YRKKH 6th April 2023 Written Update Curious Abhi

YRKKH 6th April 2023 Written Update Curious Abhi

YRKKH 6th April 2023 Written Update Curious Abhi. Abhir appeals to Abhimanyu to save him for his parent’s sake. Abhimanyu says that they are one team and they shall pray to Mahadev. He is shaken up by Abhir’s illness. He didn’t imagine that he will operate on Abhir. He doesn’t understand his connection with Abhir. He prays that nothing happens to Abhir. He doesn’t want his hands to shake during the surgery. He calms his mind. Manjiri prays for Abhir’s safety. She tells Ruhi that Abhimanyu has gone to treat Abhir. Ruhi tells that Abhimanyu will make Abhir fine. The family prays for Abhir.

Abhimanyu says that they can’t perform the surgery because Abhir is young and needs time for the second surgery. He assures that he will not let anything happen to Abhir. Abhinav is sure that he will give another life to Abhir. He thanks Abhimanyu and hugs him. Abhimanyu schedules the surgery after two days and tells that he will monitor Abhir in the hospital. Muskaan asks Kairav not to get angry and be with his family. Kairav asks her not to lecture him all the time. He tells her that she isn’t her friend. Surekha is glad to watch their argument. Akshara apologizes to Abhimanyu for her rudeness.


Abhimanyu says that their past will not come between Abhir’s treatment. He adds that Abhir will get completely fine. He asks her to thank him when he treats Abhir and sends him home. Aarohi takes care of Manish. Surekha asks her to be careful because relationships break and form in tough times. She warns her of Akshara’s return. Aarohi tells that Akshara has come back for her son’s sake. She has trust in Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri about Abhir’s condition. He asks her not to worry, Abhir will be okay. He tells that he knows his limits and also his commitment to Aarohi. He doesn’t want her to worry.

Abhinav and Akshara feel sorry for Abhir. They wish to fulfill his every wish and give him a good life. Abhinav asks her to go home and take a rest. She sleeps in the corridor. Abhimanyu finds Akshara sleeping and cares for her. He thinks he can’t cross the line. He asks a nurse to cover Akshara with a blanket because she might be feeling cold. Abhimanyu checks on Abhir. Abhir finds Abhinav sleeping. He conveys his message to Abhimanyu in a low tone, so that Abhinav doesn’t get disturbed. Akshara watches them from outside. Abhimanyu informs her that Abhir is okay. Manish meets Abhimanyu and enquires about Abhir.

He asks him to tell him about Abhir’s situation before telling Akshara and Abhinav, who are much worried for Abhir. He also wants to pay the medical expenses on Abhinav’s behalf, without hurting the latter’s esteem. Abhimanyu agrees to share the bills with Manish. Muskaan asks Abhimanyu to save Abhir because Abhir is everything to Abhinav. She tells him that Abhinav has sold everything he had for Abhir’s treatment. He is amazed to know this. She adds that she will pay for Abhir’s surgery from her salary. She promises him. She asks him not to inform Abhinav. He tells that Manish will handle the expenses, and even he is there for Abhir. She thanks him and praises his kindness. Abhimanyu gets a hint about Abhir’s birth. He gets curious to find out the truth of Abhir’s identity. Will he learn that Abhir is his son? Keep reading.


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