3 Top Twists in Anupama promising high drama

3 Top Twists in Anupama promising high drama

3 Top Twists in Anupama promising high drama in Anupama, Vanraj, and Anuj’s lives. Much entertainment is expected this week. Twist #1 Anupama takes a surprising decision. She leaves her dance academy and makes a sacrifice for Samar’s sake. She knows Samar has a future with Dimpy. She doesn’t want to come in the way of their happiness. Samar feels upset when he finds his mother leaving her rights. Anupama asks Samar and Dimpy to handle the academy as they want and take it to new heights. Anupama wanders on the road until she finds a new hope to restart her career. She goes to a store and designs a new banner for her new dance academy. She names the academy to herself to prove that her name can never come in the way of her success. She wants to prove Dimpy wrong by setting up her own academy, without seeking favors from anyone.

Twist #2 Vanraj gears up to meet Anupama and tell her about Anuj. He gets the same saree for her that Anuj had chosen. He hopes for their new start. Anupama wipes her tears and smiles. She encourages herself. She claps seeing her dance academy banner and takes it home. She leaves on a tough journey all alone. She stands in front of a feathers sketch and gets a picture clicked. She wants to fly high and free. She doesn’t want anything to pull her back. Vanraj reaches Anupama and saves her from falling. He tells her that he had got a saree for her, but she refuses to take it. He tells that they are friends and he can do this as least for her. Anupama prefers to walk away from him. He stops her by mentioning Anuj’s name.


He tells her about his meeting with Anuj. He doesn’t disclose Anuj’s disturbed mental state but lies to her that Anuj was very happy with Maya. He tries to break Anupama’s faith and heart so that she forgets Anuj and comes back to him. Twist #3 Anuj remembers Vanraj’s words. Vanraj had asked him to never return to Anupama’s life. Anuj wonders if Anupama has really forgotten him and moved on. Vanraj begins his manipulating games to get Anupama on his side. Maya is happy that Vanraj will clear her way by keeping Anupama in the Shah household. Maya wants to win Anuj’s heart when he is in his weakest phase. What will happen next? Stay tuned for more news and spoilers on your favorite show Anupama.


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