Anupama Vanraj warns Anuj 9th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama Vanraj warns Anuj 9th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama Vanraj warns Anuj 9th April 2023 Written Update. Anupama gets a lovely surprise from her children. Everyone encourages her to smile and fill light into their lives. Anupama tells that she is already smiling. They tell her what all she has done for them. They thank her for doing so much. Anupama is thankful to them for encouraging her. They dance and cheer up Anupama. Dimpy reaches there and finds Anupama taking control of the dance academy again. She remembers Barkha’s words. Vanraj reaches the academy at the perfect moment. He finds Anupama happy with their children. He records their fun video. He clicks a selfie with them and appears very happy.

Anuj speaks to Anu on a video call. He asks her why didn’t tell him that she is going on a school trip. Maya asks Anu to tell Anuj about her list. Anu asks Anuj to get everything from her shopping list. Anuj tells that he will keep everything ready. Anuj thanks, Maya. He asks how did Anu get a phone. Maya tells that she might have borrowed her teacher’s phone, they shall buy a phone for Anu and it will get easy for her to contact them. She adds that they are her parents and they have to handle her. Anuj agrees with her. He checks Anu’s list. He tells that she has mentioned everything to him, and she didn’t add anything for herself. She tells that Anu cares for him a lot. He gets emotional when Anu asks for a gift for Anupama.


Maya asks him to go and buy the gifts. Anuj goes with Maya. Anupama isn’t surprised to see Vanraj. He tells that he has come to wish her just as a friend. Anupama tells that he wanted to become her friend but it didn’t happen, he becomes an enemy sometimes and also crosses his limits. She tells that it’s okay to stay as strangers when they can’t become friends. He asks her to give him a last chance. He shares the good news. He tells that he has got a job in a big company. He wants to make his behavior better for everyone.

He adds that he wants to reform him and he is glad to see things changing for the good. He tries to convince Anupama through his sugary talks. He tells that every relationship has a selfish motive involved, but only friendship is unconditional. She asks him to shut up. She tells that he always takes U-turns in his life, never keeps his word, and cheats on people. She can’t believe him. He keeps his calm and tells that he will not change his stand. He promises to never cross the limits of friendship. He asks her to punish him if he dares to do anything wrong. He asks her to become his friend.

Anupama agrees to give him a chance. She asks him not to try anything wrong. He thanks her. He asks his children to take care of Anupama and also the family. He tells that he is going out of the city for some work. He wants to meet Anuj and show him that Anupama is moving on in her life. Pakhi messages Adhik. He gets sad that he didn’t go to meet Anupama. Barkha asks him to stay engaged in work because they have to manage their business. Vanraj goes to board a flight. Dimpy can’t see everyone praising Anupama so much. Anupama loves Dimpy as her children. She thanks Samar and Dimpy for working hard and handling her dance academy in her absence. She is glad that they didn’t let her dreams fade away.

Samar asks her not to thank them because everything belongs to her. Vanraj informs Leela that he is going to Mumbai. He doesn’t care if Kavya goes out with Anirudh in his absence. Dimpy tries to hinder Anupama’s decisions about the academy. Samar tells that everything will happen as Anupama wants. Dimpy tells that they will handle everything. Anupama tells that she is back and she will handle it. The children are ready to help Anupama. Anupama misses Anuj. Dimpy argues with Anupama and suggests that they change the academy’s name. Vanraj meets Anuj at a shopping mall. He finds Anuj buying a saree for Anupama. He asks Anuj to leave Anupama completely if he had already left her. Anuj is shocked by his hint.


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