Abhi faces truth in YRKKH 21st April 2023 Written Update

Abhi faces truth in YRKKH 21st April 2023 Written Update

Abhi faces truth in YRKKH 21st April 2023 Written Update. Abhimanyu meets Ruhi and Aarohi. Ruhi compliments him. She asks him if he is unwell. He tells that he is okay. Aarohi gives him a hangover medicine. He asks for his phone. She tells that she doesn’t have it. Ruhi shows her new full name, Ruhi Abhimanyu Birla. Abhimanyu hugs her. He apologizes to Aarohi. Manjiri gets upset with him. She asks him what’s hurting him. He can’t tell her that he is hurt because Abhir is going away. She asks him not to worry about Abhir. She tells that even though she didn’t want Abhir to go far when Akshara has no faith in him, then it’s better she goes away. She asks him not to hurt Ruhi. She wants him to pay attention to Ruhi. She says that she can understand Abhimanyu’s emotions.

She asks him to become strong. Abhir asks for more sweets. Manish and Suwarna ask him to have it later. The family feeds the food to Abhir with love. Abhinav is doubtful about the letter. Akshara asks what is worrying him. He says that Abhimanyu has written a letter for Abhir. She hurriedly reads it. He asks her to decide if she wants to give the letter to Abhir or not. Abhimanyu goes to the park to find his phone. He gets his phone there. The audio recording plays. Abhimanyu gets to hear Abhinav’s words. He doesn’t find the recording clear. He plays it again. He tries to recall what Abhinav told him. He is shocked when he understands what Abhinav told him. He faces the truth and is moved to know that Abhir is his son.


Abhir gets glad to read the letter from Abhimanyu. Akshara helps him and reads out the letter. He keeps the letter safe. Akshara tells that they should not have any distance between their hearts. Abhinav thanks her. Abhimanyu cries out when he realizes that Abhir is his son. Things get clear in front of him. He connects the dots. Akshara tells Abhinav that one of the medical files is left in the hospital. She adds that she will go and get it. Abhimanyu rushes to the hospital to check Abhir’s documents. Akshara reaches there first. She looks for the file. She takes the file and leaves.

Abhimanyu madly searches for Abhir’s file. He asks Rohan about the file. Rohan says that Akshara has taken it. Abhimanyu follows Akshara and stops her before she leaves in her car. He asks her to face him. He asks her to give him Abhir’s medical file. She refuses to give the file. She asks by what right is he asking for the file. He shouts that he is Abhir’s doctor and his father also. Akshara is stunned to know that he is aware of the truth. He snatches the file and confirms the truth. She lectures him and tells him that he can never become Abhir’s father. She adds that just Abhinav has the right to Abhir as Abhir’s father.

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