Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir’s new find 17th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir's new find 17th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir’s new find 17th April 2023 Written Update Balbeer’s Amma predicts that the wind is changing its direction which isn’t a good sign. She appears crazy in front of Balbeer and his friends. She warns them about the upcoming problem and asks them to go quickly to accomplish their task. They leave with Khushi, while Khushi’s well-wishers reach there to find her. Prachi and Ranbir enquire about Khushi. Amma lies to them and tells them that she has no idea about Khushi. She pretends to be a nice lady and tells that she is blind and helpless.

She adds that her son is the caretaker of the old haveli, and she also stays with him and assists him in work. She tells that she has neither heard any sound nor knew anything. She tells them that there is nobody around. Ranbir asks him if she has felt someone’s presence. She lies to them again in a convincing way. She questions Prachi about Ranbir and her relationship with Khushi. She wants to know if they are her parents. Ranbir goes out in search of Amma’s son. He gets confused when he loses the way. He finds a goon there and bashes him up. He identifies him and asks about Khushi.


Inspector stops Ranbir from bashing the goon further. Akshay and Rhea get the police there. They rush to meet Prachi and Ranbir. The police take charge and help Pranbir. The inspector arrests the goons. Ranbir wants to know about Khushi. Akshay hugs Prachi out of concern while Rhea hugs Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi just want to know about Khushi’s whereabouts. They tell Inspector about Balbeer’s involvement in the kidnapping. Ranbir asks the goon to take them to Balbeer. Ranbir tells that he can’t control himself when it’s about Khushi. He is emotionally attached to Khushi. He swears to find Khushi.

The goon tells that he will not tell Ranbir about Khushi, and until Ranbir reaches her, she would be sold to someone, the deal would be done and Ranbir will lose her forever. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked. Ranbir tells Prachi that he had promised Khushi, he will protect her and she won’t need to worry ever, but he has failed in saving her and he has lost their Panchi. Prachi is surprised that Ranbir also sees Panchi in Khushi. Keep reading for a full update.

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir’s new find 17th April 2023 Written Update:

Prachi asks the old lady why is she asking her about Khushi’s mother. The old lady wants to know if they can pose a big problem. Laali tells that Khushi is like their daughter. The old lady thinks they can’t find Khushi now. Ranbir comes back and tells that he didn’t find any way out. He asks the old lady to guide them to the exit way. Akshay and Rhea reach there and meet them. They ask about Khushi. Prachi tells that they didn’t find Khushi. The old lady tells the goon that she has lied to them about Khushi. The goon understands that she fooled them. Ranbir apologizes to the goon and tells him that he thought he is the kidnapper.

Police arrive there. Prachi tells that there is no one in the haveli. Inspector tells that they will still search the haveli well. The old lady tells that they will find Khushi soon. She asks Prachi not to worry. Inspector tells that they will find Khushi somewhere else if she isn’t here. Ranbir and Prachi tell the old lady that they will leave. Ranbir gets to see another goon there, who he had beaten at the godown. He runs to catch him. He fights with the goon. Akshay also assists him in the fight. Prachi asks them to stop. The police come back and arrest the goons. The old lady asks them what’s happening.

Ranbir tells that the goon knows about Khushi. He asks the goon where is Khushi. The goon tells that he won’t tell him anything, and Khushi will be sold out to someone before Ranbir reaches her. Ranbir gets mad on hearing this. The goon faints while Ranbir and Akshay interrogate him. Prachi tells them that they should leave and find Khushi first. The old lady acts innocent and asks them to beat the goons more. They all leave there. The old lady asks Balbeer to get Khushi, nobody will come back to look for Khushi now. Balbeer tells Tiger that they will call Wilson there and hand over Khushi.

The old lady asks them to break some beer bottles so that Khushi fails to run away and escape. Khushi wakes up and finds the old lady sleeping. She gets down from the bed and gets hurt by the glass piece. The old lady wakes up and scolds Khushi. Khushi sees the glass spread on the floor. She cries in pain. Balbeer meets Wilson and gets threatened. He tells that Khushi didn’t run away, she is still in his clutches, the police reached Haveli for the raid, but didn’t get anything. He asks Wilson to come to the haveli and get the girl. Wilson tells that he will call his men to the haveli and keep her auction there. Prachi, Ranbir, Akshay, and Rhea leave to find Khushi. Prachi tells Ranbir that his car doesn’t have fuel.

Ranbir tells that he didn’t know about it. Prachi asks them if there is any petrol pump nearby. She blames Ranbir. They stop midway. They wait for Akshay and Rhea. Veera and his goons catch Ranbir, Prachi, and others. Prachi asks him not to hurt them, they aren’t from the police, they are just finding Khushi and they didn’t tell anything about him. Ranbir asks Veera to use his mind and think. Prachi asks Veera to believe them. Veera and his men capture Ranbir and Prachi. Wilson tells Balbeer that work is worship. He doesn’t like the haveli. He tells that he can’t call the clients there.

The old lady tells that he can decorate the other side of the haveli. Veera also gets Ranbir and Prachi to the haveli. He tells that the police have visited the haveli and won’t come back again. He finds the haveli a safe place. Prachi tells that they are innocent. He doesn’t listen to him. He wants to kill Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi find the goons decorating the haveli. They get puzzled, unaware of Khushi’s auction happening there.

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