3 Twists coming in Anupama 19th April 2023 Written Update

3 Twists coming in Anupama 19th April 2023 Written Update

3 Twists coming in Anupama 19th April 2023 Written Update. Anupama gets the first batch of her students. She teaches them to dance. She observes a little girl looking at them from outside and learning the dance. She goes to talk to the poor girl, who is scared that her dad won’t allow her to dance. Anupama asks her to become her student. The vegetable vendor asks his daughter to study and also help him at work. Anupama finds the girl passionate about dance. The man scolds the girl and tells her that dance isn’t for the poor. Anupama meets him and tells him that one can’t buy happiness with money, it resides in the heart, and there is nothing like only rich people have.

She tells that she has seen both worlds, rich and poor, and she knows money can’t guarantee joy. She asks the man to permit his daughter to dance. He tells that he has no money to pay fees for her dance class. He apologizes and explains how helpless he is. Anupama tells him that she will teach the girl for free. She understands their helplessness. She tells that everyone has a right to education and art. She adds that she will give free dance classes to the girl.


Anupama tells that every person should generously do something for one person and it will bring a good change in society, everyone should help each other and the world will become more beautiful. She tells that she will help the girl in her studies and teach her dance too. She takes the girl home. Kanta and Bhavesh feel proud of Anupama. The man blesses Anupama. On the other hand, Pakhi returns to her in-laws to trouble Barkha. She doesn’t care if Barkha likes her coming or not. She tells that she has come back. Adhik is glad to see his wife back. Anupama finishes the dance class. She tells Kanta that everything went well. Bhavesh asks them to have food. Anupama misses Anuj.

Kanta doesn’t limit Anupama from remembering Anuj. Leela pays them a surprise visit. Pakhi tells Barkha that she wants everything to be the same as Anupama used to keep. She asks Ankush and Adhik to have an Indian breakfast. She is sure that Anuj and Anupama will come back home. She tells Adhik that she has decided to stay with him. Barkha asks her why did she do a drama if she had to come. Pakhi tells that she didn’t know Barkha will cross her limits and try to take Anupama’s place. She warns Barkha. Leela and Kanta get into a war of words. Leela gives shagun to Anupama for her new start. She tells that Anupama did a good thing to open her dance academy. Leela complains about Samar supporting Dimpy.

She asks Anupama to realize that goodness doesn’t pay anything. She calls Anupama a gem at heart. Kanta tells that Leela was a bad Saas for Anupama. She asks why did she come and what she wants to say. Leela tells that she has come to see Anupama. Kanta asks her to leave. Pakhi keeps Anuj and Anupama’s plates and chairs and tells them that she will stay back until they return home. She asks Ankush if can she join the office. Ankush says sure. Adhik is also happy with Pakhi’s decision. Barkha grows worried. Ankush receives bad news. He tells that they need Anuj in the office. Barkha doesn’t want Anuj to come back. She feels Anuj and Anupama will patch up if he comes back. Leela gives the sweets and gifts from Vanraj’s side.

Kanta tells that Anupama will get peace when Leela and Vanraj stay away from her life. She asks Leela to take the gifts and leave. Leela insists they accept the gifts. Kanta asks why did Vanraj send gifts when there is no relationship. Anupama reminds Leela how Vanraj and Leela had failed her and insulted her. She asks Leela to talk about Anuj and her. She doesn’t want to hear about Vanraj. Anu cheers up Anuj. She asks Anuj how long will he stay back. Anuj asks if doesn’t she like his stay. Anu tells that Anupama would be missing him and he should be with her. She adds that she will come along and meet Anupama. Anuj returns to Anupama.

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