Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2023 Written Update Amazing

Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2023 Written Update Amazing

Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2023 Written Update Amazing action drama ahead. Prachi tells Veera that she isn’t working for the police and she isn’t any informer. He doesn’t believe her. He asks her who is Akshay and why was she giving him all the details of their location. He doubts that she is planning to get him arrested. He tells that he will kill Prachi and Laali by running them over with his car. He wants to crush them under the vehicle. He tells that he will not waste any bullet on useless people. He asks Kaalu to tie them up and they shouldn’t run until he drives the car over them. Prachi is shell-shocked when Veera gets mad and tries to knock them out with his car. Kaali ties up Prachi, Laali and Juhi’s mother.

Prachi shouts for help. Veera speeds the car to hit them, but Ranbir comes there out of nowhere and drives in between. He stops Veera from hitting the women. Prachi gets to see her savior Ranbir, who has come miraculously to save Khushi and her. Ranbir fights Veera, who threatens to not spare any of them. Veera gets Prachi’s phone with him when he flees in the car. Akshay and Rhea call up Prachi to know her whereabouts. They get to speak to Veera, who tells them that he will not leave Prachi, he will kill her and that’s for sure. Akshay and Rhea are left shocked.


Radha Mohan:

Radha finds Mohan in much pain. She feels close to him, and this worries Damini. Tulsi cries for Mohan. Radha takes care of Mohan. Damini is troubled that Radha wants to know all her secrets. She doesn’t want Radha to find anything. She tells that they have to find out Tulsi’s weakness hidden in her cabin, which is stopping Tulsi from entering. Radha can’t believe that Tulsi has sent a hate message to Mohan. She goes to her room and summons Tulsi to ask her about Mohan. She is hurt that Tulsi has hurt Mohan’s heart so much. She confronts Tulsi for hurting Mohan’s heart. She feels she was wrong to trust Tulsi and fight for her. Tulsi tells that she didn’t do anything. Radha asks her what wrong did Mohan do that he loved her.

She is upset that Tulsi has sent the hate message to Mohan and kept him away from Gungun. Tulsi wants Radha to listen to her once. Radha asks her why did Tulsi keep Gungun and Mohan away when Mohan had a right to his child. Tulsi signs to Radha that she didn’t send those messages to Mohan. Radha learns that Tulsi was targeted by Damini’s conspiracy. Tulsi tells that she was waiting for Mohan’s call, but he never called her. Radha asks her if she knows who has sent those messages to Mohan. Tulsi suspects Damini. She tells that she isn’t sure, because she got to know about the hate messages today. Radha wonders who is behind it.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2023 Written Update Amazing:

Veera asks Kaalu to tie up the women and not let them get free until he hits them down. Prachi tells that she has gone to the police station to take help to find Khushi. She clears that she isn’t cheating on him. He doesn’t believe her. He asks Kaalu to shoot them if they try to move. Prachi, Laali, and Juhi’s mother gets tied up by the ropes. Veera races the car to hit them. Prachi lands in danger. Ranbir reaches in time and brings his car in front to block Veera. Veera falls over the steering. Ranbir and Prachi see each other. Ranbir asks her what is happening. She asks how did he come here. He asks her how did she come here. He frees them from the ropes. Laali tells that Balbeer has kidnapped Khushi and they came to take help from Veera. Ranbir asks Prachi why didn’t he call him.

He tells that she chose to reach out to Veera rather than him. Veera points the gun at them. Ranbir tells that he should have not come here and gone to Khushi. Veera tells that he knows Ranbir is also with the police. Ranbir tricks Veera and asks the women to sit in the car. He throws the soil in Veera’s eyes. He takes the keys from Veera’s car. He leaves there. Veera swears revenge. He finds the car keys missing. Akshay and Rhea get worried for Ranbir and Prachi. Rhea calls up Prachi. Veera finds Prachi’s phone in the car. He takes the call. Rhea asks about Prachi. He tells them that Prachi won’t be alive for long, she will die and he will kill her. Akshay scolds him in anger. Veera tells that Prachi will die for sure. He breaks Prachi’s phone in anger. Veera tells that he will not leave Prachi and will exact revenge.

Balbeer meets the goon and shows Khushi’s picture. He tells him that he will deliver her today. The man asks him to bring her in two hours. Balbeer asks for money. The man tells his plans. Balbeer bargains for money. The man tells that he will cancel the deal if Balbeer demands more money. Balbeer goes to get Khushi. Khushi wonders how will Ranbir find her. She asks Shakti to leave her free and she will not tell anyone about him. Shakti laughs at her. An old lady comes there and speaks to Khushi. Khushi asks the lady to help her. The lady laughs and sends Khushi with the goons. She scares Khushi. Ranbir asks Prachi why didn’t she call him, after knowing that Khushi means a lot to him.

He asks did she call Akshay. She tells that he also knew about Khushi’s kidnapping but didn’t inform her. She tells that she has witnessed the kidnapping, she did what she felt right, she thought she could save Khushi and then she went to take police help, she got a lead about Balbeer and tried to find him. Ranbir tells her that he met Khushi in the morning and gave his spare phone to her, she had called him and told him about her kidnapping, so he rushed to the location to find her, but the kidnappers changed their location before he reached there. Laali asks them about their relationship.

Ranbir and Prachi don’t answer her. They discuss Khushi’s presence at the haveli. Khushi tries to run away, sensing that the old lady is blind. The old lady blocks her. She tells that Khushi can’t run away. Khushi tries to find a way out. She manages to go out of the haveli. He doesn’t find anyone there.


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