1 track changer in Anupama 21st April 2023 Written Update

1 track changer in Anupama 21st April 2023 Written Update

1 track changer in Anupama 21st April 2023 Written Update. Anupama asks Leela to bless Samar and Dimpy and not try to stop them. Hasmukh tells that Anupama is right. Vanraj also agrees. Samar asks them to go to their home and talk. She tells that her students will be coming for the dance class. Samar tells that Dimpy and he didn’t come to do any drama, but to apologize to her. He apologizes to her. He speaks his feelings. He tells that he got much hurt when she refused to take responsibility for his marriage, he wanted her to support him, but he spoke wrong things in anger, he is sorry and he realized that she isn’t wrong. He tells that he will manage his responsibility. He adds that he loves Dimpy and wants to marry her with everyone’s blessings.

He promises to not hurt anyone. Dimpy tells that she didn’t intend to remove Anupama from the dance academy. Anupama tells that she knows their intention was good, or else she would have removed them from the academy. She asks them to work hard and succeed in life. She doesn’t want them to forget their family, their duties, and their responsibilities. Leela asks her why is she always against her decision. Anupama tells that she is just on her son’s side. The Shah family leaves there. Vanraj tells Anupama that he will meet her soon. Anupama gets Ankush’s message. Barkha asks Ankush to call Anupama and Anuj at different times.


He tells that he has to call Anuj for the big project, Anuj and Anupama’s approval is important for the project, if they don’t come, then they will lose out on the business. He adds that they can’t do anything when fate wants them to meet. Ankush tells that Anupama is coming, but Anuj didn’t confirm it. Barkha wishes Anuj doesn’t return home. Kavya asks Vanraj why is he worried about Anupama. He tells that he is thinking about Samar and Dimpy. He praises Anupama. She asks him what’s bothering him, and whether is Anuj coming back. Vanraj tells that Anuj is coming for his office work, and he won’t meet Anupama, because he wanted Anu and Maya in his life.

She tells that Anuj and Anupama will eventually meet because they are made for each other. He doesn’t think Anupama will give him another chance to Anuj. She asks him to move on. She prays that Anuj and Anupama unite forever. Anuj asks Maya not to tell Anu about his visit to Ahmedabad. Maya asks him if he will meet Anupama. He asks her to take Anu along with her. She asks him to take care. He angrily gets tying on his laptop and then stops to realize the text he has written. He sees Anupama’s name written multiple times as if his heart is shouting out his love for Anupama. Anuj realizes that he has a yearning for Anupama.

Anupama has the same longing to meet Anuj. She shares her feelings with Kanta. Maya and Barkha fail in stopping Anuj and Anupama. They both blame each other and get into an argument. Maya asks her to stop yelling at her. Barkha tells that fate is bringing Anuj and Anupama together. Maya doesn’t want to lose Anuj. Barkha tells that she will not lose, and she will never let Anuj and Anupama come close. Maya gets glad to hear Barkha’s plan. Kanta tells Bhavesh that Anupama has explained Leela well. Anupama tells that Leela and Dimpy are different, the young generation isn’t bad but needs reminders of their values and teachings. Barkha asks the office girl to inform a different time to Anupama. The girl asks Anupama to come at 4 pm.

Barkha’s plan fails when the meeting gets scheduled at 4 pm. Ankush informs that the meeting got postponed and Anuj can come by 4 pm. He asks Anuj does he want Anupama to come to the office. Anuj has no answer. Ankush tells that he will call Anupama and ask if she can come at 4 pm. Anupama tells that Anuj is battling the conflict between love and sorrow. She is excited to meet Anuj but also scared that things may not change and their distance gets more. She doesn’t know how will Anuj react to seeing her. Anupama decides to return the property and business shares that Anuj has given her. She tells that nothing matters if Anuj isn’t with her. She expects the day to bring good times.

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