drama. She wishes to slap Lakshmi. Neelam tells that she also wanted to slap Lakshmi, but couldn’t do anything in front of the guests. She wants Lakshmi to leave and take the negativity along. Malishka asks her not to worry. Rishi thinks if Malishka had planned everything. He wonders if Lakshmi also got confused. He knows that Lakshmi broke their marriage because of Malishka and his intimacy, she didn’t wish any injustice to happen with Malishka, but if Malishka did a drama and lied to them, then injustice will happen with Lakshmi.

He doesn’t want any injustice to happen to Lakshmi. He rushes from the room to meet Malishka. Lakshmi wakes up and tries to recall whatever she did in an intoxicated state. Shalu tells Bani that Malishka lied to them. She is much angry. Bani asks her to control herself. Shalu tells that she is angry with Neelam also. She recalls Ayush who got drunk and didn’t help them to work out their plan. He is upset that their good plan got ruined because of Ayush’s carelessness. Bani pacifies her. She asks Shalu to forget the matter. Rishi asks Sonal about Malishka. Sonal tells that Malishka is around. Malishka comes there and asks Rishi what’s the matter. Sonal asks them to talk.

Rishi asks Malishka if she had planned and lied to him about their intimacy. She asks him who has fed this question into his mind. He tells that it doesn’t matter, and he wants to know the truth. She asks who has asked this question. He says that he wants to know it, nothing happened between them and she had lied to him. She tells that Lakshmi is an eyewitness of that incident, and he should believe Lakshmi as he always does. She asks him if he is doubting her because of Lakshmi. She tells that he should be ashamed. She asks him to think of anything, he can think that she is lying and planned a conspiracy.

She doesn’t want to answer him. He asks her to swear on him and answer, if their intimacy was true or if it was just a fake put-up. She rebukes him for questioning her. He tells that he doesn’t want to do injustice to Lakshmi or her. She asks what injustice is happening with Lakshmi in this case. He asks her to tell him the truth. She tells that they both love each other and he shouldn’t doubt her. He asks her to answer him if she loves him. She tells that the answer is yes, and Lakshmi is saying the truth. He is taken aback.

Ayush meets Lakshmi and asks her how was the Holi event. She tells that she is okay but wants to know if she was intoxicated. Ayush tells that she is asking the wrong person because he doesn’t remember anything. Ahana meets them and finds them okay. She tells Lakshmi that it’s normal to sleep for long hours. Lakshmi asks her if she has done anything wrong in an intoxicated state. Ayush asks Ahana to tell them whatever happened. Ahana doesn’t want to tell them anything. Lakshmi asks her to just tell her the truth. Ahana tells them about the drama they both did at the Holi party.

Lakshmi and Ayush get worried. She cries over her big mistake. Ayush asks her not to take stressed, and it’s not such a big mistake. Lakshmi tells that she has insulted Neelam and Karishma. Ahana and Ayush try to cheer up Lakshmi. Ahana teases him about Shalu. Ayush doesn’t admit that he likes Shalu. Lakshmi cries a lot thinking she has hurt Neelam and Karishma so much and disappointed the entire family. She wants to make an apology to the family. Rishi asks did Lakshmi tell the truth today. Malishka says that whatever Lakshmi told them before about that day’s incident is true.

She asks him how can he doubt her and question their intimacy’s truth. She tells that Lakshmi doesn’t want them to get married, she is really clever and he shouldn’t believe her. She tells him that Lakshmi had seen them close and told the family about it. She cries to convince him. She asks him what he wants to think. She tells that he can become selfish and leave her, but she has enough memories to live her life. She threatens of dying. Rishi consoles her and asks her not to talk about dying. Malishka tells that she can’t stoop to this level and lie about their intimacy.

He makes an apology for hurting her. He falls into her words. Shalu and Bani are tense about Lakshmi. Sonal feels worried that Rishi got doubts about Malishka. She wishes Malishka handles the matter. Malishka meets her and tells her that everything is under control. Karishma is angry that Lakshmi insulted them at the party. Virender asks her to forget it. Lakshmi meets the family. Neelam wishes Lakshmi to leave the house. Virender and Dadi try to pacify Lakshmi. They defend Lakshmi. Sonia gets angry with Lakshmi and splashes water at her. Rishi comes in time and saves Lakshmi by pulling her into his arms. They share an eye lock. Malishka and Neelam grow angry.


  1. Malishka has, not GOD, but a Satanic guardian spirit hovering over to support her. And also the infinite blessings of the creater and content team as her saviour, every single time. It doesn’t happen in real life, where GOD rules. Haven’t seen so much of unadulterated evil in a so-called social drama, not a Crime Patrol/C.I.D. series. As if it was not enough another vicious character, Sonal, has been brought in. It shows the type. Why not a virtuous character???


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