Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update First meet

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update First meet

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update Karan angers Rajveer by offering a bribe in their first meet. After missing meeting Preeta, Karan finally meets Rajveer and introduces himself as Karan Luthra, Shaurya’s dad. Rajveer is in shock to see his father in front of his eyes. He starts weeping emotionally. Rajveer asks about Shaurya. Karan tells that Rajveer got Shaurya arrested. Rajveer is shocked to know that the guy he got jailed is Shaurya. He didn’t know that before. Rajveer can’t believe how fate has brought him in front of his family on its own. Karan finds Rajveer appearing shocked and asks him if is he okay. He holds Rajveer’s hand and calls him his son.

Rajveer shoves him away and asks him not to call him a son. Karan finds his reaction strange. Rajveer cries. Karan comes to the point and asks Rajveer how much money will he take to withdraw the complaint and get Shaurya freed from jail. He tries to pay Rajveer because Shaurya’s friend has lied to him about Rajveer filing the complaint only for the sake of money. Karan asks Rajveer to quote a price. Rajveer is shocked to witness his mean side. Rishabh reaches there and finds Karan spoiling the matter.


He gets in between to take charge and handle the matter. Rajveer refuses to accept any amount offered by Karan. He tells that Shaurya has done enough wrong and he deserves a punishment. He refuses to withdraw the complaint. He wants Shaurya to learn a lesson and not repeat his mistake. Rajveer lectures Karan and Rishabh for trying to save Shaurya, knowing his crime of risking so many innocent lives. What will Karan and Rishabh do? Will they succeed in convincing Rajveer? How will Rajveer keep Karan away from Preeta? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023.


Meet decides to find out who has wronged Manmeet. Sarkar learns that Meet has gone to the hospital to ask the doctor about Manmeet’s reports. He gets worried that Manmeet is retrieved the details of the nurse attending Manmeet. He rushes home to catch Meet. Meet takes a disguise of a nurse and meets Manmeet. She doesn’t get caught by Shagun or anyone else. Shagun gets suspicious of her voice but gets tricked by the disguise. Meet asks Manmeet to share his feelings with her if something is bothering him. She asks if Meet has cheated on him. She wants to know what Manmeet thinks about her. Sarkar and Maninder reach home to catch her.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Disha asks Arjun not to tell Nia that they are dating. She tells that Nia hates her a lot. Arjun agrees to keep their relationship a secret. Nia doesn’t think Arjun would be with Disha. She tells that Aparajita might have called her daughters to help her with the deliveries. Aparajita goes on a scooty and completes the deliveries on time. She is determined to accomplish her goal. On her return, she gets hurt after falling down her scooty. Disha takes care of her. Nia argues with Disha in front of their parents. She asks Disha if will she accuse her of everything.

She tells that Akshay doesn’t like Aparajita and she is going to leave the house. She asks Disha if will she get blamed for Akshay and Aparajita’s clash. Aparajita tries to calm Nia. Disha tells that Nia is trying to put hurdles in their laundry business so that they fail in completing the deliveries and lose their reputation. Nia calls it a lie. She defends herself. She tells that Aparajita and her daughters find a chance to fight with her and accuse her.

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update First meet:

Gurpreet asks Karan about Rishabh, and did he also enter any room. Karan tells that his brother isn’t like him. She apologizes to him. He tells that it’s his mistake and he is sorry. She gets the laddoos for him. He refuses to have it. She requests him to have at least eat one laddoo. Karan eats the laddoo that reminds him of Preeta. He asks her who made the laddoos. Mohit comes and meets them. He tells that his mother made the laddoos. Karan asks him if her son isn’t Rajveer. She tells that her son is Mohit. He clears the confusion. Mohit tells that he is at Mama Ji’s place. He goes to call Rajveer. Karan gets restless and wants to know about the laddoos. Rajveer thanks Daljeet for the tea. She tells that he has pleased her by fixing the tap. Mohit comes to call Rajveer.

