Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Khushi abducted

Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Khushi abducted

Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Khushi abducted Prachi and Ranbir yearn for Khushi. They imagine a beautiful moment with Khushi and see their daughter Panchi in her. Khushi tells that they all will stay together. Ranbir is surprised and asks if the three of them will stay together. Khushi tells that they will stay like one happy family. She calls Ranbir her dad and Prachi her mumma. Prachi and Ranbir happily hug and kiss Khushi. On the other hand, Khushi gets kidnapped by Balbeer. Laali runs after Balbeer to stop him. She shouts that Khushi is her daughter and he has no right to her. Balbeer takes Khushi in an auto rickshaw and pushes Laali on the road. Laali loses Khushi. She doesn’t know who to inform at this time. Balbeer keeps Khushi captive. He meets her friend at a bar, who devises an evil plan to sell Khushi. Balbeer agrees to sell Khushi and get a lot of money.

Main Hoon Aparajita:


Akshay appeals to Aparajita to stay back and not leave him. Mohini asks Nia to promise her that she will keep an eye on Aparajita. She tells that Nia should not let Akshay become Aparajita’s husband. Aparajita decides to stay back for Akshay’s sake. He gets emotional. He tells Kalpana that he is alert now and he won’t get cheated on in his relationships. He consoles Kalpana who worries about his future. He tells that he didn’t know when and how did Mohini harm their mother. He doesn’t want to trust Mohini again. Kalpana gets scared of Mohini, who can go to any extent to ruin their happiness. She wants to protect her family’s happiness.

Later, Nia gets into an argument with Akshay and Aparajita. Nia tells Akshay that Aparajita and her daughters can stay in the house. He asks him to promise her that he will never give Mohini’s place to Aparajita. She tells that he should never make a relationship with Aparajita, she will just stay as her daughter’s mother. She wants Akshay to always love her first.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Khushi abducted:

Balbeer drags Khushi. She asks him to leave her because Laali is hurt. She bites his hand. Balbeer threatens her and tells her that he will bury her alive if she dares to hurt him. He adds that Laali deserves to get hurt. Laali asks him to stop. She asks the neighbors to stop Balbeer from taking her daughter. Khushi cries for Laali. Laali tries hard to stop Balbeer, but he gets rid of her with ease. He flees with Khushi in an auto-rickshaw. Laali tells that she will not spare him. He doesn’t get caught. She comes in front of his auto rickshaw and threatens him. She asks him to leave Khushi, or else she will call the cops and expose his evil crimes. Khushi tells that she will go and call the police.

Laali hurts Balbeer with a knife and tells him that she will kill him. He tells her that he will not leave her. He goes away. Laali asks Khushi is she okay. Khushi tells that she is okay. She cries for Laali. Laali tells that she is made up of stone and nothing can happen to her. She lectures the neighbors for not coming ahead to save Khushi. She takes Khushi home. Prachi wakes up and gets a wonderful surprise. She sees Khushi in her room. She asks how did she come. Khushi tells that God has sent her to Prachi. Prachi happily hugs her. She wakes up from this beautiful dream and smiles.

Prachi shares her dream with Dadi. She tells that Khushi has told her. She laughs. Dadi tells that Prachi thinks about Khushi all day, so she had dreamt about her. Prachi tells that she has to go and get Khushi. She wants to go to the bank and prepare a DD to give to Laali. Dadi prays for Prachi. She wishes that Prachi gets a family and also love. She tells that Prachi needs love, but she denies it. Ranbir also dreams of Khushi. He asks her how did she come. She tells that she wanted to meet him, so she has come with her mumma. She asks Ranbir and Prachi to become friends, and then they will stay together.

Ranbir gets delighted when he sees Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi hug Khushi and kiss her. Ranbir wakes up from his dream when Rhea comes to his room. He asks her to meet Khushi. She asks who is he talking about. He tells that he was dreaming. Rhea takes care of him. She asks him to remember that he is hurt. He tells that he is perfect now and he will go to the office. He adds that it’s important for him to go. She tells that she will keep his clothes ready.

He wonders why did he imagine Khushi and Prachi. Laali is surprised to find Prachi at the door. Prachi asks Laali about her injuries. Laali tells that Prachi would know why and who did that. Prachi gives her the DD. She asks about Khushi. She asks Laali where is Khushi. Laali tells that she didn’t tell Khushi till now. She is sure that Laali will happily go with Prachi. She tells that she will give Khushi’s belongings to her. She asks Prachi to wait until she makes Khushi and her stuff ready. She tells that she has Khushi’s gold chain and pendant as well. Prachi recalls Panchi’s chain.

Laali doesn’t want to be unfair to Khushi. She thinks to give the gold chain to Prachi so that Khushi’s parents find her someday. Khushi goes to buy puja items. She heads back home to get money. Ranbir finds Khushi in the middle of the road. He goes to meet her. He asks her to stay safe. He tells that he already told her to be careful. He scolds her. She laughs and tells that she doesn’t feel bad when Prachi and he scold her. He gets jealous that she loves Prachi more. She tells that she loves both of them, if she could, then she would have kept them in the same house and stayed with them.

She tells that he forgot her. He tells that he came at night to meet her and got ice cream, but he saw Prachi there and left. She asks why didn’t he join them. He doesn’t tell her about Prachi and his argument. He asks her about her phone. She tells that her phone broke. She doesn’t tell about Balbeer. She fears Ranbir will get arrested if she tells him about the last night’s incident. He gets his spare phone and tells that she can use it. He tells that he likes her a lot. She tells that she loves him. He hugs her with love. He gets emotional. He sends her money. She rushes home.

She speaks to a neighbor and tells that she wants to pray for Laali. She knows Balbeer isn’t right for Laali. The lady offers her money to buy the puja items and pray. Some goons come there. Balbeer tells the goons about Laali attacking him. He tells that Laali is selling Khushi for 10 lakhs and she is refusing to give him money. The goons ask him to sell Khushi. They inform Balbeer that Khushi is at the temple. Balbeer goes to kidnap Khushi. Khushi prays that Ranbir and Prachi become friends again. She thinks her prayer will be fulfilled soon. She gets glad.


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