GHKPM 9th April 2023 Written Update Sai’s reply

GHKPM 9th April 2023 Written Update Sai's reply

GHKPM 9th April 2023 Written Update Sai’s reply. Virat makes an emotional confession to Sai. He tells her that he doesn’t want to miss this chance and confess his feelings. Pakhi overhears their conversation on the call and weeps. Virat says that he has seen a beautiful dream, he was running to some place and following his children, who were calling a woman their mother, and the woman in the girl was Sai. He confesses that he loves Sai. He tells that he loves his children and their mother. He gets emotional thinking it’s a now-or-never situation. He tells that he wants to spend his entire life with her, and wants to make her his life partner.

He wants to make her his wife once again. Pakhi is shell-shocked on hearing his proposal to Sai. She can’t believe Virat’s move. Virat tells Sai that he wants to marry her and live his life with her. He reminds Sai of their lovely moments. Sai is also emotional but confused about giving him a reply. Satya finds them together and clicks a picture of them, calling it a perfect picture. Virat tells Sai that it’s their first photo after the proposal. He holds her close. Sai asks him not to get big hopes because she didn’t say yes to him yet. She has many questions on her mind that she wants to ask Virat.


She asks him to answer her questions first. Virat tells that he has heard everything even if she didn’t say anything. He adds that he is very happy feeling everything is like before. Sai gets worried. Sai arrives home and finds the entire family worried for Pakhi. Savi asks Sai to talk to Pakhi because Vinayak calls her a guardian angel for the family. Keep reading for a full update coming shortly.

GHKPM 9th April 2023 Written Update Sai’s reply:

Virat and Sai get attacked by the terrorists. They run to a safe place. He apologizes to Sai. He tells that he made a mistake and had let her go away from him. Pakhi cries hearing Virat’s words to Sai. Virat tells that he didn’t imagine confessing love to Sai in such a tense situation. He adds that his life is incomplete without her, he feels restless when he is away from her, and when he gets close to Sai, he feels he has got his life back. He calls Sai his happiness and peace. He tells that he forgot his first duty toward the person he loves a lot. He admits his mistakes.

He says that he wants to rectify his mistakes by marrying Sai. He wants to live for his children and Sai. He promises that he will make a world with Sai and his children. He respects Sai. He wants to give a heaven-like home to their children. He asks her to agree once. Virat gets a call from duty. He tries to get a backup team. Sai asks Virat about Vinayak. He tells that they will explain Vinayak and Pakhi also. He asks Sai to just say yes. He understands it’s not easy for Sai to decide. He gives her time to think and answer. He requests her to think from her heart. He goes to do his duty. He asks Sai not to worry for him and take care of herself. Sai asks him to take care. Pakhi falls shattered and thinks of Virat.

She knew Virat loves Sai but didn’t think he will decide to marry her. Pakhi gets stressed. She faints. Virat wins the mission. The team celebrates their victory. Satya asks Sai to talk to Virat later and let him celebrate with his team. He praises Virat to be a superhero in real life. Sai tells that Virat isn’t her hero. Satya asks her to not get angry. Virat and Sai get a picture clicked. Satya laughs that Sai is looking at Virat in the picture also. Virat tells that their relationship is strong. He asks Satya to send the picture to him. Sai tells that she didn’t say yes because she has many questions to ask. Virat tells that he will answer her and solve the dilemma. He knows she was also willing to get him back. He tells that he understands her feelings. He goes to meet the press. Sai gets worried.

Satya takes Sai with him to drop her home. Sai sees Virat and her picture. She recalls Virat’s words. She thinks that Virat had told her his feelings, but didn’t think of her. Satya’s mum Amba calls Sai. Sai asks her if she wants to talk to Satya. Satya takes the phone from Sai’s hands. He hears Amba. Amba tells that she wants to talk to Sai, not Satya. Amba asks Sai if she wants to marry Satya. Satya replies that she is already married, she has a husband and two kids, and she can’t marry him. Amba asks Satya to let her talk to Sai. Satya asks her not to trouble his colleague. The doctor treats Pakhi.

The family tells that Pakhi had observed a fast for Virat and prayed for his safety. Sai reaches home. She finds the family worried for Pakhi. Savi tells that Pakhi had fainted and the doctor is treating her now. Sai asks the doctor about Pakhi. The doctor tells that Pakhi fell unconscious due to stress. He adds that she will get okay soon. Savi asks Sai to cure Pakhi. Amba and Ajji lie to Satya and take him for an alliance talk. They take Satya to meet a girl Prabha.

Satya asks Amba did she lie and got him to see a girl. Amba tells that he has to marry someone. Sai meets Pakhi, who asks her to stay back. She tells Pakhi that Virat is okay. Pakhi tells that Virat isn’t okay, but he is better now. She knows he is really happy. Pakhi confronts Sai. She tells that she knows everything. She asks Sai how is she feeling about taking her place. She rebukes Sai for breaking her family. Sai tells that she didn’t say yes to Virat till now. Pakhi reminds her that Sai didn’t say no either. She manipulates Sai to refuse Virat’s proposal.

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