Pranbir Union in Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update

Pranbir Union in Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update

Pranbir Union in Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update. Prachi and Ranbir are caught up by Veera. Veera takes them to the haveli’s backside. Ranbir wonders what preparations are going on. Veera shouts at him. Ranbir gets into a silly drama. He asks Veera to leave him to go when Prachi has messed up things. Veera tells that he knows them well. Prachi says that Ranbir isn’t her husband. Veera asks them not to act smart. He tells that he knows they are husband and wife. He asks Ranbir to tie up Prachi. Ranbir ties up Prachi and asks if can he leave now. Veera asks Kaalu to tie up Ranbir. He threatens them. He asks them not to act smart. He leaves there. Khushi gets to meet some girls and learns that those girls are also kidnapped. The goon asks the girls to change their clothes and get ready. Khushi asks the reason.

The girl tells Khushi that the goons are going to sell them to rich people. Wilson and Balbeer are glad to see the decorated haveli. Wilson meets the clients. Ranbir sheds tears and misses Khushi. Prachi asks why is he crying. He tells that he promised Khushi, he will always protect her, but he broke his promise. He feels he did a mistake in leaving Khushi with Laali and Balbeer. He regrets that he couldn’t take care of Khushi like he couldn’t take care of Panchi. He adds that they lost their Panchi, but Khushi in return. He cries that he couldn’t save Khushi when she called him and asked him to save her, she trusted him and counted on him, but it’s no use, she would be hoping he will come, and she would be waiting for him. He feels guilty.


Prachi asks him if they will get Khushi if they get emotional. She tells that they both couldn’t take care of Panchi, they will not let anything happen to Khushi, they will not lose, and they have to leave here and find Khushi. She tells him that they shall not fail Khushi, they couldn’t save Panchi because they aren’t together, but they are together this time and they will save Khushi. He gets delighted. They try to help each other and free the ropes. They go out of the locked place. They try to find a way. Ranbir tells that it’s a dead end. Ranbir and Prachi get into a silly argument. They find a window and go out from there.

He reaches the corridor. They see the goons partying. Ranbir asks what’s happening and how the place changed so soon. Prachi thinks to take help. Ranbir tells that they shall take an advantage of the crowd. He sees Balbeer and pulls Prachi back. Balbeer hears the wound and looks around. Ranbir and Prachi fall and get into a moment. Soon, their romantic eye-locks occur for a few minutes. Wilson tells Balbeer that someone is there. Balbeer tells that there is no outside in the haveli. Wilson asks him to go and check. Ranbir doesn’t let Prachi say anything. He tells Prachi that Balbeer is here, the haveli is the same place where they had come.

Prachi realizes that Khushi is here. Balbeer tells that Khushi would have called Ranbir. Shakti tells that they will shoot Ranbir if he dares to come. Ranbir and Prachi hear them talking and hide there. Balbeer informs Wilson that there is nobody there. Wilson asks him to check the place well, or else they will be caught up in a big problem. Balbeer and the goons look around. Ranbir tells Prachi that they got to know what’s happening outside, the goons are going to sell Khushi and they are disgusting. Prachi tells that the girls are young. She wants to get the goons arrested. He asks her to calm down and think well. He promises that Khushi is his responsibility and he will save her. He asks Prachi to keep hiding. He rushes out.

Veera doesn’t find Ranbir and Prachi where he left them. He gets angry. He asks Kaalu to catch them. Kaalu asks him to spare them today because the day is going bad for them. Veera agrees to spare them for a day. He is superstitious. He says that he will kill Ranbir and Prachi tomorrow. Laali also gets locked up with Juhi’s mother. She scolds Juhi’s mother for informing Prachi about Khushi. Juhi’s mother scolds her back. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi will save Khushi. Laali tells that Balbeer will sell Khushi and make money. She adds that Khushi isn’t her daughter.


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