New promo update in Anupama Maan reunion

New promo update in Anupama Maan reunion

New promo update in Anupama Maan reunion. Anuj packs his bags to leave for Ahmedabad. Anu asks Anuj if is he going to meet Anupama. She asks him to say I love you Anupama from her/Anu’s side. She further adds that he can say I love you to Anupama separately. Anuj gets hopeful of meeting Anupama. He reaches Ahmedabad. Anupama is upset thinking of Anuj. She doesn’t know what Anuj wants. Kanta hugs her and tells that she understands Anupama’s dilemma. Anuj reaches Kanta’s house and gets to see Anupama teaching dance to her students in her new dance academy. He calls her out from afar. Anupama gets suspicious of his presence. They both have much love in their hearts. Barkha and Maya are the evil forces that want to keep Anupama and Anuj separated for their gains. Will Anupama and Anuj get back together? Keep reading and watch the promo below.

Pandya Store:


A big twist comes in Pandya’s store when Krish and Shweta get separated legally. Krish gets injured after falling from the upper floor, all thanks to Shweta. He gets rushed to the hospital. Later, he presents the evidence against Shweta in court. Krish also dances with Shivank. Shweta cries that she lost everything. She didn’t wish her divorce to happen, but she gets trapped in her plan. Shweta goes mad in anger. She tries to take Chiku with her. Chiku refuses to go with her. He supports the Pandya family.

He tells that he loves his family. Rishita asks Shweta to leave. Shweta asks her to remember, Dhara will snatch Natasha from Rishita like she had snatched her Chiku. She tells that the family will never unite. Shweta employs Shivank to ruin the Pandyas. Krish worries that Prerna has left the house and got much upset with him. Prerna has ended up ties with Krish. Krish hopes to convince Prerna and marry her. Dhara challenges Shweta that she will get Prerna and Krish married.


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