YRKKH Akshara lashes Abhi 16th April 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Akshara lashes Abhi 16th April 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Akshara lashes Abhi 16th April 2023 Written Update. Kairav tells Muskaan that he has heard everything. Muskaan tries to lie to him. He tells that he wants to confirm the truth with her. He asks her if Abhimanyu is Abhir’s biological father. She replies with a yes. Parth returns home. He doesn’t want to stay away from the family. Mahima tells the family that she has brought Parth home. Manjiri tells that Parth is Shefali’s culprit. Anand tells that Shefali will not bear any injustice now. Manjiri asks Shefali to tell her decision and they will support her. Shefali considers Mahima’s request and allows Parth to stay back. Parth thanks Shefali. He promises that she won’t regret this decision.

He wants to work on their relationship. Shefali tells that she is just thinking of Mahima. She doesn’t want to accept Parth in her life. Abhir refuses to have food. Abhinav entertains Abhir and makes him eat the food. Kairav watches their happy family. He feels indebted to Abhinav for giving his name to Abhir and marrying Akshara. He regrets that Akshara has hidden a big thing from the family. He tells that Abhimanyu had abandoned Akshara and didn’t deserve her. He feels Aarohi is marrying Abhimanyu just because of Ruhi’s sake. He doesn’t feel Abhimanyu deserves anyone in his life.


He worries that this truth can come out and Abhimanyu can snatch Abhir from Akshara. Akshara doesn’t see him at the door. Later, Abhimanyu checks Abhir and takes him for the tests. Abhinav isn’t upset with Abhimanyu. Akshara is relieved. She goes to attend a call. Abhinav and Aarohi like Abhimanyu and Abhir’s bonding. She gives him a file and tells him that it’s really important. Abhinav checks the papers. Aarohi tells that it’s Abhinav’s decision. Akshara finds Abhinav upset and asks the reason. Abhir and Abhimanyu see the fire sparks in the machine’s wiring. Abhimanyu asks Abhir not to worry. They rush to save Abhir.

Abhimanyu bears the electric shock while saving Abhir. Akshara goes to take Abhir. They manage to leave the ward. Akshara gets angered by Abhimanyu and bursts out. She accuses him of risking Abhir’s life. She tells that he had promised her, the hospital would be the best for Abhir, but he broke every promise. She asks him if Abhir was his son, what would he do. Abhinav and Aarohi find them at the odd moment. Abhimanyu weeps and understands Akshara’s tension. He goes and asks Rohan to give him the machine’s manufacturing list. He wants the machines to get tested before usage. He does his duty. He remembers Akshara’s words. He wonders what she wants to tell him. Akshara breaks down.

Abhinav asks her to calm down, Abhir is safe and Abhimanyu had saved him. She asks him not to take Abhimanyu’s side. He tells that it wasn’t Abhimanyu’s mistake. He feels bad that they didn’t ask Abhimanyu if he is okay. He comforts her. He wishes Abhimanyu is okay. Mahima and Aarohi find Abhimanyu raged up. Mahima tells that nothing major happened. Abhimanyu tells that Abhir could have died due to the faulty machines. She calls it an accident. He tells that he will test all the machines and keep a meeting. He asks Aarohi to lead this investigation. He doesn’t want to take any risks. Aarohi finds him hurt. He tells that he is okay and he will go to meet Abhir. She asks him not to meet Abhir because Akshara is much upset with him.

She doesn’t want drama. Abhir returns home. Abhinav lies to the family about the incident. He doesn’t want Abhir to tell anything. Kairav and Muskaan put up a magic show and cheer up Abhir. Abhinav asks Akshara to forget her sorrow. Aarohi arrives to check on Abhir. He asks if Abhimanyu didn’t come along with her. She apologizes to him that Abhimanyu didn’t come. She tells that Abhimanyu has gone with Ruhi to a park. Abhimanyu breaks down. Akshara decides to get Abhir treated somewhere else. She plans to take Abhir to the US. Abhimanyu opposes her decision. She calls him a stranger and tells him that he has no right to Abhir to decide for him. Abhimanyu gets emotional that he won’t be meeting Abhir ever. He wishes to meet Abhir once. Abhir meets Abhimanyu and brings a wave of joy to the latter’s heart. Abhimanyu wonders what’s their relationship Abhir brings him peace.

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