Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update Good News

Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update Good News

Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update Good News for Prachi. Ranbir reaches the place to find Khushi. He finally feels at peace when he finds Khushi laughing. He thinks she is happy spending time with her friends. He goes to get ice cream for her to please her more. He takes the ice cream. He finds Prachi with Khushi. He watches them from afar. Prachi and Khushi share the ice cream. Ranbir thinks to not disturb them. He tells that he wanted to spend time with Khushi, but Prachi has come before him. He finds Prachi happy. He gives the ice cream to someone else and makes a leave. Prachi tells Khushi that she will drop her home. Khushi tells that she can manage on her own. Prachi doesn’t want her to go alone. Laali finds Balbeer drinking and advises him not to drink much. She reminds him of what happened last time when he had raised his hand at Khushi.

AHe asks her not to try to become Khushi’s mother, she is just using Khushi for her motives and she should remember this. They find Prachi there. Prachi realizes that Laali isn’t Khushi’s real mother. She recalls Dadi’s words about Laali. Prachi asks Khushi to go out and sit for some time until she talks to Laali. She tells Laali that she already told her about adopting Khushi, but Laali isn’t Khushi’s real mother, so she isn’t able to do the right thing for her. She adds that Balbeer shouldn’t be around Khushi. She asks Laali if she has felt affection or sympathy for Khushi then she will not stop Khushi from going with her/Prachi. She wants to give a good life to Khushi.


AShe tells that Khushi deserves a good life. Balbeer asks her how can she come to buy a girl. Prachi warns him and asks him to stay away when she is talking to Laali. Laali asks him to sit quietly. She demands 10 lakhs to give away Khushi to Prachi. She asks Prachi to pay the money and take Khushi with her. Laali tells that she never loved Khushi as a mother. She asks Prachi to give a good life to Khushi and set her future. Prachi is stunned by her demand. She didn’t know that it will be so easy for her to get Khushi. She tells that she didn’t imagine she will take Khushi this way. Laali asks did she think to take Khushi for free.

APrachi tells that she would have given her anything, but she doesn’t want to buy Khushi. Laali asks her not to give the money if she doesn’t want to. Prachi tells that it’s not wrong when her intention is good. She wants to give a better life to Khushi. She agrees to pay the money and take Khushi with her. Laali gets glad. Prachi asks her to remember her word and not step back. Laali promises to hand over Khushi to her. She adds that Khushi will be ready in the morning. Prachi hugs Laali happily. She tells that she will come tomorrow morning. Laali fixes the deal. Prachi goes out to Khushi and hugs her happily. Prachi asks what happened to her and if is she okay. Prachi tells that Laali didn’t fight with her.

AShe asks Khushi not to worry. She gets emotional and calls her a fairy just like her Panchi. Khushi consoles Prachi. She tells that she is the same fairy who Prachi had lost before. Balbeer asks Laali if is she forgetting something. He tells that Khushi will grow up and become a support for them. She tells that she is getting a good amount and she will not miss this chance. She adds that Khushi might fall in love when she grows up and leave the house, and they might not benefit from her. She tells that she just wants the money. He tells that he has also spent money on raising Khushi, so he will take needs 50% of the money which Prachi gives to her. He asks for 5 lakhs. He admits that he had stolen Khushi from an orphanage and gave it to Laali.

Laali tells that she had given him money and bought Khushi from him, and now she will keep all the money with her. She shows her rights on Khushi. Balbeer beats her in anger. They get into a fight. Laali slaps him. Khushi reaches there and is shocked to see them fighting. She asks Balbeer to leave Laali. He hits Laali on her head. Laali falls. He takes Khushi with him. Prachi tells Dadi and Sahana that she wants to get Khushi home. She feels she will be very happy if Khushi comes to them. She tells that she will leave the house, city, and job. She wants to end the life’s chapter at this point and start afresh.

AShe feels she just got cheated on and accused in this city. She remembers that Ranbir called her a bad mother. She wants to move on with Khushi. She tells that she will make new memories. She wants to give much happiness to Khushi. She tells that Laali is giving them Khushi by accepting 10 lakhs. She has heard that Laali isn’t Khushi’s real mother, so she isn’t able to raise her well. She tells Sahana that she has lost Panchi and she knows this pain well. She tells that she feels Khushi is her daughter Panchi.


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