1 Big revelation in YRKKH uncovers Abhir’s truth

1 Big revelation in YRKKH uncovers Abhir's truth

1 Big revelation in YRKKH uncovers Abhir’s truth. The Gangaur track is soon commencing in the show. It will be bringing a high-octane drama with the biggest revelation coming up. The coming episodes promise many twists and turns. Abhir’s birth truth and his identity that he is a Birla will come to the fore. Abhir’s identity of being Abhimanyu’s son will be known to Abhimanyu in the most dramatic manner. Abhimanyu lets Abhir go home and celebrate the festival with his family so that he stays happy and cheerful. Abhimanyu says that he will treat Abhir in such a manner that the latter will not even know when his surgery got completed.

Abhir thanks Abhimanyu for his care. Abhimanyu doesn’t know his truth yet. Akshara and Abhinav hide the fact that Abhir is Abhimanyu’s son. But, somewhere Abhimanyu realizes that he has some kind of connection with Abhir. Akshara doesn’t want Abhimanyu to get close to Abhir. She tries hard to keep Abhimanyu away from the truth. She fears that the truth will come out if Abhimanyu comes across Abhir’s birth certificate. Birlas are seen celebrating Aarohi’s birthday happily. Their happiness subsides when Suhasini calls them and tells them that she wishes Akshara and Aarohi to perform the Gangaur rituals together.


Suhasini says that she wants both daughters to celebrate Gangaur with the family. Manjiri finds this a really bad idea because Akshara will bond with the family once again. She doesn’t want Akshara to come into Abhimanyu’s sight. Abhimanyu is suspicious about Abhir’s birth truth after speaking to Dr. Sandeep. He finds it a chance to learn about Abhir and agrees to attend the festive at Goenkas place. Goenkas will be seeing celebrating Gangaur with the Birlas. Abhimanyu opposes Manjiri’s decision. He convinces the Birlas. During the celebrations, Abhir’s birth truth will come out in front of both families in an unexpected manner. How excited are you to witness this twist? Keep reading for more news.


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