1 Huge twist in YRKKH Akshara’s befitting reply Promo

1 Huge twist in YRKKH Akshara's befitting reply Promo

1 Huge twist in YRKKH Akshara’s befitting reply Promo. Time brings the past secret in front of Abhimanyu’s eyes. Abhimanyu gets to see Abhir’s medical reports and his birth certificate. He observes his date of birth and realizes that Abhir is older than Ruhi. He also learns that Abhir was born at Dr. Sandeep’s clinic. He remembers Dr. Sandeep’s words about the miracle baby. He realizes that Abhir is the miracle baby and he is one of his twins who survived. He gets emotional when the truth comes out. He remembers his moments with Abhir. The truth changes Abhimanyu and Akshara’s life. Abhir asks Akshara why are they going to America. She replies that they are going to meet an angel doctor who will make him completely fine.

Abhir agrees to go with his parents. Abhinav takes Abhir with him. Abhimanyu drives to Goenka’s house to meet Akshara and stop her from taking his son away from him. He tells Akshara that she has no right to keep a son away from a father. He loses his cool and shouts at her, forgetting the promise that he would respect her. She isn’t scared that he learned the truth. She stays firm to face him. She gives him a befitting reply and asks him does he know the meaning of being a father. She tells that one who raises a child has more rights on him than the one who gives birth. He replies that she can’t decide alone, whatever is right for Abhir. He opposes her.



Sid informs Sumitra that Tanu has given him 24 hours to decide. He tells that she has threatened him to accept the proposal. She asks him why did he take so much time, he should have agreed to Tanu when he wanted to marry him. She asks him to accept the marriage proposal. He tells that it’s a deal, Tanu is doing this marriage drama to come back home and get Ayaan, and once she gets Ayaan, she will sideline him. She tells that once he gets married to Tanu, then her focus will be on Ayaan, not on the business, Sid will have all the control over the business, Janardhan is on Tanu’s team, he will also come on Sid’s side and then Sid will rule the office.

She wants to take charge of the family and snatch control from Savita. She asks him to fulfill her dreams. He asks how can Tanu and Sumitra use her. He calls her selfish. She asks him to marry Tanu and get to know her well, spend time with her and convince her with love. She tells him that he should call Tanu and say yes to marriage. She asks him to just think about it. She tells that if Tanu tells Sid’s truth to Janardhan, then Sid will be thrown out of the house, he has no option and he has to marry Tanu.

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