1 Daring Twist in Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update

1 Daring Twist in Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update

1 Daring Twist in Kumkum Bhagya defines supercool Ranbir 19th April 2023 Written Update. The old lady/Balbeer’s Amma threatens the girls. She tells that Khushi knows the outcome of cheating the goons. She adds that if any girl tries to flee, then the goons will kill that girl. She asks them not to act smart. She limits them from planning an escape. Khushi gets scared of Amma. She tells the girls that Amma is blind, but she can sense everything happening around her, she is very dangerous and will not leave them. She doesn’t plan to escape but prays that Ranbir comes to rescue her. Khushi is scared knowing the goons are going to sell her off to a rich man. Wilson and Balbeer attend to their rich clients.

They tell that they are beginning the auction of the girls soon. Ranbir and Prachi learn about the girls’ auction and get much angry. They are shocked to know how disgusting people can get for the sake of money. Ranbir calms down an enraged Prachi and tells her that they have to keep their cool to make a good plan against the goons. Prachi is shocked to see a goon in front of her, who holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand, or else she will break his face. Ranbir removes the cap and shows his face.


He tells that he has taken the disguise just to get mixed up with the rich clients in the auction. He doesn’t want anyone to identify him. He tells his plan to Prachi. He adds that he will rescue Khushi at any cost. Prachi believes Ranbir will save Khushi. Ranbir’s plan is risky but he is sure that he will get through. Prachi suggests that she will accompany him, but he doesn’t want to take any risk. What will Ranbir and Prachi do and will they be able to save their Khushi? Keep reading for a full update.

1 Daring Twist in Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update:

Balbeer tells that it’s a bad day for him. He gets to see Veera there. He tells that Veera is his stepbrother. He avoids Veera. Amma asks the women to dress up the girls and deck them up. She threatens the girls. Khushi sheds tears. She is scared of Amma. The women ask the girls to go and change their clothes. The clients wait for the girls. Wilson learns about Balbeer’s stepbrother Veera present in the haveli. Balbeer asks Amma are the girls ready. The client asks Wilson not to delay it further. Balbeer asks Amma to get the girls quickly. Wilson apologizes to make them wait for long. Prachi gets scared seeing a goon and threatens to slap him. Ranbir shows his cute face. She asks him about the get-up.

He tells that he took the disguise to find Khushi, he will become a guest and go to attend the auction, and he will take Khushi and run away. She asks how did he get these clothes. He tells that he has stolen the clothes from a person and locked him in the washroom. He recalls his clever plan. He tells Prachi that they have no other way, they will die while fighting so many goons, or they will become a hostage. She asks him if he will go and make a bid to trick the goons. He tells her that he will take Khushi when he finds her there. He adds that he will signal Prachi to come. Prachi agrees.

Meanwhile, Pallavi looks for Ranbir. Dida asks her to find out herself. They both praise their sons. Pallavi tells that she gave a good upbringing to her son, but he got spoilt because of Dida. She calls up Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir’s number is not reachable. Dida asks her to call Rhea and ask her. Rhea gets Pallavi’s call. Akshay calls it strange that they get network when they don’t need the phone. Pallavi asks Rhea about Ranbir. Rhea tells that Ranbir’s phone is not reachable, because there is no network in the restaurant. Pallavi asks her to tell the truth. She knows Rhea is lying. Rhea apologizes to her.

She tells the big problem. She informs about Khushi’s kidnapping. Pallavi gets worried. She tells that she will go to the police station and take help. Akshay asks Rhea why didn’t she marry Ranbir till now and why she stays in Kohli’s house. Rhea remembers the past. She tells that life is complicated and they will talk about it later. She asks him to arrange petrol else they can’t go anywhere. She calls a mechanic. Amma takes the girls downstairs. Prachi gets to see Khushi and feels sorry. She cries for Khushi. She pledges to protect Khushi. Prachi takes away Khushi with her, by tricking Amma. She hugs Khushi and asks her if is she okay. She asks if is she hurt. Khushi asks how did she come here.

Prachi asks her not to get scared. Khushi tells that she had called Ranbir and he should have been here. Prachi says that Ranbir is also here. Ranbir gets seated at a table and acts like a goon. Prachi says that Ranbir is also trying to protect Khushi. She apologizes for getting so late. She consoles Khushi. She tells that she will not leave Khushi alone and the latter doesn’t need to get scared. She calls up Ranbir to inform him that she got Khushi with her. Ranbir takes the call. Prachi tells that she got Khushi. He is surprised. He asks where is she. She asks him to come upstairs. She guides him the way. He says that he is coming. Khushi hugs Prachi. They cry. Amma asks the women to count the girls, one girl is missing and they should find out.

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