YRKKH Abhir truth finale 18th April 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Abhir truth finale 18th April 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Abhir truth finale 18th April 2023 Written Update. Aarohi informs the family that Akshara is taking Abhir abroad for treatment. She acts innocent that she doesn’t know anything about Akshara’s decision. The family wonders why did Akshara take such a drastic decision. Shefali tells that Abhinav and Goenkas can make Akshara believe in Birla Hospital’s good service. Manjiri wishes Abhir gets okay. Aarohi also wants Abhi to get okay. Manish yells at Akshara for deciding by herself. He asks why didn’t she consult them. He gets angry that she didn’t value relationships. He is much disappointed with her. Suwarna tells Akshara that she understands her fear. She asks the reason behind this decision. Surekha supports Akshara’s decision. Muskaan feels no other doctor can keep good care of Abhir as Abhimanyu does.

Manish doesn’t want Akshara to take Abhir away. Kairav tells that Akshara spoke to him, and they can just advise them, but the decision is of Akshara and Abhinav. Manish rebukes him for always getting against Abhimanyu. He calls the decision wrong. Akshara tells that she is trying to do the best for her son. Abhinav asks Manish to support them in this tough phase. Abhimanyu reaches home. Abhir’s gifted balloon bursts. Abhimanyu cries about failing to save the balloon and feels sorry. He wants to take care of Abhir and his belongings. Shefali speaks to Shivansh. She tells that she has to tell him something important when he comes home.


Parth tells that Shefali won’t tell anything to Shivansh. She wants to decide it. She tells that she doesn’t want Shivansh to have any trust issues. Kairav convinces Abhir to travel to the US. He loves Abhir a lot. Abhir tells that Abhimanyu won’t allow him to do it. Akshara tells that Abhimanyu has already agreed. Abhir tells that Abhimanyu will miss him a lot. She asks him to think of their fun plans at Disneyland. Abhimanyu isn’t able to focus on his work. Rohan asks him if is he worried about Abhir. He advises him to go home and take a rest. Abhimanyu speaks his feelings. Aarohi overhears him and feels bad that she is keeping him away from his son. Rohan asks Abhimanyu to move on because the other patients need him. Abhimanyu agrees that he shouldn’t stop Abhir’s parents from taking him anywhere. He worries for Ruhi and tells her that he will go home.

Suhasini tells Abhinav and Akshara about Guru Ji’s advice. She explains that they will perform a Yagya for Abhir’s health. She tells them that Abhinav is Abhir’s father and he shall tie the thread to Abhir’s hand, or else the puja won’t work for them. Abhinav is tense as he isn’t Abhir’s biological father. Akshara wants him to take responsibility. Suhasini tells that everything will get okay. Akshara explains to Abhinav that only he has the right to Abhir. He tells that Abhir’s life is the most important and they shall perform the puja in the right way. He is afraid of losing Abhir. He tells that he can’t tie the thread to Abhir’s hand. Akshara tells him that he is Abhir’s father like Nand had raised Krishna.

She tells that a father is the one who raises a child. She doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong. He wishes the best for Abhir. Later, Akshara is asked to sit for the puja. Muskaan runs to Akshara to tell about Abhinav. She informs that Abhinav is nowhere. Akshara worries thinking he has gone to Abhimanyu. Abhinav meets Abhimanyu and defends Akshara. He informs about the Yagya and asks Abhimanyu to attend the puja since he is also like Abhir’s father. Abhimanyu agrees. Later, he learns the truth about Abhir’s truth when he sees Abhir’s birth certificate. Abhimanyu rushes to Goenka’s house and stops Akshara from leaving for the US. He confronts Akshara for keeping his son away from him. He tells that she has no right. She rebukes him and tells him that the one who raises a child has more rights than the parent. What will happen next? How will the truth affect their lives? Keep reading.


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