Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir back

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir back

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir back Prachi and Laali meet Balbeer’s stepbrother. Prachi tells him about Balbeer kidnapping Khushi. She pleads with him. She asks him to save Khushi. He says that Khushi can get saved and he will help her, but for a price. He asks her to arrange money. Prachi agrees to pay him money. He demands 5 lakhs. Ranbir and his friend reach Balbeer’s hideout and look for Khushi. They find a kid tied up inside a sack. Ranbir asks him to free Khushi. He is shocked to see some other girl in Khushi’s place. Balbeer’s brother asks Prachi why is she ready to pay him money and worries so much for Khushi when Khushi is Laali’s daughter. Prachi answers that Khushi is now her daughter. Will Prachi and Ranbir get together in their search for Khushi? Keep reading for a quick written update on Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2023.

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa:


Sayuri is praised for her plan’s success. She has saved the family’s dignity. Nakul gets helpless in stealing money to save someone. He steals the money from the cupboard. Sayuri asks him what is he doing. Kanha asks Sayuri and Nakul to come out. They learn about Nakul’s shocking move. They want Nakul to share the problem with them. Nakul shows the money he had stolen. They can’t believe it. Sayuri tells Kanha that they should make a divide-and-rule plan. They try to fool Chaman.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho:

Hariprasad learns that his house is mortgaged. He is shattered by this fact. Dev doesn’t lose courage in the toughest time. He wants to fight Amba and Yogesh. He asks Chitra to help him against them. Dev tells Vidhi that they have a chance to get inside the company if they get Chitra’s shares. Vidhi says that Amba will not let Chitra do this. Dev trusts his sister. Kanika also wants to help Dev. She doesn’t want Yogesh to cheat Dev. Amba asks Yogesh to worry about his wife Kanika.

She informs him about Kanika promising Dev to help him. Dev and Vidhi get worried when Chitra tells them that Amba has taken control of her shares. Chitra reveals that Amba and Vikram are keeping an eye on her. She feels she got jailed. Dev tells that he has to save Chitra first, her life is more important than the company. He wants to bring Chitra home. Hariprasad tells that he will never sell his house. He faces much trouble when a dealer proposes marriage to Seema.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir back:

Prachi and Laali come to meet Balbeer’s brother. Laali is scared and thinks they should go back. Prachi tells that they have to take a risk for Khushi’s sake. Juhi’s mother also joins them to help. They get to meet Balbeer’s brother Veera. Veera sees Laali and scares her. Prachi tells that he is trying to scare them and she can understand it. He tells that he is just giving him a warning. He asks why did Laali come, is she playing a game with him for helping Balbeer? Prachi tells that they have come to seek his help. He laughs and asks her if is she serious. She tells that Balbeer and his friends have kidnapped a little girl Khushi. She adds that Khushi is like her daughter.

She tells how Balbeer has kidnapped Khushi from the temple. He tells that Balbeer is disgusting, he would have kidnapped Khushi for money, and he will sell the girl and make money. He adds that the girl can get saved, and he will help them, but he will also charge money. Prachi agrees to pay him as much as he wants. He asks for 5 lakhs. Prachi tells that Khushi must be safe. He asks her to pay him first and then he will begin the work. She takes him along to give him the money. Laali is worried that Veera will not help them against Balbeer. She thinks if Veera cheats on them, then they will be badly trapped.

Ranbir and his friend try to reach the location. Ranbir heroically breaks the godown’s door and steps inside. They search for Khushi. They find a kid tied up. Goons attack Ranbir, while his friend helps the kid. Ranbir fights the goons. He asks the goons to get away. He points a knife at them and threatens them. He is shocked to see some other girl instead Khushi. He tells his friend that the girl is not Khushi. He asks the goons where is Khushi. He asks his friend to take the girl outside.

Ranbir asks the goon how did he get Khushi’s phone. The goon lies to him. Ranbir punches him and asks him to tell her about Khushi. He angrily beats the goons. The goon tells him that Balbeer took Khushi to the haveli. Ranbir asks for the address. The goon faints. Veera asks Laali how did she change. She tells that he doesn’t know Balbeer. Prachi gives the money to Veera. He asks her to sit in the car, and he will take her to Balbeer. She asks him if he has found the address. He tells that he knows Balbeer’s location. He asks her why is she worried for Laali’s daughter.

Prachi tells that Khushi is her daughter now. Ranbir and his friend try to find Khushi. Ranbir asks about the haveli. His friend tells that he has no idea about any haveli. Ranbir tells that he has to track Khushi. He asks his friend to take the girl to the police station and inform her parents. Balbeer and Shakti argue for money. Khushi cries and wishes Ranbir saves her. She gets a chance to run away from them. They run after Khushi and catch her. Balbeer tells that nobody will come to save her.

Inspector is also trying to find the kidnappers. Constable tells that they have seen the car in the CCTV footage, but the kidnappers have changed the car. Balbeer and Shakti keep Khushi captive at the haveli. Balbeer scares her. She cries. Veera tells that Balbeer has changed his location. He asks Prachi to give him some time. He tells that Balbeer has kept Khushi at a haveli. He calls Balbeer smart. He tells that he will catch Balbeer.

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