New track in Anupama brings refreshing change

New track in Anupama brings refreshing change

New track in Anupama brings refreshing change. Anupama 17th April 2023 Written Update Anupama gives a befitting reply to Barkha. Maya asks Anu to take an afternoon nap and then talk to Anupama. Anuj takes Anu to the room and asks her to sleep. Anu hugs Anupama’s saree and tells him that she always keeps it with her. She feels Anupama’s presence. Anuj gets reminded of Anupama. The family asks Samar not to leave the house. Leela tells that she will not let Samar leave. Samar calls it enough. Kinjal tells that she is with Samar. Pakhi and Paritosh also ask Samar not to make the same mistakes as them. Samar doesn’t think they are happy for him. Leela explains that Samar won’t be happy with Dimpy. Samar tells that he won’t come back home.

Vanraj asks him to get lost. He tells that nobody will stop Samar. He asks him to make a mistake and return home. Kinjal asks Dimpy to explain Samar. Leela tells that Dimpy wants the family to shatter. Dimpy tells that she supports Samar because he didn’t say anything wrong. Vanraj asks her to take Samar along with her. Leela begs Samar to not go anywhere. Samar blames her for causing this big drama. Vanraj warns him to speak to Leela with respect. Samar asks Dimpy to wait until he gets his bag. Hasmukh stops Samar. Anuj misses Anupama. He recalls his words to Barkha about sending Anupama’s belongings back. Anuj calls up Barkha.


Anupama asks Barkha to take the belongings back. Barkha ignores Anuj’s call. Hasmukh and Kinjal request Samar to not leave the house. Hasmukh calms down Vanraj. He asks Samar to let him stay in peace. Kinjal tells that they will forget everything and make a fresh start. Leela tells Kinjal that Dimpy can’t be good for Samar. Kinjal asks her to think positively. Hasmukh and Kinjal support Samar and Dimpy. Leela tells that they will regret it a lot, Dimpy will separate Samar from the family, and she is disastrous and will ruin them.

Hasmukh knows Kinjal is trying to become Anupama, but it’s tough. Anuj wishes Barkha attends the call. He hopes she didn’t send the belongings back to Anupama. Barkha wanted Anuj and Anupama to get separated forever. She provokes Kanta when Anupama appears calm. Anupama tells Barkha that she knows what Barkha is trying to do. Barkha asks her what she wants to prove. She accuses Anupama of emotionally manipulating Anuj. She asks her to be happy that Anuj is still thinking about her. Anupama tells that she knows Anuj well and she will never believe what Barkha is saying and doing. She asks her to stop acting cheaply.

She warns Barkha against provoking Kanta. She understands Barkha’s plan. She tells that she has seen Barkha disconnect Anuj’s call. She gives a befitting reply to Barkha. Barkha blames Anupama for Anuj’s leaving. Anuj leaves a message for Barkha. Adhik and Pakhi argue because of Barkha. He asks her to understand his genuine care. She tells that he has chosen Kapadia’s house over hers. He tells that she has chosen Shah’s house over his. She tells that Barkha doesn’t like her stay there. She is upset with him that he just supports his sister. Barkha tells that Anupama has troubled Anuj a lot. She asks her to let Anuj live in peace. Kanta calls it enough. Anupama asks her to keep calm.

Kanta tells that she will show her anger to Barkha and fulfill the latter’s wish. She asks Barkha to get out of her house. She returns the jewelry and tells that Anupama doesn’t need it. She asks Barkha to take back the bags. Barkha tells that she won’t take the things to her house. Anupama tells that it’s Anuj’s house and he is her husband. She asks Barkha not to interfere in Anuj and her matter. Pakhi comes there to meet Anupama. She learns Barkha’s move. Barkha calls up Anuj and complains about Anupama. She lies to him about Anupama and Kanta’s words. A new track in Anupama will be bringing a refreshing change and raise the drama. Anupama and Anuj will be meeting in Ahmedabad. How will their meeting trigger their patch-up? Keep reading.


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