Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update Rishabh’s move

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update Rishabh's move

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update Rishabh’s move. Karan refuses to accompany Rishabh to the police station. He says that he can’t help Shaurya at this hour when it’s nearly impossible to get bail. Rishabh argues with him for Shaurya’s sake. He tells that Karan can make anything possible if he wants, and the thing is Karan doesn’t want to help Shaurya in this case. Karan tells that they must understand Shaurya has gone out of control because of his mother’s absence. Rishabh asks Karan to remember that he is Shaurya’s father and it’s his duty to show the right path to Shaurya. Karan doesn’t want to fulfill any duty and punishes himself that Preeta left him when he needed her the most.

Karan recalls the trauma he faced after he lost his face for the second time, and he wanted Preeta by his side. Preeta wasn’t with him and he isn’t able to get over this fact. Rishabh understands that Karan is hurting himself and also raging over Shaurya’s mistakes just because he is missing Preeta. He wishes he could lessen his brother’s sorrow in some way. He wants to see a good bond between Karan and Shaurya. Rishabh heads to the police station to help out Shaurya. Preeta feels restless like someone is really hurt. She doesn’t know for who is her heart worrying so much. She actually thinks of Shaurya. She tries to relax her mind. Preeta prays that nothing goes wrong with anyone. She tries to sleep. Rishabh reaches the police station and meets the Inspector.


The Inspector tells Rishabh that Rajveer and his Maasi have filed a case against Shaurya, and he can’t leave Shaurya until they withdraw the case. Rishabh gets worried and wants to speak to Shaurya once. He seeks permission and goes to see Shaurya. Later, Shaurya meets Rishabh and tells him how Rajveer has framed him in the bus accident case. He calls it the bus driver’s mistake. He further tells that Rajveer will never take the complaint back, Rajveer is rigid and seems to hate him. Sanju tells that Rajveer hates rich guys and told them that he will make Shaurya and his entire family pay for this, just because he wants revenge on rich people. Rishabh gets to know more about Rajveer. He wants to meet Rajveer once and find out some way to withdraw the case. Will Rishabh meet Rajveer and come across Preeta? Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update Rishabh’s move:

Preeta stays restless about Shaurya. She wonders what’s happening to her and why is she feeling tense when everything is okay. She doesn’t feel normal. She doesn’t get sleep. She feels something wrong is happening. She tells that Shrishti and Rajveer are okay. She wishes nothing wrong happens with anyone. Palki goes home.

She sneaks into her room and tries to sleep before Mahi catches her. Mahi asks her where did she go and does she have an affair. She suspects that Palki has gone to help her boyfriend. Palki tells that she had gone to help their new neighbor. Mahi asks her to swear that she has no affair. Palki swears that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Mahi gets upset and tells that there is no use pushing Palki. Palki smiles and thinks of Rajveer. She starts liking him. Rajveer also thinks of Palki. He wonders what was that feeling. Palki doesn’t know why is she thinking about Rajveer so much. She tries to sleep. She gets blocked by his thoughts. Rajveer is also occupied with her thoughts.

He tries to sleep and asks himself to stop thinking of her. The next morning, Rishabh goes to the police station. He meets the inspector. He introduces himself. Inspector tells that he knows Rishabh well and he has read his interviews. Rishabh tells that he wants to bail Shaurya, who is his nephew. Inspector tells that he can permit him to meet Shaurya, but the bail isn’t possible until Rajveer and his Maasi withdraw the case. He tells that Shaurya was drunk and had hit a police officer. He is ready to forgive Rajveer. He tells that Shaurya can’t come out of jail until Rajveer dismisses the case. Rishabh goes to meet Shaurya. Rajveer finds Palki trying to kickstart her scooter.

Palki isn’t able to figure out the issue. Rajveer thinks to go and help her. He finds Palki’s dad repairing the scooter. He wonders where did Palki go. Palki dries the wet clothes and splashes the water on Rajveer. She apologizes that she didn’t see him. He asks if he can help her. She tells that she can handle her work on her own. He tells that he can fix the scooter. Khurana asks him to help him because it’s his scooter. Rajveer helps him. Khurana asks who is he. Palki tells that Rajveer is Gurpreet’s new tenant. Rajveer introduces himself to Khurana. He fixes the scooter issue. Rajveer and Palki have a moment. She wonders why is she looking at Rajveer again and again. She tries to control her heart. Even Rajveer tends to look at her again and again while repairing the scooter.

On the other hand, Shaurya hits his head on the wall. Sanju asks him not to hurt himself. Shaurya is frustrated. He tells that he got so troubled by the mosquitoes. He adds that he wants to file a complaint against the policemen. He tells that he isn’t a prisoner. He sees Rishabh and asks him did he come to bail him out. Rishabh asks him if is he okay. Shaurya tells that he can’t stay in the lockup. Rishabh asks him to give him some time, he is trying to figure out some way and make Rajveer withdraw the complaint. Shaurya tells that Rajveer will never take back the complaint.

Sanju tells that Rajveer said he will take revenge on rich guys. He lies that Rajveer demanded money. Shaurya tells that he can’t stay in the lockup for another night. Rishabh asks him to give him some time. Shaurya asks Sanju why he lied to Rishabh. He doesn’t want to lie to the family. He tells that they have accepted him as he is, and his mom is amazing for always supporting him. Preeta makes the laddoos. Gurpreet praises her skills. Preeta tells that she always makes laddoos for Rajveer. Gurpreet thanks her for her help. Preeta tells that she loves to make sweets, Rajveer always loves to eat laddoos and he forgets his anger. She tells that she has learned these skills from her mother.

She remembers Rakhi in her memory flash. She gets restless. She then remembers Sarla and cries. Rakhi makes the laddoos for Shaurya. She expects him to come home. Nidhi thinks Rakhi controls all the men of the house by making sweets. Rakhi asks if Rishabh has come home. Nidhi tells that he is still at the police station. Rakhi tells that she has made the laddoos for Shaurya. Karan reaches there and finds his favorite laddoos. He tells that he has just come to have water. Rakhi tells that she won’t give the laddoos to anyone. Rishabh calls up Karan. Rakhi asks Karan to put the call on speaker.

Rishabh tells them that he needs time, he couldn’t free Shaurya till now and he spoke to the Inspector. He adds that their lawyer isn’t able to help, because the case is complicated. He wants to find out who is Rajveer Arora and requests he withdraws the case. Rakhi asks him to meet Rajveer and request him. He asks Karan to go along. Karan tells that he will not support Shaurya. Rakhi tells that she is also adamant like him. She declares that she will not have food and water until Shaurya comes back home. Nidhi smiles watching the emotional drama.

Rishabh tells Karan that Shaurya did a mistake, but they have to fix it because they are a family. He adds that they will explain Shaurya after bringing him home. Karan agrees for Rakhi’s sake. Rishabh tells that they will go to Rajveer’s house. Karan tells that he will be there soon. He asks Rakhi not to torture herself. He asks Nidhi to take care of his mom.

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