New Promo in Kumkum Bhagya reveals Panchi’s truth

New Promo in Kumkum Bhagya reveals Panchi's truth

New Promo in Kumkum Bhagya reveals Panchi’s truth. Laali gives Khushi’s gold chain to Ranbir. He is shocked to see the moon and star pendants and asks her to who does it belong. She tells that it belongs to Khushi and got it in little Khushi’s neck when she found her years ago for the first time. She adds that it’s the last sign of Khushi’s parents. Ranbir remembers his special gift to Khushi. He realizes that Khushi is his daughter Panchi. On the other hand, Prachi gets to see Khushi’s photos. She sees the birthmark on Khushi’s foot. She learns that Khushi is her daughter Panchi. Ranbir and Prachi run to meet their Panchi.

They rush to Khushi and call her out. Ranbir hugs Khushi. Prachi stops him. He asks her to return his daughter. She tells that she has lost her daughter because of his mistake once and this time, she won’t make the same mistake. Will Khushi get her parents’ love? Will Ranbir and Prachi’s hatred snatch Khushi’s rights? Will they come together for Panchi? Keep reading and watch the latest promo below.


Saavi Ki Savari:

Bua Dadi asks Saavi not to go anywhere. Nityam accuses Saavi of ruining his life. He tells that she has ruined his peace and happiness. He asks Saavi not to go out, or else Bua Dadi will see her. Bua Dadi catches them fighting and asks them what’s going on. She tells Saavi that she will find out what’s happening. She asks Saavi to come with her. Bua Dadi suspects that their relationship is not good. She tells that she tells people what to do and she doesn’t take anyone’s advice.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2:

Raghav is upset with Kapil and Kiara’s engagement news. He doesn’t want to lose his brother to Babbars. He tells Kapil that Babbars can’t be trusted, but Kapil doesn’t believe him. He fails in stopping Kapil, who is already blind to Kiara’s love. Kapil asks Raghav for his property share. Raghav is ready to give the share to his brother. Babbars want to control Raghav by using Kapil. Later, Lakhan and Pihu get into a big argument. Prachi asks Pihu to speak well with Lakhan. He tells that Pihu talks to everyone in the same manner, she misbehaves and acts rude all the time. He remarks that he isn’t telling her anything, but it doesn’t mean he will tolerate her nonsense. Prachi tries to stop their fight. She tells that they have come to help each other. Pihu taunts that she is glad to see Prachi’s loyalty to her dad. She walks out. Raghav clears to Prachi that he doesn’t want her help.


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