Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update Karan wants Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update Karan wants Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update Karan wants Preeta Nidhi brainwashes Shaurya against Karan and tells him that Karan and Luthras don’t love him. She doesn’t think Karan or Rishabh will come to help Shaurya. Shaurya tells that he hates Karan so much. On the other hand, Preeta meets Shaurya and tries to put some sense in him. She asks him to bring his life on the right track for his parents’ sake who would be proud of his good deeds. She blesses Shaurya to always stay safe and happy. She doesn’t want him to get into any trouble. Shaurya gets at peace when he talks to Preeta, who appears really calm and kind to him. Karan and Nidhi return home without Shaurya, which makes the family worry.

Rishabh and Rakhi ask about Shaurya. Karan doesn’t answer them and heads to his room. Rishabh asks where is Shaurya. He asks Karan to answer them because they are very worried for Shaurya. They ask Nidhi where is Shaurya. Nidhi tells them that Karan doesn’t want to bring Shaurya out of jail. She adds that Karan didn’t help Shaurya and refused to arrange any bail. The family is shocked. Shaurya tells his friends that he will not spare Rajveer, once he goes out of jail, he will destroy Rajveer. He hates Rajveer. Rishabh goes to speak to Karan and know the reason for punishing Shaurya. Karan tells him about Shaurya intentionally hitting the bus and causing the accident which could have killed all the people who boarded it.


He wants Shaurya to value people’s lives. Karan doesn’t want to forgive him this time. He pours his heart out in front of Rishabh. He shares his thoughts and admits that he missed Preeta a lot today. He tells Rishabh that Shaurya is getting too spoilt, he isn’t on the right path and Nidhi isn’t able to handle him, it was Preeta’s responsibility to handle Shaurya and guide him to walk on the right path, but Preeta isn’t with him. He tells that just Preeta could have kept this responsibility, but she didn’t keep it. He regrets that Preeta has left them. Karan badly misses Preeta and curses the day when she left them forever. Keep reading for a quick update on Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Disha rebukes Mohini for attempting to kill Amma. Aparajita stops her. Disha asks Aparajita why is she trying to save a murderer and protect Mohini. She tells that she will not tolerate this. Aparajita stops her. She tells that she will get justice for Amma. Akshay can’t believe Mohini’s crime of poisoning his mother. Mohini apologizes to Akshay and begs him to forgive her. She tells that she has done everything for his sake because she loves him. He doesn’t forgive her and slaps her. He tells that he is ashamed of spending his life with her and not identifying her true face.

He protects Amma. Aparajita lectures Mohini and tries to make her understand her mistake. She wants to punish Mohini for snatching her husband and her children’s father. She doesn’t want to forgive Mohini for this evil crime. Aparajita makes Mohini admit all her crimes. Mohini confesses her crimes. Kalpana is shocked to see Mohini’s heinous face. Mohini poisons her daughter’s mind against Akshay and Aparajita. She prepares a new weapon to break down Aparajita’s family.

Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update Karan wants Preeta:

Mahesh and Kareena stop Rishabh. Rakhi tells that she will go with Rishabh. He tells that he will go and find out the matter first. Karan and Nidhi return home. Rakhi asks him where is Shaurya. Karan asks Mahesh about the meeting. Mahesh asks him about Shaurya. They want to know why didn’t he get Shaurya. Karan tells that Shaurya is still in police custody and they can’t bring him home. Rishabh asks the reason. Nidhi tells that Karan doesn’t want Shaurya to come out of jail. Karan asks her not to blame him in front of everyone. He asks her to tell the truth to them if she has the courage. He tells them about Shaurya intentionally hitting a bus and risking many lives. He adds that two people are still admitted to the hospital, and he can’t save Shaurya after knowing his big mistake.

The family asks him not to be stone-hearted and to save Shaurya. They defend Shaurya’s actions. They want Karan to have feelings for his son. Karan tells that Shaurya knows about the big accident, but he has no regret, he needs a lesson and he has to stay in jail so that he can come on the right path. Rakhi asks him not to leave Shaurya in jail. She says that they will explain to Shaurya about good living. Karan refuses to help Shaurya. Rakhi asks him to save Shaurya and bring him home. Rishabh goes to speak to Karan.

Rajveer, Preeta, and Palki find the door locked. Preeta tells that she forgot to get the spare key. Palki asks them to come to her house. Preeta doesn’t want to trouble her family. Gurpreet Bua ji opens the door and asks about the matter. Preeta tells her that she had gone to find Rajveer, he was at the police station and she went to him by taking Palki’s help. Bua ji asks why did Rajveer go to the police station. Palki tells about a spoilt rich brat risking many lives by causing the accident. Rajveer tells that he saw that guy’s jeep at the club and he got the guy arrested by the police.

He adds that he couldn’t control his anger because the guy had hurt Preeta. He apologizes. Bua ji tells that she is proud of him that he got justice for Preeta and all the injured people. She wants to meet Shrishti, who has given birth to Rajveer. Preeta tells that Shrishti is very cool and crazy, and Rajveer has gone more on her than Shrishti. Bua Ji asks them to come inside. Palki tells that she will go home. Rajveer tells that he will drop her off. They meet Gurpreet’s son Mohit. Mohit charms everyone by his sweet talks. Gurpreet introduces her son to Preeta and Rajveer. Palki tells that Mohit isn’t so good-valued as he is showing off. Shaurya tells that he will not spare Rajveer.

Sanju tells that Preeta acted sweet but didn’t help them. Shaurya tells that he doesn’t want to talk about her. He stops Sanju from saying anything bad about her. Sanju asks the reason. Shaurya swears to spoil Rajveer’s life once he comes out of jail. He wants to torture Rajveer. He tells that he dislikes many people but he hates Rajveer. Rajveer drops Palki home. She thanks him. They have a sweet moment. Rishabh tells Karan that he wants to talk to him. Karan tells that he doesn’t want to talk about Shaurya because time is precious and he doesn’t want to waste it.

Rishabh tells that family and their emotions are more important than time. Karan asks if doesn’t he understand his family. Rishabh tells that Karan doesn’t understand them, he has become a robot and is just earning money, they can’t use the money if the family isn’t standing with them. He adds that Shaurya misses Karan a lot and yearns for his time, but Karan never spent time with him. He tells that he has seen Shaurya missing his dad, he was a loving boy and now he has got spoilt. He tells that Karan should reform Shaurya, and it’s his responsibility as a father.

Karan gets angry and tells that it was Preeta’s responsibility to handle Shaurya. He regrets that Preeta isn’t there. He asks why is he taking Preeta’s side. Rishabh tells that he is talking about Shaurya. He asks Karan to share his feelings if anything is hurting him. Karan tells that he doesn’t know it. Rishabh asks what is he thinking. Karan tells that he doesn’t know anything, he just knows that Shaurya is getting spoilt, it was Preeta’s responsibility to handle him but she didn’t keep it. He weeps and misses Preeta. Rishabh consoles him. He tells that he is going to free Shaurya from jail. He asks Karan if he is coming along.

Karan tells that he won’t come, the meeting time is over and even the lawyer can’t help him now. Rishabh asks Karan if he wants to help Shaurya. Karan asks him to understand how wrong Shaurya has become. Rishabh tells that when children are wrong, the family must stand by them. Karan asks why did Preeta leave them and go when the family got wrong. He asks Rishabh to answer. He tells that Rakhi and Kareena scolded Preeta, who left them and never came back. He doesn’t think he is wrong at his place. Rishabh knows Karan misses Preeta a lot, he gets angry when he sees Shaurya’s mistake and he fails to express his emotions.

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