Anupama 13th April 2023 Written Update Brand New Anu

Anupama 13th April 2023 Written Update Brand New Anu

Anupama 13th April 2023 Written Update Brand New Anu Anuj loses his mind when he feels Anupama has moved on by forgetting him so soon. He breaks the bottles in anger. Devika reaches there and asks him to save his relationship. She tells that Anupama is still on his mind and he should go back. He tells that Anupama has happily moved on. She calls him a big fool to believe so. He tells that he has seen Anupama’s pictures, she is happy with the children, and Vanraj has shown the pictures. She asks him not to believe Vanraj. He tells that he has seen Anupama’s dance video also. She tells that a mother hides sorrow and smiles for her children’s sake. He tells that Anupama didn’t do anything when he lost Anu. He blames Anupama. Devika asks what can Anupama do to convince him.

She tells that Anupama is trying to stay happy. He doesn’t want to go. He is angry with himself. She calls him foolish to get into Vanraj’s words. He tells that he doesn’t believe Vanraj, but he knows Anupama has moved on. He admits that he asked Kanta to convey his message to Anupama. Devika gets Barkha’s call. Anuj doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She insists he talks. Barkha asks Anuj if he wants anything from the house. He tells that he doesn’t want anything. She asks if Anupama needs her belongings. He asks her to do anything she wants. On the other hand, Kanta and Bhavesh ask Anupama about Dimpy’s misbehavior and demands. Anupama tells that she is okay with it, and she didn’t feel bad about leaving the dance academy.


Kanta tells that her dance academy was her dream. Anupama tells that she is a brand new Anupama and she will always take life as it comes. She gets positive in her approach. She shows the new academy poster to them. They are surprised. They like it a lot. Anupama tells that she has designed the poster. Bhavesh asks about the address. She tells that she didn’t find any place for the dance classes. Kanta asks her to start the academy in the house. Anupama tells that Kanta will get disturbed. Kanta tells that she will be engaged in the academy work. She asks Anupama to begin her new work at her place.

Anupama thanks Kanta and Bhavesh. They help Anupama build her academy space by freeing up the lawn area. Anupama asks Bhavesh to see the academy accounts. They joke about Kanta. Kanta tells that she is their boss. Anupama gets motivated to give her best. Barkha goes to pack Anupama’s clothes and stuff. She wants to clear the room. Ankush questions her. She tells that she is going to make a big move. Anuj is disturbed by Vanraj’s words. Maya informs him that Anu is coming home. She doesn’t want Anuj to vent his anger on Anu. The children are worried. Leela and Hasmukh get worried for Anupama. They ask about the matter. Kinjal tries to cover up the matter. Pakhi informs the Shah family about Dimple’s actions.

She adds that Dimpy has snatched the dance academy from Anupama. Paritosh supports Pakhi. They are against Samar. The family worries about knowing about Dimpy’s move. Pakhi tells them how Dimpy has blackmailed Anupama and compelled her to leave. Kanta and Bhavesh surprise Anupama. Kanta and Anupama make the academy fliers and circulate them in the locality. Anupama hopes to begin the classes soon. Vanraj learns about Samar and Dimpy snatching Anupama’s academy. He gets into the role of Anupama’s friend and takes a stand for her. He tells that the academy is Anupama’s identity and Samar wants to change its name. He asks Samar to accept Dimpy’s mistake. Dimpy overhears this and shouts at Vanraj asking him to stop his lecture. How will things turn out? Keep reading.

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