Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update Shaurya returns

Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update Shaurya returns

Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update Shaurya returns home. Preeta worries about Shaurya’s career. Rajveer is glad that he got successful because of her blessings. He wants to take his revenge on Karan. She waits for the court hearing where she will help out Shaurya and keep her promise. She doesn’t want Shaurya to suffer in jail. Nidhi worries when she doesn’t find any way to help out Shaurya. Nidhi wants to get him released to become great in his eyes, but she fails. Preeta supports Shaurya in the court. She doesn’t want any police case against him that will ruin his future. She says that it was just an accident and that Shaurya didn’t intend to harm anyone. Shaurya feels indebted to her and is impressed by her kind virtues. Shaurya returns home and meets the Luthras.

Rakhi is glad to see Shaurya back. Shaurya tells them how he got saved from the accident case. He tells Karan that he doesn’t know that lady, but she has still done something for him, that his family couldn’t do. He praises Preeta in front of them. Karan and Rakhi want to thank Preeta. Shaurya tells that it’s so silly and ironic that Rajveer’s Maasi helped him and supported him in the court, she got him released, even when her life fell in danger because of him.


Shaurya adds that he likes Rajveer’s Maasi, and feels Rajveer is lucky to have such a loving person in his life. He wishes he had someone like her in his life. Preeta leaves a good impression on his mind. He recalls her blessings and smiles. He says that Preeta has helped him by stating in his favor. Karan and Nidhi are surprised to know about Rajveer’s Maasi testifying in Shaurya’s favor and dismissing the case. Karan says that it’s that lady’s kindness that she forgave him for the big mistake. He asks Shaurya not to expect forgiveness from him.

Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update Shaurya returns:

Preeta comes to the police station to meet Shaurya. She learns that Shaurya is taken for the court hearing. She rushes to the court. Shaurya tells the Inspector that Karan wanted to make him a cricketer. Inspector tells that Karan was a famous cricketer, but Shaurya might be willing to become a wrestler. Shaurya is taken to the court and accused of a bus accident. The lawyer tells that Shaurya had risked many lives by committing the accident and then enjoying the people’s plight. He tells that Shaurya attacked Rajveer and could have severely injured him. He wants the judge to punish Shaurya.

He gives evidence against Shaurya. Judge tells that Shaurya is guilty, as the proofs state it. He adds that Shaurya will get punished for his crime. Judge tells that he doesn’t want to spare Shaurya so that the latter learns a lesson. Preeta reaches there to defend Shaurya’s case. Nidhi arrives at the police station to meet Shaurya. Constable tells her that Shaurya got punished in court and will be jailed for six months. Nidhi is shocked.

Preeta stops the judge from punishing Shaurya. He tells that he will not spare Shaurya and do justice. She tells that justice shall happen and Shaurya has indeed done wrong. Shaurya thinks how can she do this, she is disgusting to behave sweet first and then change her stand in the court. Preeta tells the judge that it’s important to raise a voice against the wrong to bring him to the right path and set an example for others. She appeals to him to leave Shaurya free because he has realized his mistake. She knows he has made a big mistake and risked many lives, but he has accepted his mistake, he cried a lot and apologizes to her.

She tells that if they punish Shaurya, then his career will get ruined, he is young and needs a second chance. She doesn’t want a criminal tag to ruin his entire life. She requests the judge to forgive Shaurya and let him go. She withdraws the case. Shaurya is surprised. Preeta defends Shaurya for making a mistake intentionally. Sanju thinks Shaurya has won his freedom by acting innocent. Judge tells that the court doesn’t decide on emotions, but Preeta is right, Shaurya isn’t a professional criminal, and the court can release Shaurya if Preeta gives a guarantee. He tells that he didn’t see such a case before. He is ready to give a second chance to a youngster and save his future.

Preeta tells that she will take Shaurya’s guarantee as his mother. Shaurya gets glad. Judge tells that she has set an example for Shaurya, a mother in her who has saved Shaurya’s future. He releases Shaurya free. Shaurya goes to meet Preeta. He thanks her. She asks him to stay happy and not make the same mistake again. He agrees. She tells that she trusts him. She wishes him all the best. She knows Rajveer will be very angry when he learns this. Karan asks Bani and Kareena about Rakhi. They inform that Rakhi has gone to court. Karan tells that there is still time.

Kareena tells that the hearing got preponed. Nidhi comes with the bad news that Shaurya got punished with six months in prison. She apologizes to Karan that she couldn’t help Shaurya. Rakhi and Mahesh return home. Karan hugs Rakhi and apologizes to her. He tells that it’s his mistake, he didn’t try much, but he will bring Shaurya home. Rakhi asks what is he saying. Bani asks Mahesh if is Rakhi in shock. Mahesh tells that Rakhi is okay. Nidhi apologizes to Rakhi that the court judgment can’t change, and Shaurya will get jailed for six months. She adds that she had tried a lot to get help. Rakhi taunts that Nidhi didn’t try much, she didn’t go and meet Rajveer’s Maasi, and didn’t try to convince her. She asks Nidhi why did she do the right thing. She tells them what happened in the court.

She tells that Nidhi doesn’t know anything, police have informed them about Shaurya’s release, thanks to Rajveer’s Maasi, who went to the court and withdrew the case. Karan asks how can this happen when Rajveer is adamant. Mahesh tells that his Maasi wasn’t adamant to get Shaurya punished, she has forgiven Shaurya and got him released. Bani blesses Rajveer’s Maasi. Karan tells that he will talk to Shaurya when he comes home. He asks Rakhi and Mahesh to get Shaurya home. Nidhi wonders who Rajveer’s Maasi took away all the credit. Preeta returns home. Gurpreet asks Rajveer to go and get the grocery. He tells that he does not know the veggies. He asks her to come along. She agrees to accompany him to the market.


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