She tells that Rajveer has helped them a lot. Palki asks Mohit to tell him what he wants. Mohit tells that just Palki and he are sensible. He informs Rajveer that someone has come home to meet him. Rajveer tells that he will go. He gets lost seeing Palki. Mohit asks him to just rush. Rajveer leaves. Mohit asks Daljeet to give him something to eat. She tells that she won’t eat anything for him. Mohit jokes on Mahi, who just knows fooling people. Palki asks him not to tease Mahi. He asks Palki to make some food for him. Khurana asks what will he like to have. Daljeet tells that she will slap Mohit. Palki tells that she will make Mohit’s favorite samosa. She wonders who had come to meet Rajveer. Gurpreet tells Karan that she has to go and meet her friend. Karan waits for Rajveer. Rajveer comes there and is hugely shocked to see Karan in front of him.

He thinks of seeing Karan’s picture. He remembers his hatred for Karan. Karan introduces himself as Karan Luthra, the dad of Shaurya Luthra. He tells that Shaurya Luthra is the guy who Rajveer got arrested. Rajveer is in shock. He shakes hands with Karan with revenge and fire in his eyes. He remembers the injustice done to Preeta. He thinks he is just Rajveer Arora, not Rajveer Luthra. He gets his hand away. Karan holds him and asks if is he okay. He calls him a son. Rajveer gets angry and shoves him, asking him not to call him a son. Rajveer weeps when his emotions go out of control.

On the other hand, Rakhi awaits Shaurya. Mahesh asks Bani to explain Rakhi. Kareena and Bani ask Rakhi to have food because she has diabetes and she needs to take her medicines also. Nidhi doesn’t think Rakhi will die if she goes on a hunger strike. She finds their drama never ends. Kareena insists Rakhi have food. She asks Nidhi to go and get food for Rakhi. Nidhi orders Girish to get the food. She wants to teach a lesson to Kareena. She tells that she would have given them a tough time if Karan didn’t ask her to look after Rakhi. She finds it hard to pretend well. Rajveer tells Karan that he isn’t her son, but just his mother’s son. Karan asks him what is he saying.

He tells that he didn’t come to make Rajveer his son. He adds that he just addressed him as a son because he is of his son’s age. Rajveer asks him not to pretend. He tells that he reacted because he didn’t know it. He apologizes. He tells that relationships mean different in their lives. He taunts him that relationships are to keep for life. Karan asks him why is he so angry, the bus accident happened but the people didn’t lose their lives. He tells that he didn’t bail out Shaurya and wants to punish him for the mistake. Rajveer asks why did he come to meet him when he can teach right and wrong to his son. Rajveer tells him that his family has taught him the difference between right and wrong, and his mom would have died in the bus accident. Karan asks is she is his mom or Maasi.

Rajveer tells that she is his Maasi, but just like his mom. He wants to teach a lesson to Shaurya. Karan asks him not to insult his family. Rajveer calls it Shaurya and Karan’s mistake as well. Rishabh comes there and finds them arguing. Rajveer asks Karan why he wants to free Shaurya from jail. Karan tells that he is doing this for his mom, who wants Shaurya home. He states that Rakhi has gone on a hunger strike and demanded that she wants Shaurya back. Rajveer tells that his Maasi could have died in the accident and it’s not a little thing. He doesn’t want to help Karan free Shaurya. Karan asks him to stop the emotional talks and come to the point. He offers money to Rajveer for freeing Shaurya.

He asks Rajveer to quote a price. Rajveer asks Karan if anyone did this with his mom and she landed in danger, then what price would he quote for her life? Karan tells that he would have not taken anything. Rajveer tells that he won’t take a price, nobody sells his mother or tags a price for her life. He states that a mother is a blessing from God and she is priceless. He refuses to accept any money. Gurpreet and Mohit also watch their argument. Karan tells that he had come to ask Rajveer’s help, but it’s fine if the latter doesn’t want to help. He adds that he will free Shaurya from jail. He leaves. Rishabh meets Rajveer and apologizes to him. He asks him to take care. He tells that everyone’s mother is special.

Rajveer breaks down after they leave. He thinks Karan couldn’t become a good father for him, but he loves Shaurya a lot. Rishabh asks Karan to listen to him and calm down. Karan tells that Rajveer has spoken to him so rudely. Rishabh tells that Rajveer isn’t less than Karan and he isn’t wrong. Karan tells that he spoke to Rajveer calmly, but the latter responded to him as if he is his enemy. Rishabh asks Karan to chill. Karan sees Preeta from behind and goes to see. Rishabh asks him who is he seeing. Karan and Rishabh leave there. Karan is shocked to see Preeta in the mirror. He stops the car. Will they meet? Stay tuned.

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